Jobs that Pay Over 200k

Jobs that Pay Over 200k

Is it possible to find a job that pays over 200k? Can anyone make massive money without becoming a college graduate? Perhaps the way most people take loans and suffer their butts to acquire a degree, you might be thinking that you can’t get that kind of money without a degree. Nevertheless, you don’t have to get a college degree to have a job that pays over 200k. This post will unveil some jobs that pay over 200k without a degree.

Perhaps you have searched for jobs online, but all you get are jobs in engineering, medical, and legal fields. You don’t have to commit financial stress to make much money. There are other better means of doing that. In most situations, all you need is the investment of your time. 

While it sounds interesting, there is one thing you should be conscious of if you want to job that pays over 200k without a college degree. It is hard to get a six-figure job if you don’t have any training or schooling attached. You might not have a college degree; however, it shouldn’t stop you from acquiring some foundational schooling. 

If you don’t have both, then you might consider marrying a rich person. However, if you are motivated and willing to put the effort and time into these jobs, you can get a job that can boost your account balance to $200,000.

Jobs that Pay Over 200k Without a College Degree

We will list about 15 jobs that can help get money into your account without putting pressure on yourself and your future with numerous student-loan debt. Without wasting time, let’s unveil these common jobs that people have neglected without knowing. 

  • Direct Response Copywriter 

For a moment, imagine if you can use a piece of paper and pen to write a letter that can get you over 200k in your account. If that is too much, what about writing a 2-page letter and rack over $120 million. If you still think both scenarios aren’t possible, you might be on another planet and haven’t heard direct response copywriting.

Copywriters are people who can craft persuasive letters to make people take specific actions. These writers use their words to make people respond to certain activities. Such actions include clicking a link, making a donation, or a purchase. With e-commerce shaping the world, these writers make it big in this ever-increasing industry.

You have seen these letters but haven’t given thought to them. For instance, they might have appeared in your email, mailbox, and favorite newspapers or magazines. Some letters would be well-drafted such that you will be persuaded to make donations. If you can get your pen on paper and connect to people’s emotions, you can get your bank account smiling.

  • Blogging

Another lucrative job that can pay you over 200k is blogging; it allows you to control your time and be your boss while making an unlimited amount of money. Blogging might not get the money quickly, but over time you can achieve it. 

If you want to dive into blogging, you have to be patient because it takes time to bring the cash. Most people want to cash in immediately, and after some time, they consider it a waste because their result doesn’t meet their expectations. What makes it tempting to most people is the unlimited and simplicity of financial potentials in blogging. 

Nevertheless, most people approach blogging from a side point of a selfish mindset. They usually forget that blogging is not a hobby but a business. Every small business takes time to become a big business. Most bloggers making unfathomable money today didn’t start yesterday; it took them time and dedication to achieve.

You can get your blog started without wasting you. It is not rocket science to get started. Once you start, treat it like a business and invest the necessary time to make it successful. 

  • Web Developer

Do you love sitting on your computer? Do you have a curiosity about building a website from scratch? You can get real cash for building new websites for clients. To be a web developer, you have two options – to work for yourself or find a company to work for. However, both options have benefits and disadvantages. Notwithstanding, if you decide to work for yourself, you can fast-track your goal of earning over 200k.

It is not wrong to work for someone, but you need to have the skills and creativity to earn over 200k in a few years. Well, you can see your first few years as a learning process where you gain experience. Remarkably, you don’t need to have a Computer Science degree to become a web developer. However, if you don’t have a degree, you will need a portfolio for clients to trust you.

You can ditch college if you can complete different projects and sample them online. The more skillful you are, the more expensive you become to your client or company that wants to hire you. Today, many websites such as Prime Academy and Codeacademy can learn about web development. 

  • Social Media Marketer

If you are a social media freak, you can convert your addiction to cash. You can help small businesses get more customers and build their online portfolios. Most new startups are clueless when it has to do with using social media to build their business. Most owners are overwhelmed by trying to set up their accounts on various social media platforms.

If you still don’t know where to start from, take a survey of 14 businesses in your locality and analyze their social media profiles. What did you see? Are the profiles well-suited for their business? Your findings can help you start a remarkable career. Most of these owners don’t have the time and understanding to navigate through the mumbo jumbo of social media.

You can act as an expert and help them build their online presence. You can start small by charging as little as $500 a month, but you can increase your fee once there is progress. Imagine that is just a single client. How about getting a handful of clients? That is not bad for a start. Time to dust your laptop and social media profit; become the next social media expert.

  • Software Developer

Do you know how to brainstorm for solutions in difficult situations? Does the thought of creating games or apps sound interested to you? If your response is yes, then you can consider the role of a software developer. Contrary to what most people believe, you don’t have to work for 60 hours per week for a job that pays you peanuts. 

If you work as a software developer and still get peanut, it only means you lack common sense or working with a startup. It is not bad to work with a startup since it can boost your experience and portfolio. However, you need to have a bigger vision if you want to get a payment that exceeds 200k. 

