35 Best Words To Describe Yourself On Your Resume


In today’s world of work, and with an increasing job search by career freshers on the one hand and hiring managers. On the other hand, looking for the best talent to recruit for organizations, the time and patience to read through resumes diminishes with each passing day. The only opportunity most job seekers have at their disposal is the one paragraph on their resume where they get to talk about themselves to align with the intellectual/workforce needs of the recruiting organization. We will discuss the best words to describe yourself on your resume.

Finding the right words to describe yourself or a strong adjective to create an equally powerful resume goes beyond just slapping on buzzwords or high-sounding vocabulary to put yourself in the spotlight. In fact, research has shown that hiring managers and recruitment agencies often pick up the opposite effect, leaving one high and dry! The feedback usually can be very discouraging and sometimes heartbreaking, but you give it another try, and the cycle repeats itself. Oftentimes, job seekers and career freshers usually find it daunting and extremely difficult to find the right word to describe themselves, whether in an interview or to update their resume. 

Best Words To Describe Yourself On Your Resume

Below are 35 words to describe yourself on your resume, including some examples of how they can be used and the type of job interviews better suited for them.

  1. Industrious: Describing oneself as industrious means the person is very hardworking, clever, shrewd, witty, intelligent, forward-thinking, and diligent. For a sales resume, this means an individual has the wherewithal to hit targets, drive sales and bring in customers. 

Example: I’m a very industrious sales representative; I once sold water by the riverbank. This level of doggedness earned the employee of the year last summer.

  1. Persistent: Although it is usually associated with negative connotations as being unreasonable, to be persistent means to be very determined, relentless, and dogged in one’s pursuit of anything whilst also displaying a positive mindset. Sales and marketing managers usually lookout for people with this trait and quality.

Example: If being persistent has a face, it would be mine because people often say they admire my strong will and determination.

  1. Dependable: This is usually associated with a high level of trust and honesty that has been built over the years, especially for positions such as confidential secretaries, finance executives, marketing executives, etc.

Example: In the past 2 years, I’ve stayed consistent with sending out contact reports to clients, relaying feedback to vendors, and keeping everyone updated with all the happenings around the client’s projects, making me a very dependable hand for stakeholder management.

  1. Exuberant: The first thing that usually jumps to mind hearing this word is always “youthful exuberance” and associated with a negative connotation. Being exuberant means a person has a high degree of cheerfulness, joy, and energy. A fresher with this trait often does well in the pacy sales and marketing business environment.

Example: My real strength is my ability to drive sales through my exuberant, high-energy on-field demeanor.

  1. Ambitious: This tells that an individual has, and shows, the inert determination, and hunger to legit grow and survive in whatever job title and organization. This is a great adjective for job seekers to describe themselves irrespective of the job type.

Example: My ex boss often called me an ambitious communications professional given the way I interpreted briefs and developed a work plan.

  1. Compassionate: This is the ability to show care and concern for others by default. Persons seeking a career in healthcare as a doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, and caregiver, and the legal system as a legal counsel would want to use this word to describe themselves.

Example: Being compassionate is second nature to me as the majority of the patients I’ve catered to describe me as such, and this feeling helps them heal faster.

  1. Commercially-aware: This is a term used to describe one who knows and understands the inner workings of profiting in any venture and the rudiments of growing one’s business. It is often associated with persons in the sales, business development, marketing, and production ecosystem.

Example: My commercial awareness of the information, communications, and technology industry helped my organization as a telecoms giant grow rapidly and exponentially within 3 years.

  1. Energetic: This talks about someone with great vigor, strength, vitality, and mental alertness to tackle responsibility. An energetic person usually thrives in organizations that require lots of running around like sales and marketing, Public Relations and Communications, etc.

Example: I’m very energetic, confident, shrewd and clever; these are the secrets behind my business growth as a Practice Director.

  1. Loyal: This tells about individuals who show undiluted support for organizations or individuals. Often used to describe an unending commitment to cause and a leader. This is one term that cuts across diverse professions and organizations.

Example: Being a staff member of Coca-Cola, you’ll neither find anything Pepsi-related in my fridge nor around my house. Or, as an Arsenal fan, you’ll never find me wearing a Chelsea jersey.

