Urban Outfitters Careers- And Job Opportunities


Urban Outfitters is a Pennsylvania-based Lifestyle retailer store, providing a wide range of Lifestyle assets starting from clothing to home decors. They have been flourishing well in the community with about 9.2 million Instagram followers. Here is the article that gives details about Urban Outfitters Careers.

How to choose your career?

Urban Outfitters also happen to provide a wide range of career opportunities for people interested in fashion, writing, digital marketing, sales, management, and whatnot. But obviously, in order to get into one of these fields, you need to meet the job criteria proposed by the company. The first relevant requirement would be a Bachelor’s degree from a related field. Proven work experience of at least 1–2 years would be an added advantage for you to get into any well-paying job. But again, as a fresher, people tend to have many questions regarding the work experience. It is every freshly graduated student’s nightmare to see their applications get rejected due to the lack of work experience. And what solution can we come up with, for this problem? Well, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into how to make your career path haze-free:

  • Try to set your career goal from year 1 of college.
  • Do as many internships as possible may it be paid or unpaid, try increasing the credits for your resume starting from year 1.
  • The advantage of doing several internships during your college days will automatically increase your experience in a related field.
  • Thus, you may not have full-time job experience but the several cumulated work experience as an intern will convince your recruiter that you are not a fresher and that your work can be trusted. 
  • Create a portfolio of all your past experiences as an intern for a better outlook. 
  • Another added advantage would be doing a few courses related to your field of work.
  • Doing extra courses like digital marketing, social media marketing, finance, advanced excel, etc. will give your profile a better outlook.
  • Be 100% sure about your knowledge in your applied job and be confident about your answers during the interview.

Careers at Urban Outfitters:

Urban Outfitters being a lifestyle-based retailer store provides endless opportunities for designers. Fashion designers and home designers can find Urban Outfitters, their one-stop destination to their dream jobs. But again, a brand is not all about producing commodities. A brand is only as successful as its marketing and sales team. Digital marketing, social media marketing, graphic designing, email marketing, supply chain management, software development, product designing, public relations, and top of all, sales, is what builds the base of a brand that is purely lifestyle based. And as we all know the base is what makes a building strong and long-lasting.

So, it is not necessary that you have to be well-versed in fashion to work in a lifestyle company. A brand, irrespective of the commodities they produce, hires engineers, financial advisors, marketers, influencers, salespersons, managers, designers, artists, etc. to be successful. 

You can look up job opportunities in your favorite company irrespective of your field of education. You can either apply directly by going to the official website of Urban Outfitters or you can apply from other different websites where Urban Outfitters have posted their job vacancies and try your luck through multiple sources.

What do employees at Urban Outfitters do and how much money do they make?

  • Senior designers and assistant designers:

Designers majorly work to produce new, fresh or improvised designs for apparel and decors. They are required to work closely and experiment with the materials to produce the best products to meet the needs of the target customers. They are also required to manage weekly fittings, be present and active during fittings, execute design development projects, complete sketches for domestic and overseas programs, and are required to have good knowledge about fabrics and materials and their construction.

Designers should have the ability to sketch or communicate design ideas via a computer program aka graphic designing. A degree in fashion and designing would be the main requirement to enter into this job role as this is clearly regarding the core knowledge about fashion and styling. Experienced personnel is someone who’ll be well suited for this job profile. Candidates should not just have the experience, they should also be very passionate and creative, and naturally artistic with a keen interest in designing out-of-the-box outfits. The salary of a senior designer is approximately $55,260 per year and an assistant designer makes around $50,834 per year. 

  • Summer interns:

Urban Outfitters also happen to conduct a few summer internships so this might be one of the golden opportunities for freshers to sign themselves up for it. It will help broaden the work perspective for starters. 

In this role, candidates are required to be technology savvy with a keen interest in SEO-based marketing. They will be required to work closely with the digital marketing team to increase the brand rating.

The typical pay for this kind of work is usually around $25T-62T.

  • Digital analyst:

This might be another great opportunity for candidates interested in digital marketing. Prior internship or course experience can be an added value.

The candidates are required to work closely with the eCommerce analysis. The candidate should have advanced skills in Microsoft Office Suite which especially includes Excel. Experience or deep knowledge about Google analytics, database analysis, and languages like SQL, business intelligence tools, etc. are a few of the requirements for this job. So, make sure you are well versed in these fields before you apply for a better chance of getting hired.

This job also has a lot of employee perks which include a dog-friendly office, onsite cafeteria, discounts on local food and drinks, staff discounts across the brands, holiday allowance, medical care, life insurance, pension scheme, and much more. Digital analysts at Urban Outfitters make anywhere around $57,912 – $63,153 a year.


