SuddenLink Careers — Job Opportunities Complete Guide

SuddenLink Careers — Job Opportunities Complete Guide

About Suddenlink

SuddenLink Careers – Merritt Belisle and Steven Seach created Classic Communications in 1992, and on October 31, 1999, they were published and filed Chapter 11 on 14 November 2001 for protection against bankruptcies. When Cequel III took up cable provider administration on Feb. 10, 2003, Classic had 325,000 customers. With 27,000 subscribers from the Canadian telecommunications operator Shaw Communications, Cequel III purchased cable lines in Texas shortly after. In addition, Cequel bought 81,000 Alliance Communications Partners users in August 2003. Cequel created Cebridge connections after this acquisition, comprising all Cequel cable networks. Cebridge Connects has stated that, after the acquisition of 869,000 subscribers from Cox Communications, they would change its name to Suddenlink Communications with a soft launch on 1 May 2006.

SuddenLink Careers

After acquiring the Charter cable system, Suddenlink concentrated on improving its existing infrastructure, which its previous owners considered being “under-served.” Suddenlink concluded a debt offering of $600 million on 5 November 2009, enabling major enhancements for the firm. The update enabled the firm to extend its HD offerings and enhance HDTV channels while upgrading the internet infrastructure to DOCSIS 3.0, enabling speeds across its footprint to be quicker. In July 2013, Suddenlink became the first big service provider to receive at least one professional qualification from the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers from all the technicians and installers with the firm for 90 days or more. They purchased it from Windjammer Communications on 1 August 2010, four years after the recent acquisition of Suddenlink. 8,000 customers. Suddenlink gained NPG Cable from the company News-Press & Gazette on 1 April 2011. Actor Colin Price was picked and shot like a 2013-2016 spokesperson for over 100 commercials. Suddenlink integrates Internet, TV, audio, and mobile services to improve fun and stream data. Suddenlink provides rapid speeds on the Internet.

Suddenlink integrates Internet, TV, audio, and mobile entertainment services and streams of data. Suddenlink offers high speeds, voice-controlled television choices, extra applications, and trustworthy customer support. The enterprise gives a cash-back guarantee for 30 days with no commitments. It provides cable and fiber choices and has several client plans. It depends on your region if you’re eligible for a certain Suddenlink package. Suddenlink internet services begin at $35 a month and do not include yearly agreements. Customers may choose to fit their budget and their demands, and they can buy the internet service alone or combine it with cable and mobile streaming services.
Suddenlink provides bundles and extras for consumers to add to their Internet package, like other Internet services providers. These packages include television and telephone services. You may also add Suddenlink Select TV or Suddenlink Premier TV to your internet package. Suddenlink Core TV provides 200 or more channels, with Select TV and Premier TV offering 290 or more channels and 340 or more. 

Suddenlink Home Phone services allow limitless calls to be combined with your internet for a fixed cost every month. Other capabilities include extra lines and Enhanced 911, which instantly sends the caller’s location for the emergency dispatch. They may provide optional battery backups to safeguard your telephone service from power failure and call loss, or internet access. Special offers, such as Amazon Gift Cards, can arrive with your package. Since Suddenlink bills monthly, you don’t commit to the package if your gadgets or your budget don’t work. Adjustments and changes to your strategy are straightforward. If you are already into a contract and wish to transfer to Suddenlink, the business is paying up to $500 to cover your existing contract termination costs.

If you register online or for $49, standard installation is free. The price is $50, which means technicians may install one device hardware and have Wi-Fi on six devices at their disposal. A one-time network upgrade charge for $3.50 is also available. You have to return or pay for your equipment if you discontinue your Suddenlink internet subscription. You owe 125 dollars for the memory and 75 to 150 dollars for the wireless router if you choose to keep it. Suddenlink is a splendid choice for leading cable and internet providers. It is perfect for rural people who do not have coverage with many internet providers. The firm provides high internet connections, and over time, most plans’ prices will not increase. Suddenlink deserves a look if you’re searching for dependable internet at a reasonable price.

Job Opportunities

Suddenlink builds on several sectors and meets all consumer demands. Individuals with or understanding retail, sales, customer service, management, maintenance, and IT are well placed in different jobs. Hopefully, job-seekers can get work without experience at the prior level. Workers that exhibit commitment and love for the job might also qualify for salary increases. Suddenlink respects pioneers, customer-focused thinking, family-focused ideals, and honesty. Persons who can demonstrate their dedication or ownership of these ideas can benefit from hiring supervisors.

Career Paths in SuddenLink

  • Director of E-Commerce

The director of e-commerce takes part in the construction and management of a team of email experts to create and implement unique email solutions successfully. The director of e-commerce monitors product sales and distributes via online shopping platforms. To determine their effectiveness, they develop, implement and evaluate several e-commerce strategies. They are experts on online sales tactics and many platforms that perform digital sales or conversions on an internet site. In addition, they carry out search engines and other website advertising and research and use social media to apply the newest digital marketing tactics.

Salary: At Suddenlink, the Director of Ecommerce makes $125,000 yearly.

  • Director Data Analytics

The Analytical Director adjusts, directs, and manages the data analysis and business intelligence management, development, and integration required to support the business mission, vision strategies, goals, and aims. Supervision of the data analysis and data storage departments is primarily the lead responsibility of the Director of Analysis. In addition, they monitor all operations and ensure harmony with the vision and goals of the company. 

Salary: At Suddenlink,  Director Data Analytics makes $157,010 annually.

  • Broadband Technician

A broadband engineer handles communications networks comprising telephone services, broadband Internet and cable tv installation, upkeep. They provide these services routinely at various companies and locations. Broadband engineers are specialists in internet or telecommunication systems installation, use, and repair, etc. They often visit homes and companies, assist in customer support and travel through the building with the proper cables.