  1. Flexible: This describes a person with the willingness to change, learn new things and adapt new ways without losing sight of the big picture. Sales professionals usually describe themselves as being flexible because the world of trade is constantly evolving.

Example: I run a very flexible marketing strategy as it helps me meet my customers’ and consumers’ peculiar needs. Or I can be flexible with my schedule to accommodate extra working hours.

  1. Resilient: This Is used to describe people who can withstand any condition and move on in the same breath. One looking for a career as a  business development executive would include this in a resume.

Example: I possess a type of mental strength that helps me stay resilient and recover from setbacks and difficult situation

  1. Technically-astute: This indicates that an individual has the mental ability to observe and understand things or situations clearly and accurately. A technically astute individual thrives well as a strategist or an executioner in any business sphere.

Example: My technically-astute ability has been my major strength since I began my journey as a content and editorial analyst.

  1. Proactive: This indicates that a person possesses the ability to many situations per time without the knee-jerk reaction often associated with responding to situations after they might have happened. This trait is an asset to a knowledge management professional or a legal practitioner.

Example: My proactiveness set off the damage control mechanism, quelled the situation, and earned my organization the accolade as a crisis management professional.

  1. Observant: This shows a person has the ability to notice things and draw up logical analysis very swiftly. Most entertainers and healthcare professionals are gifted with this personality trait.

Example: I’m a very observant and detailed individual; nothing moves without my notice or approval as the Chief Operating Officer.

  1. Decisive: Being decisive means an individual is a spontaneous thinker and can make accurate decisions on the go! At some point, we all have to dig deep for this part of our lives to help us better manage certain situations. Project and product managers often possess this ability.

Example: As an executive assistant, I had to be decisive in dealing with situations when my boss wasn’t reachable at first communication to avoid an escalation.

  1. Resourceful: This shows an individual can be independent and self-sufficient to handle situations with little or no supervision, and come out tops. They’re usually very clever, skillful, intuitive and super intelligent individuals, and these individuals do well in sales and marketing businesses.

Example: My professional colleagues and friends usually get me involved in all their projects because they’ve found me to be very resourceful over the years, and fuels my interest to learn more.

  1. Rational: This adjective shows the individual is usually moved by logic and reasoning to make important decisions, against emotions. A rational thinker does well in business development and corporate branding.

Example: I’m a very rational thinker, I never allow my emotions get in the way of reasoning and decision making.

  1. Versatile: This shows an individual has the ability to adapt or integrate into varying functions and multitask in some cases. Such individuals are usually knowledgeable and vast in their area of expertise. Project managers and sales executives often possess this ability.

Example: Due to my versatility, I worked in different roles in my former organization, from publishing and editorial to digital and learning, design and creatives, public relations et al.

  1.  Charismatic: This shows an individual has the ability to earn the love, trust, and affection of others with ease. Most times, individuals develop this skill by being emotionally intelligent. This trait is a perfect fit for individuals who would venture into leadership positions or politics.

Example: My neighbors often admire my charismatic nature, and they never fail to mention whenever we get the opportunity to meet up.

  1. Diligent: This shows an individual is very dutiful, hardworking, motivated, and highly committed to delivering service as expected. This is a significant adjective for one seeking a career in communications and sales.

Example: My diligence and commitment to work earned me the employee of the month 4 times consecutively. Consequently, I was awarded staff of the year during our end-of-the-year celebration in 2019.

  1. Upbeat: This shows an individual is very positive, confident, hopeful, optimistic, high-spirited, and cheerful, especially about work. This level of positivity is usually sought after by entertainment, communications, and sporting organizations.

Example: My upbeat nature has helped overcome competitions throughout my 5-year journey as a sales executive.

  1. Visionary: Individuals in this category are often imaginative and forward-thinkers, with the wisdom to navigate difficult situations. They often look towards the future or describe it creatively and imaginatively. This is a requisite capability for aspiring for leadership positions, either in the public or private sector.

Example: As a project manager, I often bring my visionary leadership trait to the fore by always preparing for unforeseen circumstances, and these situations usually come up.

