Tyson Food Careers – Job Opportunities Complete Guide

Tyson Food Careers - Job Opportunities Complete Guide

Tyson Foods is an American-based multi-national firm. We will discuss Tyson Food Careers here in the article. It is located in Springdale, Arkansas, and the United States. It is a famous food industry and globally the second most processor of beef, chicken, and pork and marketing worldwide. It exports many kinds of beef and other chicken products out from the United States following JBS S.A.

Food Brands Operated by Tyson Foods:

  • Hillshire Farm.
  • Wright Brand.
  • Aidells.
  • Jimmy Dean.
  • Ball Park.
  • State Fair.
  • Hudson Foods Company.
  • Franz Foods.
  • Ocoma Foods.
  • Krispy Kitchens.
  • Honeybear Foods.
  • Washington Creamery.
  • Cassady Broiler.
  • Valmac industries.
  • Don Julio Foods.
  • Mexican Original etc.

Food Products Sold by Tyson Foods:

  • Beef and pork.
  • Meat toppings for pizza and burger industries.
  • Supermarket deli chicken products.
  • Club stored chicken.
  • Ground beef.
  • Flour tortillas.
  • Chicken nuggets.
  • Buffalo wings.
  • Tenders.
  • Boneless Buffalo wings.
  • Organic chicken.

Major Distributors of  Tyson Foods:

  • Burger King.
  • Taco Bell.
  • Wal-Mart.
  • KFC.
  • Wendy’s.
  • Beef O’ Brady’s.
  •  IGA.
  • Kroger.
  • Mc Donald’s pizza and burger etc.

Tyson Foods Locations in the United States:

  • Vienna, GA.
  • Tolleson, AZ.
  • Glen Allen, VA.
  • Camilla, GA.
  • Temperanceville, VA.
  • Warren, MI.
  • Sherman, TX.
  • Dexter, MO.
  • Haltom City, TX.
  • Rogers, AR.
  • Macon, GA.
  • Lognsport, IN.
  • Springdale, AR.
  • Columbia, SC.
  • Council Bluffs, IA.

Job Opportunities at Tyson Foods – Tyson Food Careers

Tyson Foods provides diverse and committed services to the customers, members, and stakeholders. It is one of the most transparent food companies globally. It provides various meats, chicken, etc., products to the consumers.

  • Types of Jobs at Tyson Foods:
    • A] General Labor.
    • B] General Production Labor.
    • C] Production Worker.
    • D] Order Selector/Forklift.
    • E] Machine Operator.
    • F] Host.
    • G] Shipping Forklift Operator.
    • H] Material Handler.
    • I] Warehousing Supervisor.
    • J] Egg Delivery Driver.
    • K] Food Safety Sanitor.
    • L] Utility Labor.
    • M] Feed Mill Worker Labor.
    • N] FSQA Technician.
    • O] Harvest Room Labor.
    • P] Freezer Operator.
    • Q] Sandwich Wrapper.
    • R] Seasonal Production General Labor.
    • S] Farmworker.
    • T] Rendering Worker.
    • U] Sanitation Worker.
    • V] Food handler Labor.
    • W] Scale Operator.
    • X] Egg Caretaker.
    • Y] Packer
    • Z] Server Assistant etc.

Other minor job roles include- Truck driver, Guest service agent, Order picker etc, depending on the requirements.

Stages of the Hiring Process at Tyson Foods:

  1. Job Application            
  2. Interview            
  3. Employment

Job Application Process:

  • Applications for the hiring roles are submitted through the company’s website- www.tysonfoods.com.
  • On the career page, click on the – Search for Careers option and look for the job role you are looking for.
  • Fill in the information related to the state, city, facility, shift, etc.
  • Click on the option mentioning the required ‘job role.’
  • Then, create an account if you are a first-time/ new user or sign in if already registered an account.
  • To create a new account, fill in the details regarding First name, last name, e-mail ID, pin code number, permanent address, contact details, communication details, etc.
  • Later agree to the terms and conditions and click on ‘submit.’
  • The last section fills in the required details related to educational background, veteran self ID, questionnaire, complete application info, etc.

