Burlington Employee Discount

Burlington Stores:

Burlington stores, earlier known as Burlington coat factory is a public retail company. It was founded in 1972 as a Burlington coat factory and is headquartered in Burlington, New Jersey, United States of America. Let us know Burlington Employee Discount .

Burlington Employee Discount

Burlington Stores deals in

Burlington stores deals in different types of products like

  • Clothes for women men and baby
  • Home decoration items
  • Gifts and cards
  • Furniture items
  • Beauty and grooming sets
  • Shoes and apparel for women, men, and kids
  • All kinds of essentials

The hiring of employees at Burlington Stores

The candidate needs to apply for the job, by filling the application form either online or offline. The department heads go through the resume, cover letter, and application form and send emails to the respective candidates to schedule the day for an interview. There are usually two stages of the interview which are performed to check the caliber of the candidate. After the interview, the candidates are selected and they are sent a hiring letter with workday stuff through an email.

Benefits to the employees at Burlington stores

Burlington store gives different types of benefits to its employees for easy-going life.

Health and Wellness benefits:

The store gives different types of health and Wellness insurance to its employees like:

  • Life insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Mental health care
  • Retiree health and medical insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Vision insurance

Financial assistance:

The company also gives monetary support to its employees like:

  • Retirement plan
  • 401K plan
  • Supplemental workers compensation


The company gives paid and unpaid leave to its employees like:

  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Family medical leave
  • Paid holidays
  • Bereavement leave
  • Vacation and paid time off

Different discounts Burlington employees get

Burlington stores give different types of discounts and perks both to the employee and employee family. Different types of discounts need different types of eligibility like discount codes or proof of employment.


  • Burlington store has a tie-up with New England College of business which offers Burlington employees and their family members a 25% discount on tuition fees.
  • Burlington employees are eligible to apply for the frontline heroes’ scholarship, which gives relief of 50% on tuition fees in New England College of business.
  • The employee assistance program of the store gives a discount on the online certificate and degree programs at different educational institutions.
  • The employee also gets free training opportunities at Burlington cable access television.

Health and fitness:

  • Embody fitness is it stores which gives 15% discount on all services and classes 2 Burlington employees.
  • The YMCA gives a 10% discount on the monthly membership rate and a 50% discount on the joiner fee.
  • Varallo orthodontics gifts a 10% discount on orthodontic treatment to all the Burlington employees.
  • Harvard Pilgrim reimbursement gives different types of discounts on membership to the employees.

Products and services:

  • The company gives discounts on cell phones like AT&T, Sprint, or team mobile and Verizon.
  • The employees and their family members get a discount to showcase theatres from Burlington Parks and Recreation throughout the year. They offer discounts on 6 flags, water country Canobie lake, Topsfield fair.
  • The employee also gets a discount in the Burlington Public Library in the form of museum passes. They also get a free library card to read books.
  • Blue Cross offers identity protection services through the experience without any money to the employee and their family members.
  • AA Burlington gives a 15% discount to the new enrolments and the family members.
  • Tickets at work give employees different types of offers that the public does not get. They are required to use the company code BurlingtonSchools to avail themselves of the discount.
  • Burlington employees get free access to different counseling programs, guidance services, coma, and travel assistance services.


The article gives every information about different types of discounts an employee and their family member get. It has also laid down different institutions or departments giving different types of discounts. This article gives an insight into the Burlington store, the different types of benefits the employee gets, how the employee is hired and what are the discounts the employee and the family member get from the Burlington store. There is a wide range of discounts an employee and the family member get from the Burlington store; the eligibility of different discounts varies from benefits to benefits.

  • Is there any return policy at Burlington Stores?

Yes, the customer can return the items within thirty days of purchase, post that they will not accept the return.

  • Are the employee discounts available to all the employees working in Burlington?

No, the discounts are given to only eligible employees and family members.

  • Does Burlington store deal with pet foods?

Yes, the Burlington store also sells different pet products.

  • Can the family member of the employee avail the discounts?

Not all discounts are for family members. It depends on the discount in which you are applying. 

Burlington Employee Discount

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