  1. Intuitive: This shows a person has the natural ability and knowledge to understand situations or anything with ease. They usually take actions based on feelings rather than facts. This description is a perfect fit for anyone seeking a career in strategy development.

Example: My friends usually describe me as an intuitively stubborn individual, but with a knack for excellence.

  1. Imaginative: This shows an individual is very ingenious and clever in their dealings. The individual can be described as creative or innovative. Hiring managers usually lookout for this quality in anyone seeking a career in business development and craftsmanship.

Example: My outfit to the Gala night was very original, it brought out the creative genius in me as a fashion designer.

  1. Practical: Individuals with this description are usually guided by experience, against mere theories and ideas. Individuals in this category are likely to succeed as they seldom undertake feasible projects. Artisans, engineers, and development analysts usually place a premium on this trait.

Example: I believe in being very practical in my engagements with clients. It allows me to learn firsthand their needs and understand how to develop a strategy best to meet these needs.

  1. Conscientious: This shows an individual has the zeal and ethical consciousness to discharge an expected duty. Individuals in this category hold firm their self-control and self-discipline to pursue and achieve their objectives. This trait is a fit for a diverse business ecosystem and corporate organizations.

Example: My level of conscientiousness has seen me discharge my duties to the latter, thus earning the trust and respect of my colleagues and bosses.

  1. Ethical: This shows an individual has a high professional moral standing. Individuals in this category are usually honest, straightjacket, and very impartial professional conduct. They have the ability to know what’s ring and wrong professionally. Individuals in this category usually work in the healthcare and legal systems of the economy.

Example: As a medical doctor, I’ve stayed true to the ethical requirements of my profession.

  1. Personable: This shows an individual has a warm demeanor and an enchanting attitude. Extroverted individuals fall in this category due to their outgoing, cheerful, and jovial nature. Personable individuals are usually very approachable and easygoing, and they do well in the healthcare sector.

Example: My personable characteristics earned me most of the friends and connections within my circle, who are usually my first clients since I ventured into business development. 

  1. Enthusiastic: This shows an individual expresses excitement and joy whenever they’re passionate about something. People in this category often love and enjoy what they do. Being enthusiastic is a personality trait sales executives seldom look out for when they expand.

Example: I’m a very enthusiastic communications specialist, and this has helped me seamlessly discharge my duties and expanded my communications scope.

  1. Organized: This shows an individual has the discipline to plan and execute strategies exactly. Individuals in this category are usually very detailed and put together. Executives and communications professionals usually require talents with this trait. 

Example: Being an organized service provider helped me better manage my clients and increased sales by 500%, thereby saving overhead expenses.

  1. Professional: This shows an individual displays a very distinctive camaraderie relative to a particular profession. This trait is associated with the conduct of any given profession within the working jurisdiction of any establishment.

Example: I’ve been a professional hair stylist for over 10 years, and my clients always shower encomiums on my level of expertise and expert delivery.

  1. Team-player: This shows an individual can function effectively as a member of a team. This often explains the phrase “the goal is more important than the role.” Every organization desires a great team player, someone versatile enough to fit in any position to help the team win.

Example: I’m a very fantastic team player, and I’ve been involved in 7 high profile projects as a team member.

  1. Straightforward: Individuals in this category are usually very understandable and less completed. It also exposes how much the individual understands and values integrity. Executive Secretaries and finance experts are usually high on the straightforward ladder.

Example: I’m a very straightforward sales representative, I have never had an affront with either a client or a colleague. 

  1. Self-motivated: This shows an individual has the ability to see out a project without external pressure or closed monitoring. Individuals in this category usually do well in project management, business development, and strategic planning.

Example: I’m a self-motivated achiever, I built this attitude by constantly reminding myself overtime that I could do better if I put my back into it.

  1. Work in progress: For me, I would say it is risky to describe oneself as a work in progress, especially when hiring managers are involved, because it seldom gives an impression that one is yet to measure up a certain level.

Example: I like to think of myself as a work in progress because I feel there’s still so much to learn especially in a dynamic world like our’s.

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35 Best Words To Describe Yourself On Your Resume

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