The biggest advice a beginner can receive is that they should never run behind money before starting, as you don’t know where that job might lead you or how much you can grow in that job until you actually start doing it.

Employee satisfaction is a must. So, if you don’t feel excited about waking up to go to your job every morning, then trust me, no matter how much money you make, you will never feel good about yourself. It is completely okay to enroll yourself in a job that you love the most but pays you less because when you’re good at your job it will automatically take you to higher positions. The growing process will seem so effortless as you know exactly what you are doing.

On the other hand, if you choose a job which pays more but is completely different from your area of interest then there are high chances that you might just lose yourself in the long run. It is always better to leap than to be stuck at something you are not good at or something you are not interested in. If your job doesn’t make you relate to the lyrics “Ay, I’m on vacation, every single day because I love my occupation” of the song ‘vacation’ by ‘Dirty Heads’ then it’s not worth it.

So, make the best out of the time you have, in teaching yourself and learning more about the things that excite you because you can only excel in the stuff you know effortlessly. Stick to your insights and believe in yourself before you start doing anything.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the types of questions asked during a digital marketing interview at Urban Outfitters?


 It is very obvious that if you want to work in the field of digital marketing, you should be well versed with the digital marketing tools and fields related to it. 

Social media marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Google analytics, CRM, email marketing, Facebook and Instagram advertising, Logo illustrations, content writing, Microsoft Office are a few fields you need to be well versed in. So, there are high chances that your interviewer is going to ask you a few questions about your experience in these fields. It is okay to brag about your knowledge and experience in these fields. 

If you are not very good with these things but they interest you a lot, then it is high time that you start doing a few online courses regarding the same.

Then, comes the widely and most commonly asked questions during an interview like tell us about yourself, tell us something about Urban Outfitters, tell us about your weakness and strength and sometimes your interviewer might also ask you a few questions about the details in your resume regarding your past work experience and projects. So, make sure you research well about the company before you attend an interview with them. Be bold, confident, and most importantly true about your answers because it is quite easier to put a finger on a lie. So, try to be as honest as possible.

  • Do Urban Outfitters provide job opportunities in India?


Yes, Urban Outfitters is highly operational in the United States, Canada, and Europe but they do provide a few job opportunities in India as well. 

Careers at Urban Outfitters are widespread in India in different states, where they are providing different job roles for many job seekers starting from freshers to experienced professionals. Interested candidates can look up opportunities online on either the official website or through other websites.

They have a wide range of openings in sales, marketing, and analysis, technical designing, fashion designers while also providing a few internship roles for freshers or experienced personnel. 

  • When was Urban Outfitters found?


Urban Outfitters is a multinational lifestyle store founded by Richard Hayne and Scott A. Belair in 1970 in Pennsylvania. It is now a well business mostly flourishing in parts of the United States, Canada, and Europe with over 200 stores. It has over 9.2 million followers on Instagram as of 2021. 

Urban Outfitters is well renowned for its affordable apparel, accessories, and home decors. Urban Outfitters has also made a show in many prosperous magazines and Forbes being one of them. 

Think about any of your dream outfits, may it be, floral print, animal print, y2k, corsets, top-quality denim, dad jeans, wide-legged jeans or any outfit of your own preference and Urban Outfitters has got you covered. And the best part of it is, Urban Outfitters has a wide price range of commodities. If you are a teenager who can only shop on a budget, Urban Outfitters has got your back in that scenario. If you are an extra person, who loves to shop extravagantly, then Urban Outfitters have products in that range too.

  • How to crack an interview at Urban Outfitters?

Since Urban Outfitters is a Lifestyle retail store, we recommend you go bold and classy with your style. Your outfit at interviews is not restricted to formals only but it doesn’t mean you dress up like a junkie either. Be classy and express yourself with your style.

Be ready for all sorts of most anticipated questions like customer service, ongoing trends, and demands, how well are brands flourishing in the industry, how to deal with stress, sustainability, and environmental impact, etc. Make your communication is excellent and your appearance is pleasant. Be motivated and confident in your words and don’t ask irrelevant questions. Stick to the course, be yourself, and give your best and that’s the key to success.

Also, be prepared for questions related to the company. It will be an added advantage if you want to work at Urban Outfitters solely because of your extreme passion for it. Well, in that scenario, go ahead and brag about your knowledge about the company and how much the company has inspired your past self to be better and do good. Also, feel free to brag about your core knowledge, your strengths, and your work experience in that field.

Remember to not panic and try having a good posture and mild smile on your face throughout the interview as it will seem appealing to the interviewer. It is not a new thing for candidates to know that the first impression is always the best impression, so you don’t want to ruin that thing up for yourself.

Urban Outfitters Careers- And Job Opportunities

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