The biggest secret to hitting big as a software developer is to provide value to your client. You can showcase your work to other companies; once they are convinced of your skill, you can invest or hire you. It doesn’t take time to learn how to code. 

With as little as nine months, you can start coding like an expert. You can also do it less than if you don’t have a full-time job and efficiently manage your time. With good internet access, a laptop, and a non-alcoholic drink, you can become a professional software developer.

  • VMWare Engineer

Did you know what this job entails? Well, it is another tech-related job that can pay you over 200k. As a VMWare engineer, your job is to upload software on servers such that the OS (Linux and Windows) can be installed on them. The operating system can run in a virtual environment through this; most companies upload software on these servers to help increase speed and reduce downtime.

When you say the term “engineer,” you think you have to get a college degree. Well, you don’t have to get a college degree to become a VMWare engineer. VMWare engineer is like a nanny that babysits; your role is to babysit the entire system.

Your daily activities involve management and administrative responsibility because after setting up the system, it can run independently without any support from you. However, the stressful part of this job is the upgrading of the software because of its volume. Configuration can be a major issue, but nothing can stop you from smiling at the bank every month if you can overcome this hurdle. 

You can get a course to be certified since it is a technical job. After some years of being certified, you can earn over 200k if hired by the right company. This job role is for those that love problem-solving and interacting with computers.

  • Sales Manager

Interestingly, this is the most neglected job; about 97.9 people reading this post won’t consider a sales manager’s job. Well, becoming a salesperson is like a landmine filled with minerals. However, a sales manager is the least desirable route to getting the money you desire.

If it is the least desirable, why include it on our list of jobs that pay over 200k? Because without sales, you can’t make money. Does that sound funny? Everyone is making a sale, whether you recognize it or not. Perhaps you are watching a Netflix show or unveiling a restaurant; the goal is to make sales. Whatever it might be, the ultimate goal is to sell something.

Selling is all about showing what benefits people can get from a particular product and convince them to purchase. You can sell anything ranging from baby products, phones, books, home times, etc. you can make up to six figures in a single year if you understand the potentials of becoming a sales official.

  • Stock or Forex Trader

If you understand the stock or forex market, you can get that 200k in less than three months. When we talk about becoming a stock trader, it is not about the wolves on Wall Street. Although becoming a stock trader is lucrative, it is a high-stress environment that comes with swift decisions. 

As a stock trader, you create your financial freedom even without having a college degree. The market doesn’t require any degree. Today, millions of people are trading daily to profit; if you have concerns about losing your money, then find another job because the industry is very risky. To gain a gripe about the market, you can learn free online as numerous platforms allow stimulation mode.

A simulation model is also known as demo trading, where you trade the money using virtual money. It is similar to playing a game but using fake money. You can continue in that mode pending when you have polished your skill and opt to use real money. If you are determined and dedicated in trading, you can be successful no matter how volatile the market might be. 

Trading can be a fantastic opportunity if you are looking for a better income and life. The stock market is not complex as many think. Roll your sleeve and get your hands dirty. 

  • Consulting 

Did you know that consulting can get you over 200k? Most people don’t know what consulting is. You see, there are different industries where you can be a consultant. Consulting has one objective – to solve problems. As a consultant, a client or business will hire you to improve their efficiency or increase their revenue. 

Interestingly, wherever area of industry or skill you have, you can become a consultant. You can share your knowledge to solve a problem. Even if you don’t have any experience, invest in yourself in your area of interest. Choose a particular area of concentration and improve yourself in that area. You can become a consultant without becoming an expert; produce the result necessary to solve the issue. 

  • Independent Contractor

Don’t think about it? How can you be a contractor without a college degree? Today, you can be an independent contractor in any industry without a college degree. You can be a contractor for jobs such as landscapers, plumber, electrician, cleaner, carpenter, etc. it is quite easy to avoid or overlook these manual jobs but have great potentials.

A lot of people have used these kinds of jobs to get a six-figure bank account. Most people are eventful with their jobs and require others to help them fix this stuff. It is not rocket science to be an independent contractor. 

Learn a skill, gain experience from the skill and get a license. Remember to get the required equipment and tools to make the job easier for you. You can be receiving calls from all other countries and people calling for your services in no time.

  • Real Estate Agent

Getting the right location will make you a millionaire through a single job. If you want to make it big, get into the real estate industry. It is a vast industry with many potentials for anyone who can find the best property in the right location. It is all about the right location.

When we talk about location, do you think most people will be eager to buy a rural Alabama property? A lot of people won’t consider that as an option. That means if you are an agent, you might want to find somewhere better like New York or California. Additionally, it would be best to fine-tune those failing agents because they are many in this industry.

Numerous agents just put in the work to stay busy without thinking of generating revenues for themselves. Why struggle and hustler throughout your life when you have a lucrative way of generating income without stress. You don’t have to get your license and work out of the plan.