Salary: At Suddenlink, broadband technicians earn $50,000 yearly.

  • Field Services Technician

A field service technician assists customers in installing, repairing, and maintaining equipment. A technical departmental field service officer’s major tasks include solving equipment problems, counseling the client on how the equipment is used, developing customer connections, and following corporate regulations.

Salary: Field technicians earn $64,500 annually.

  • Customer Support Representative

They support customers with complaints and queries, provide customers with product and service information, collect orders and handle returns. They can view themselves as having a part in sales by helping consumers comprehend the goods and addressing inquiries regarding their doubts. Their primary job is to tackle and quickly and efficiently handle client problems. Support agencies engage in several channels, including telephone, email, and social media, to guarantee that any genuine client issues are addressed quickly.

Salary: Customer Service Representatives make $32,962 in the United States.

  • Direct Sales Supervisor

Direct sales officials raise client awareness of the products and services of firms. They handle the presentation and closure of sales of items and services to potential clients.

Duty And Responsibilities Of The Sales Supervisor:

  • Give answers and help to customers.
  • Plan sales, organize and coordinate them, etc.

Salary: The salary for a Sales Supervisor at Suddenlink is $20.20 per hour.

Marketing experts support the development, execution, and monitoring of marketing programs. Their job encompasses market research, an analysis of trends to assist shape the company’s marketing strategy, and recommendations on achieving the target market effectively. A marketing specialist is a person who supports a marketing initiative, produces and manages it. This might involve advertising, promotion, and selling multi-platform marketing strategies. A marketing expert will often specialize in a certain channel of communication or product area. Marketing managers seek to maximize revenues by establishing customer requirement sales tactics and pushing products, services, or ideas. They design and supervise product and service promotion marketing programs.

Salary: Marketing Specialists make up to $51,657 per annum.

  • Sales Engineer

Their jobs include establishing new ties with customers and sustaining them, customer requirements management and interpretation, and persuading customers to meet their demands in the product or service. In addition, sales engineers are specialists in simplifying sales processes for innovative items from technical sources. Typically, the position of a sales engineer is found in the B2B environments where sophisticated goods need to be sold to other companies.

Salary: Sales Engineers earn an average of $83775 yearly at Suddenlink.

  • Account Manager

Account managers serve as client lawyers to ensure customer requirements are understood and met. In addition, they interact with internal departments. They may help sell, process customer complaints, collect and analyze data, and enhance the entire customer experience.
The responsibility for account management includes building strong client connections, linking important executives and stakeholders, and generating sales reports. In addition, customer inquiries are responded to by account managers, and new business possibilities between current clients are identified.

Salary: At Suddenlink, an Account Manager earns $55,865 yearly.

  • Quality Assurance Inspector

A quality assurance inspector’s responsibilities include inspection, testing, etc. This guarantees that the product supplied meets all client criteria. QA inspections verify procedures fulfill desired quality requirements. In addition, inspections of quality assurance assist in discovering gaps and process abnormalities.

Salary: The Quality Assurance Inspector’s salary at Suddenlink is $15.21 per hour.

  • Operations Technician

Operational technicians are part of the shift teams that monitor and manage the work platform amenities and frequently work with construction and engineering teams. Their major tasks are to preserve plant integrity and to guarantee the client’s consistent supply availability.

Salary: At Suddenlink, Operations Technicians make an average of $50,579 in the United States.

  • Network Engineer

As a network engineer, the computer networks within an organization are developed, maintained, and maintained. Users who can be employees, customers, suppliers will benefit from support. Because of the increasing demand for network engineers and a lack of skilled experts, the wages, employment prospects, and possibilities are great. Taking the job of network engineer may be a fascinating and profitable career path.

Salary: Network Engineers at Suddenlink make up to $92 992 per year in the United States per annum.


To secure a job at Suddenlink, you must be licensed to work in the United States and meet the minimum age requirement.


As most professions need technical knowledge, skills, and intense duties, it is impossible to apply if one is under 18 years of age.

Application Process

Job aspirants can explore the job on the firm website’s careers area. Candidates decide whether to create or submit profiles without the Job Hosting Portal. The procedure allows candidates to complete the online form within 10 to 15 minutes by providing personal information, work experience, and educational history. Individuals also get to upload resumes upon request immediately. Work candidates should inspect their information for mistakes before submission. Any applicant using the Job Hosting Portal who builds profiles can use the profiles to monitor the progress of an application. Just log in and check the area labeled request status to see if a request is in process, is selected for further review, or is refused. 

Interview Questions

Your interview performance depends in a considerable part on how well you prepare yourself. In this section, you will find tips on how to ace your interview gracefully.

  • Employer: Prove you understand the enterprise and what it is about, beyond the fundamentals. Which sector is it active the most? What are the challenges? Who’s the rival? What enormous projects did it finish recently? What are the values of its culture? Your interviewers will be more than impressed if you can answer these questions.
  • Role: Read the job description and go over it, making sure it tells how your abilities and credentials match the work. You must comprehend why you desire the job, the position, and, more significantly, why the company should pick you from other candidates.
  • Interview Panel: To make things easy for you, make sure you know who your interviewer would be. This might assist you in connecting and establish a favorable impression with your interviewees throughout this interview.
  • Questions: Consider how you are going to answer typical interview questions and prepare for the most common questions the interviewer would want to ask.


Suddenlink provides employees with competitive compensation and extensive work benefits packages as a developing telecommunication firm. Employees get medical insurance which includes dental insurance, vision, life insurance, and flexible expenditure accounts. Employees also enjoy paid-off vacation compensation, tuition support, corporate match plans 401(k), and discounts for their associates.

SuddenLink Careers — Job Opportunities Complete Guide

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