Is Data Science a Fad? – Know More

Data Science is proven to be a tailor-made branch of career for individuals desiring to build a steep learning curve and be intellectually rigorous. Data Science is one such career that gives insights and detailed analysis from structured and unstructured data, by the usage of complex algorithms. It initially came into the picture in 2008 along with the advent of the internet and has been the talk of the town ever since, thanks to the advancements made and the huge shoutout it has been receiving. Regardless of myths and the misconceptions surrounding it, data science has gained a certain momentum for one to talk about.A fad is something that is short-lived or rather has not enough potential to sustain growth and can diminish easily. Demeaning the depth of data science and calling it out to be a fad, is just another mere waste of time as data science is a tremendous subject in itself and it is a field that is here to stay, maybe for as long a time as one can imagine.The depth of data has been growing tremendously over the past few years and has been a major reason for data science to handle the data voluminous eruption across the platforms.

Is Data Science a Fad

Speaking of the question ” Is data science a fad?”, one must first analyze what exactly is data science all about and what is its potential to continue growth.

To understand what a fad is or how it works, you can think of any trendy challenges that are currently in existence, be it fidget spinners, the Atkins diet, or even the Keto diet. These trends can be rightfully called fads, as they were once tremendously popular but eventually faded in their own time losing popularity and reach.

Often fads fall under categories that are considered to be inclusive to everyone such as games, social media, health, fashion, etc. Fads falling under the category of science are rare. Science, technology that is currently at the topmost charts is not something that springs up to your mind while speaking about fads.

The role of data science in the industry

Data Science is going to be rocket science for any beginner, no doubt about that. But, there is no particular prerequisite stating that one cannot pursue a career in this field if he doesn’t have a complex brain, or perhaps a Ph.D.Data Science is a degree and not a job title. It is a branch that entirely lies in dealing with data and its complexity. Today businesses are crunching in as much data as they can to boost several initiatives, to promote customer service.

Relying on data science to be a job savior and pursuing a career out of it only because of its sheer popularity is a blind man’s game as it can fetch you nowhere.Data Science is any other degree similar to computer science or an arts degree. But the catch here is that Data Science is not only limited to one field, it is a mixture of many potential skills, that includes math, coding, machine learning algorithms, data-driven interference, statistical learning, and probability. 

Pursuing this degree can be considered a major boon given the huge number of skills that are necessary to pursue. So, data science can be considered as a hot career provided with ample opportunities for growth, high pay, and exciting projects. Today it can be doubtful and goes beyond one’s imagination that it is one of the most rewarding career tracks to choose and also led to the overnight success of many potential business ventures and entrepreneurs.The growth in demand for data science has only grown exponentially and is likely to rise even in the future.

Why is it being driven into the pit of being called fad?

Data science is one such emerging career that has not only been promising to raise individuals but has also posed a potential threat for its huge popularity. The majority of the people choosing to make a career in this field do so as they consider this field as a new hot button that everyone wants to jump into because of the plenty of job openings, high pay, and plenty of opportunity for growth and advancement.

It can be seen or put out as a fad mainly because of the enormous attention that it has been getting, and because of the demand that is outgrowing the supply. The field of data science has been on the cards for around a long time but the new interest that has been engulfed recently only shows how much it is growing further.

It is important to know that this data science is a field in which there are several bounds of exploration revolved. The reason behind it being projected as a fad is because of the fear of the job risk involved as it can be a changing career. Another major reason is simply that the majority of the people don’t understand the depth and lack clarity of the subject.

What exactly is data science?

Data science is simply a subject that is entirely dedicated to data analysis and data management. Data is the root of any technology; it is the driving fuel in any industry without a doubt so incorporating data science techniques into business strategies is sure to impose a tremendous impact on future technologies.

Speaking about how long the field is going to last, it is quite unpredictable as data science can be a field that is likely to continue as long as companies want to use the vast amounts of data to help them get ahead to meet the customers for their satisfaction

The extremely high demand that has been created for positions in data science may eventually decrease as more people can easily start and fill the positions and the required skills. This can also eventually even the supply and demand ratio that has been prevailing and bring down ambiguity in the field.

Choosing a career in this field is subject to a lot of approaches as it is a trending and complex field. It is important to understand that this field is designed for constant evolution and constant upgradation of skills.

All these setbacks don’t mean that data science will diminish away or completely disappear. Data science is not something that can completely wash away anytime as it is a humongous mixture of much-needed trending skills. It simply means that some of the appeals of this career choice are likely to diminish, and it will not always be the ‘hot’ and the “most rewarding” career that it is subjected to today.


The good news is that the recent technological advancements have made data processing and data volume increase more than ever. These changes have driven data science to the forefront due to which it is more unlikely to be looked at as a fad.The bottom line however is that you can go on discussing whether data science is a fad or if it is here to stay. But all this just strengthens the fact that data science as a career choice and as a field is not a fad and is not likely to diminish away but here to stay.Nonetheless, it is a smart move for an individual to choose a career field like data science considering the lucrative advantages it offers and the enormous potential it has in the economic market and transform your professional life to its maximum potential!

Is Data Science a Fad? – Know More

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