Interview Process:

  • Before preparing for the interview process in Tyson Foods, be updated about the following information such as- products services, leaders, the vision of the company, distributing partners and sectors, job role, job locations, job requirements, educational background requirement, the current status of the company, etc.
  • Moreover, train yourself to face any related questions.
  • Practice the required interview questions.
  • Develop self-confidence and a positive attitude.
  • Focus more on the communication skills.’
  • You may also contact the person who had previously faced the interview in Tyson Foods.

Types of Questions Asked in the Tyson Foods Interview:

  1. Why did you prefer working at Tyson Foods?
  2. What are your previous experiences? If so, elaborate on them.
  3. Would you prefer more hours, if required?
  4. Do you like to work alone or in TEAMS?
  5. Why did you leave your previous job:
  6. How would you develop friendly and good relations with the consumers for the benefit of Tyson Foods?
  7. Would you like to relocate to different locations of Tyson Foods if asked to?
  8. Have you worked in the factory/ slaughterhouse/ hotels before? If so, share your experience.
  9. Have you ever faced any challenging/ difficult situation in your professional work? If so, elaborate on it in detail.
  10. How would you be beneficial in adding value to this organization?
  11. How would you resolve the problem if faced with an argument with the customer?
  12. What are your salary expectations?

Salary Pay Scale to the Employees in Tyson Foods:

Job TitleSalary RangeAverage Salary Per Annum
Maintenance Supervisor$43k – $91k$64,435
Safety Manager$54k – $113k$79,064
Production Supervisor$44k – $69k$54,674
Warehouse Supervisor$44k – $76k$58,614
Human Resources Generalist$42k – $76k$55,944
Maintenance Manager$49k – $123k$80,536
Production Manager, Manufacturing$50k- 52k
Senior Financial Analyst$66k – $98k$80,672
Operations Supervisor$38k – $85k
Sales Analyst$47k – $73k
Financial Analyst$52k – $89k
Medium Truck Driver$26k- $69k
Warehouse Shift Supervisor$41k- $71k
Communications Specialist$45k – $75k
Data Analyst$41k – $85k
Shift Manager$70k- $75k
Team Leader$31k- $ 33k
Leadman$10k- 14k

Basic Qualifications Required for the Following Posts at Tyson Foods:

    • High School Diploma, Special Certified Training, various College courses are also preferred.
    • Basic Computer knowledge. 

    • High School Degree in Statistics/ Commerce.
    • Basic Computer knowledge including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office etc.

    • High School Degree, Specialized Certification degree in any of the technical courses.

    • Should pass a drug test.
    • Data entry operating training required.
    • Computer training.

    • High School Diploma, Certified Nursing Assistant, or Medical Assistant Certification courses.
    • Must be able to perform COVID-19 screening.

    • Basic High School degree irrespective of color, race, religion, gender, disability, etc.

    • Bachelor’s degree in Information systems, Accounting studies, Systems Engineering course.
    • Training in certified courses such as CRISC, CISM, CEH, CCNA, CISA, etc.
    • Auditing knowledge of SaaS Solutions, Cloud Platforms, Active Directory, Database Management, etc.

    • Graduate degree in Food Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Meat Science or any other related field.
    • Intermediate computer skills.

    • Bachelor’s degree in journalism, marketing, communication, or in any other related field.
    • Must be an expert in intermediate communication skills.
    • Experienced in social media messaging.

    • A Bachelor’s or equivalent degree of education in any degree can be preferred.
    • Intermediate computer skills.
    • Experienced in SAP, Data mining, and various visualization tools like WEBI, AFE, PowerBI, Tableau, etc.

    • Bachelors or equivalent degree of education in any degree.
    • Highly skilled in computer tools and software, including Power BI, Tableau, etc.

    • BS degree in Agriculture or Animal Science.
    • Swine or meat handling experience is preferred.
    • A good verbal communication skill is required.
    • Should be expert in finding the proper breed (disease-free).