Those who make it big in the real estate business have one unique quality – their willingness to invest in technology, marketing, and personal development. Besides this, dedication and patience to withstand the industry’s rumbles is an essential attribute you need to rack it big. There are a lot of lazy realtors; why do you want to become part of that statistic. 

Push yourself; invest the time to acquire the necessary experience while you build your relationship with clients. Once you can do that, success is inevitable for you. It is glamorous becoming a realtor as you can be tremendously profitable. 

However, you have to spend money to be a reputable realtor if you want to make money. Well, nothing goes for anything. Just see it as a price you have to pay to get the six-figure paycheck you desire.

  • Physical Personal Trainer

You can make over 200k at least twice a month. That is not possible. Well, what if the trainer has only 20 clients in a month. If you are the usual personal trainer, you might disagree with this, but what if you are training wealthy people or celebrities? Now you see the possibility. 

However, you can still get up to 200k if you understand smart business and value proposition concepts. Once you lack these two concepts, you will find yourself stuck making only a little and sitting at the bottom price as a personal trainer. If you can capitalize on their incompetence, you can easily build a successful portfolio as a fitness trainer.

To start, you need to invest time to learn the skill and create a personalized service, even if it means going to your client’s home to do the training. Furthermore, create an environment that prioritizes your clients’ goals and the results they want. You can become a tremendous fitness trainer if you put in the right effort and leverage your client’s incompetence. 

  • Hairdresser

How much do you think the hair salon industry is worth? Do you think it is worth over 30 billion? Recent statistics show that the industry is worth over 44 billion dollars, with over a million hair professionals in the United States alone. For a moment, consider that with the total population of the country.

Virtually everyone wants to look beautiful; they are willing to spend their money to look good. Besides this, some want to get a first-class treatment or experience. Imagine your client flying from one state to another to get their hair fixed. Do you think they will be paying as little as $1000 for that stress? 

To start, you need to sharpen your hairdressing or barber skill. You can attend a hairdressing school to equip yourself with the skill. Then you can start small as you boost your experience before opening a shop. The more gig you get, the more experience you gather to become professional in this line of work.

Additionally, it would be best if you improve yourself by offering exceptional services that will attract clients. Interestingly, you need to pay your dues in this industry; there is no shortcut to becoming an irreplaceable hairdresser. Put in every effort and improve yourself as you put smiles on your customers’ faces, your bank account will receive the result.

  • Truck Driver

Whenever the economy is booming, goods get transported from one place to another. Trucking is another option available for you to make over 200k without a college. If you love driving through states and counties, then you can get paid pretty well. 

However, it would be best if you had some level of experience to start earning big. Companies are looking for good drivers that can get things done. You need to have a driving license to start. Nevertheless, becoming a truck driver, you have to sacrifice your time with your family as you get to be on the road most times. However, you can negotiate with your client or company you work with to get off during the weekends.

If you can build the business properly, you can transform your one truck business into a full-blown truck business without a lot of drivers and a fleet of trucks under you. With this, you can decide who to work with or get someone employed. We understand this job won’t appeal to a lot of people since it is entirely stressful. Nevertheless, it has been proven to be a lucrative way of generating income if you can manage it effectively.

  • Oil Rig Worker

Finally, an oil rig worker is the last job that pays over 200k on our list. Although we didn’t place any job as a priority over another, we decided to leave this as the last because of the following reasons. 

Firstly, because you can make incredible crazy money working as a specialized worker, you would have to work in an offshore environment or an unstable country. Secondly, the job is very dangerous and not for fearful people. If you can’t handle risk, you might consider looking for other options. The risk to reward ratio as an oil rig worker is high.

Thirdly, this job is connected to the economy and requires a lot of security. Well, it depends on the position you are working in because your contract can be terminated anytime. Whenever the price of oil drops, companies tend to drop workers. This means you become unemployed and start looking for another job.

However, if you still think you want to be a rig worker after considering the options, here is a piece of simple advice that would help you. This quote is from an ex-oil worker; 

“Work like a beast. Use all the overtime you can to fatten your paycheck. Bank all the money you make. Avoid wasting it on booze, pickup trucks, and women looking to have your baby so you can take care of them. Do this for a few years and then get the hell out of the industry. Either start a business within it or find a new career.”

Indeed, practical advice if you would stick with it because of the job’s risky nature. Notwithstanding, the oil industry can be the gateway to your financial world of freedom. 

What next?

In this write-up, you have learned about the best jobs that pay over 200k even without a degree. Hardly can you see such jobs that offer such huge pay without a degree. If you think we have missed any job that pays over 200k on our list, we like to hear from you.

The jobs so far in this article offer a quick way to success; some are labor-intensive; some require patience, while others can get you killed if you are not careful. Don’t allow death to frighten you because there will always be an obstacle standing against you with the income you desire.

Your determination of success will go a long way to achieving your goal. Put the effect and let your hunger for success be the driving force. No matter how insignificant it might be, get something started and see yourself ranking millions in a few years.

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Jobs that Pay Over 200k

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