What order do you put degrees after your name

Many professionals think that writing the degree name after their name is the best option. Yes, it seems to be the best option because it communicates all your academic qualifications to the reader in a very crisp format. In this high-tech world, where things don’t work gradually, people spend less time checking your resume to see your qualifications. So, the best way to unleash your credentials is to put them after your name and signature, or you can write them in emails. But are you worried about the correct order of putting the credentials? Don’t panic. In this article we shall see what order do you put degrees after your name.

What order do you put degrees after your name

If you want to write your degree after your name, then the correct way of writing this or writing any credentials is by writing the highest degree first. Follow this pattern: Ph.D.> Master’s degree> Bachelor’s degree or any type of associate degree. If someone possesses multiple degrees, then they can simply put the highest degree in order of understanding first. By following this pattern, you will never go wrong in mentioning the degrees after your name.

In what order do you put your degrees after your name?

You cannot ignore the fact that degrees and your qualifications are of key importance in showing the world your understanding and knowledge.  In the first instance, it is not easy for any individual to understand your knowledge just by your name. But putting degrees after your name will give that person a clear glimpse of your knowledge. But the matter of fact is that it should be done in the proper format. So, we are providing a detailed format describing the ways of including and writing your credentials in the proper format.

  1. Write down all your degrees: First of all, in writing the credentials in order, you must put your degree names first. First, write the highest degree; then the master’s degree; then the bachelor’s or the associate one. Always follow this format as it’s the key to excellence. D.> Master’s degree> Bachelor’s degree
  2. Professional licenses: If you have any professional licenses, then you can also write them after your name. It will help the reader to understand the professional aspect that you have in your life in a particular field. You can also use the acronyms for the licenses received in your work area.
  3. State designations: If you hold any kind of designation, then you can also write the designation after your name. In a professional work atmosphere, you can put your professional designation, like director, CEO, etc., after your name. These designations hold key importance, and this shows that you can have the authority to practice the profession you’re in right now.
  4. Certification: Showcasing your certificates that hold a lot of importance is another way of adding credentials to the name. You can include your national-level certificates related to the industry you’re working in. You can include the certificates that relate to your area of work.

Tips for writing your credentials or degrees.

These pointers will assist you in professionally presenting your credentials. You can follow these tips and bear them in mind before putting degrees and credentials after your name.

  • You should always use a comma after one of the following: designation, degree, or certificate.
  • The use of punctuation should be all correct, so make sure you’re using it in the right place all the time.
  • Make sure to list the correct abbreviations. You should not put wrong abbreviations, and that’s why you should check twice and thrice after putting the abbreviations.
  • Don’t put everything in. Always include the most important degrees, designations, and certificates. Don’t write down everything that you have received till now. Try to differentiate between major and minor credentials.


In a time when the world is just pushing its limits, no one has got that time to read your resume in the first instance. Including your degrees or credentials can be the most effective way to inform others about your educational qualifications. But that should be done in the proper format that is mentioned above. You can follow the tips and tricks mentioned above to write in the proper way, which will help you with writing your name better.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
  1. Is it necessary to write credentials or degrees after your name?

Yes, it is vital to write degrees or credentials after your name, but it is not mandatory. It is beneficial, as it will help other people understand your capabilities just by looking at your name. 

  1. Can you also include awards and honors after your name?

No, you can’t include or write down the awards and honors that you have received. You can write about those awards and honors on your resume or your CV. But that will have a negative impact unless your award is a big achievement.

What order do you put degrees after your name

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