    • Bachelors or equivalent degree of education.
    • Training in handling and mentoring the junior employees/ staff.
    • Basic Computer knowledge.

    • High School Diploma.
    • GED preferred.
    • Must be able to speak in English, Burmese/Karen, etc. (if needed).

    • High School Diploma or equivalent degree.
    • Basic Computer knowledge.
    • Certificate course in “Industrial Wastewater Management

    • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is preferred.
    • Must possess SPHR or PHR certification is mandatory..”
  • General roles and duties to be performed at Tyson Food (requirements):
    • Must possess good verbal and written communication skills to attract consumers and the market.
    • Maintain and develop business relations and keep the documented reports.
    • Laborers must be equipped with physical activities, lifting heavy weights, cutting, etc.
    • Technicians must possess good maintenance in machine handling and repairing work.
    • IT Managers must be skilled in working on various tools, software, and databases and generate data and reports on time.
    • All the working personals/ employees should be available to work at any shift, as per the company requirements.

  • Commitments and social rules and regulations followed by Tyson Foods:
    • Give support and empower all the employees/ team members in the Tyson Foods Corporation.
    • To work in a team in a friendly manner irrespective of color, race, religion, age, disability, genetics, national origin, gender (even considering pregnancy), gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.
    • Employees/ team members are provided with equal opportunities and various policies, including state, federal, and local employment laws. 
    • Maintaining a diversified, positive, and inclusive workplace area with a friendly environment in various branches of Tyson Foods.
    • The policies follow the human rights principles granted in the International Labor Organization’s Fundamental Principles and Labor Standards. International Declaration of Human Rights.

  • General age criteria to work at Tyson Foods:
    • Hiring in Tyson Foods is done of the candidates of 18 or 18+ age.
    • The requirement is that they should complete the High School degree.
    • As a manufacturing company and includes machinery-related activities, 18 plus candidates are only hired, considering their safety issues.

  • Following tests are done at Tyson Foods of the employees/members:
    • Drug test.
    • COVID-19 test.
    • Urine test.
    • Road test.

Benefits Obtained at Tyson Foods:

  • Team members/employees receive fair compensation.
  • The compensation is based on their respective skills, talents, and experience.
  • The employees are provided with life insurance plans.
  • The employees’ families benefit from affordable health life, eye-related, dental, and prescription drugs.
  • The employees also enjoy holidays and vacations.
  • They even get short-term and long-term disability coverage etc.
  • Even education and adoption assistance is also provided.
  • Maternity leave for the fixed time period.
  • Employee discounts.
  • Employee Assistance Program.
  • Bereavement leave.
  • Accidental death or dismemberment plan to benefit the employee’s family.

Extra General and Higher Level Mock Questions Related to Tyson Foods Careers:

  • Differentiate between internal and external supply chain activities?  
  • How would you complete the target based on the confined period?
  • The Food and Drug organization regulates our food products. How would you contribute to our history related to it?
  • Comment on the consumer policy related to food safety.

Behavioral Questions

  • Tell me about when you had to work under a much dominating personal to complete your task?
  • Explain your reaction when you were dissatisfied with the quality of the work and how you reacted to that situation?
  • Tell me something about your past professional/career-related experiences?
  • Tell me the situation where you had to learn something new and challenging during a short period of time?
  • How would you react to the situation when you were in danger of missing an important deadline?
  • How would you convince the customer to buy the meat/ chicken etc., products?
  • Tell me about a situation where you had to work in a team where one team member was not doing his/ her share of work properly?

Leadership Questions

  • When are your leadership qualities more effective?
  • Explain the most important task of a leader?
  • Have you ever led a team? Explain the same.
  • How would you assign tasks to your team members?
  • How would you check whether the group/ team members complete an assigned task?

Phone Interview Questions

  • Are you willing to travel anywhere as per the requirement?
  • Do you feel this position better fits in with your long-term career?
  • Explain the top duties/ roles in your current position?
  • After reviewing Tyson Foods’ job description profile, do you think you lack any skills/ qualities?

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Tyson Food Careers – Job Opportunities Complete Guide

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