Who owns QVC? – History and Competition

Who owns QVC?

All About QVC 

Who owns QVC? – QVC stands for Quality Value Convenience, an American television network and a shopping channel specializing in television home shopping. Qurate Retail Group owns the organization. It was founded in the year 1986 by Joseph Segel in Pennsylvania, West Chester. They broadcast to about 350 million households across several countries along with the United Kingdom. Germany, Japan, and Italy. They even have a joint venture located in China called China National Radio or shortly called CNR. Mall.  

Goods and Services

According to the official website, millions of people purchase goods and services at QVC. The company has a way of engaging with the customers and making the shopping experience different and unique. Daily they have a goal of surprising the customers with their products in a collection form that can be useful for their lives. They also connect with the customers by telling them their authentic stories that can be very interesting and have so many personalities that will grab attention from the customers. The company also invited the customers to revise feedback and stories. They have multiple networks and platforms. It is a way they keep in engagement and have relationships with the customers. 


Joseph Segel founded the company on June 13, 1986. They signed a two-year deal with QVC for their products which was Sears. This was their first brand. Later on, their corporation set up a new record in the first year with fiscal years for the new public organization of $112 million. On 24 November 1986,  they launched their channel with Kathy Levine, John Eastman, Bowersoxrsoz, and Cindy Briggs-Moore as the program hosts. They celebrate their annual birthday through the year 2008. 

At first, the station broadcasted live from 7:30 way to midnight ET on each weekday, including twenty-four hours on each weekend. In January 1987, the channel extended the live program to 24/364. In late 1987, the former producer and host of QUBE, Ron Gilesweres, was given the executive vice president and executive producer at QVC. In October 1987, Micahel C. Bloyd was elected from the board directors to senior executive vice president and chief operating officer. In early 1990, Boyd took the title of president, and a few of Segel’s load was relieved.  


In 1989, QVC acquired the Cable Value Network’s top competitors; Irwin L. Jacobs founded it. They contributed $380 million to make the loss of $117 million during the fiscal quarter, yet they have faced more challenges for the next couple of years. QVC offered to purchase the company from the competitor J.C. Penny Television Shopping Channel on 16 March 1991. However, the producers and Los Angeles Court have rejected the bid. They had picked about four million subscribers when the Burbank-produced J.C. Penny Shopping Channel was taken over and owed almost $2 million to the producers.  

OVC made an offer on purchasing Home Shopping Network, which is their competitor, in March 1992, there have been legal issues. In 1993 they offered to make an acquisition Home Sopping to make a stock swap with a value of $1.1 billion; however, it faltered when QVC was bidding for Paramount during the same year. Liberty Control has the control in the interest in St. Petersberg, which was a base of Home Shopping Network, including their share of QVC. 


The U.S. operation is based in Studio Park complex and corporate headquarters, studio, and broadcasting facilities. At first, it was the former cooperative offices of Commodore Business Machines. They also had call centers that were located in Virginia and Texas. QVC has distributed the centers in Pennslyvania to South Carolina, California, and many more. In the year 2013, the sales have become worth $5.84 million. 

They also started their operation of two outlet stores in Lancaster and Frazer, Pennslyvania. They began to broadcast live in America 20/7, starting from 3 am to 7 am ET. The “Today’s Special Value” was the encore performance. It broadcasted full 364 days each year to almost 100 million households and ranked as the number two television network based on revenue. In the year 2015, their sales have raised to $8.7 million. Only during Christmas the station won’t broadcast their usual format. Instead, they run special Christmas that was taped in West Chester. They pre-record other programs. Each year, the station presents an event called ‘FFANY Shoes on Sale’ it an event being broadcasted to make donations with their designer shoes and have sold at half of the retail price. Most of them go to breast cancer research and education. They organized the Fashion Footwear Association of New York that runs a Shoes on Sale. It was initiated, including the award gala. 

Beauty iQ

In the year 2016, QVC has announced the latest creation called Beauty iQ. It is a female-oriented television channel that is based on cosmetic goods. The network was launched on Dish Network and DirecTV on 31 October 2016. It was aired live from Monday to Friday, starting 8 pm to midnight ET. The Beauty in the year 2019. In the opening month of April, the QVC introduced Beauty iQ as the first digital-only channel, with the younger audience as the target. 

Who owns QVC?

An American media conglomerate Qurate Retail Group also known for Qurate Retails Inc. (Liberty Interactive Corporation), is controlled by John C. Malone, the organization chairman who earned the majority vote of voting shares. They were a division of Liberty Media, and on 28 September 1998, they announced that the formation of Liberty Interactive would be a division that would use the advantage of the latest technologies, for example, set-top boxes to develop interactive programming. 

In October 2014, Liberty Interactive announced that the board was approved for the division of the organization into two trading stocks, one of them is a shopping business called QVC Group, and the other would be for digital commerce, also known as Liberty Digital Commerce, that will make a trade as Liberty Ventures Group. In July 2017, Liberty Interactive announced publicly for having a spin-off of “the cable holdings and other non-retail assets,” making it a new company called Liberty Ventures along with Liberty Interactive to rename it to QVC Group. The QVC Group will have the consistency of QVC, HSN, Cornerstone Brands, and Zulily. At the beginning of March 2017, Liberty Interactive Corporative has been renamed to Quratee Retail Group. 

What is their mission?

Their mission statement is for the marketing team to engage with the current customers and make acquisitions with the new and potential customers. To make the business grow, in each season, across the time zones, and in every platform, they use the strategies, plans, and methods to capture the customers’ attention to capture the surprise. It is all about the brand, the image, reputation, and on point. And to create the continuous process of creative thinking. 

What is their vision?

Their vision statement is making a new path for the retailers to where best retails, social and media are combined. They want to make the shopping experiences more personal and make sure that each retailer’s product collection is unique. It is all about bringing joy and excitement to them. And making sure that each product has the power of storytelling to connect by using video platforms and many more touchpoints. They have the vision of earning trust from the customers, to connect with them. Also, they select a group of retailers such as QVC, HSN, Zulily, Ballard Designs, and Grandin Road, and then they have an engagement in the shopping experience. 

What was their response to the covid-19 worldwide pandemic?

In March 2020, when QVC noticed what was happening to their operations when the covid-19 pandemic was spreading, the on-air products were being represented through Skype around the world. They started to make calls to the live broadcasts as the program hosts and models practiced the social distancing. They still live on air twenty hours per day with a small change QVC2 cutting back for a while back to only one hour live each day. 

In West Chester, Pennsylvania, the employees started to work d from home. The other employees in Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, North and South California have remained their operations by being introduced to the health and safety measures and practicing sanitation. Even though the organization has gained revenues, some of the employees from Qurate have been laid off. Almost 450 employees were cut off during July because they wanted to make the operation as simple as possible. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that television network is a good source of education, it helps the customers to gain knowledge, to help them learn the different cultures, it is a tool of promoting tolerance and helps in understanding the issues in every country such as current affairs, lifestyle. It is also a source of scientific information. 

Who owns QVC? – History and Competition

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