How I got the retail job – Interview with Nick Glassett

You can get a Retail Job in a few ways – either walking into a store and applying, responding to a job ad or online ad, or applying through a company’s career page on their website, However Let’s See an Interview with Nick Glassett

Nick Glassett is a leadership lover and practitioner as a senior leader for a large retail organization, as well as a writer and blogger for the blog that he started, Origin Leadership.

So as far as how I got my retail job, it’s a little offbeat, but there is value to be added from that chapter of my story! I actually knew someone that held a management position at the store, and she all but got me the job before I even showed up. I met with the store manager for about 5 minutes, and he asked me some questions and then hired me.

The lesson here is that if you’re looking for a retail job, for sure, put your resumé out there and be active in the retail job market, but at the same time, hit those warm leads! That means the people that you know that they have a retail career they love! Ask them if they’re hiring, and if so, ask them to put in a word for you after you’ve applied and followed up with HR or the manager.

Don’t stress. What I mean by that is, if you have a degree, awesome. If you don’t, it’s not a problem! Instead of worrying, go get your foot in the door and PROVE what you can do.

I am a college dropout, and I hold a prestigious position in a large company because I outworked everyone else, and I can sell. Those two skills got me to a very successful level and made me some good money. There was, however, one more thing that I added to the equation that really put me on another level!

People. That is a connection with my employees and a concentration on making them successful. In the first four years of my retail career, I was very self-centered, focusing on making my results better.

One day while driving in Northern California, it hit me! PEOPLE. I started looking to make them as successful as possible, and what happened was funny; instead of me diminishing my accomplishments,

I got put on a pedestal instead. Through the power of building strong connections with people, I created an incredible legacy for myself! I had only intended to help others, but that mindset got me a huge promotion to the position that I hold now.

The last thing that I want to leave you with is a powerful one, and that is…Be Yourself! In a world full of copy-cats and websites dedicated to the best tips and tricks and strategies, nothing works if you’re not yourself. When you know who you are (and who you are NOT), it translates into confidence and rubs off others.

What I mean by that is, if you read about some amazing way to make an impression or some tip for wearing a suit and pocket square, but it’s not something that you would ever do, then don’t do it. Look into your heart, find the essence of who you are, and then go live to that.

If a potential employer doesn’t want that, then keep looking. Never alter who you are for money. Find that place that wants you for the beautiful person that you are!

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How I got the retail job – Interview with Nick Glassett

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