Highest Paying Non-Medical Jobs [2021]

Highest Paying Non-Medical Jobs

Are you looking for a high paying, non-medical job? Do you want a job that offers over $1000 per day? Is that why you clicked on this post? If yes, you didn’t miss your track as you came to the right place to find the best highest paying job. Are you a high-school senior researching for the best college to attend, or you are already a professional looking to increase your income? No matter where you find yourself, you need the money, and that is what is important. In this post, we will provide everything you need to know about the highest paying non-medical jobs. However, before we start with the list of highest paying non-medical jobs, let’s crunch some virtual numbers to make it easier to earn $1000 per day.

How to Earn $1000 Per Day? | Highest Paying Non-Medical Jobs

To earn such an amount of money, you need to be among the elite 1% of wage earners. For instance, if you earn this money averagely in a week, you would be a million each year. Of course, it is still not clear; we will break it down for you. Let’s consider the table below that shows the average work schedule for a worker.

Highest Paying Non-Medical Jobs
Highest Paying Non-Medical Jobs

If you are working 50 hours per day, that means you are working 10 hours per day. If your target is $1000 per day, that will be $100 per day. Let get the figures on a table.

Imagine earning $100 an hour and working for 10 hours payday. That would be $1000 per day; you can become a millionaire at the end of the year. Obviously, it sounds easier than done. How do you tell your employer to pay you such a huge figure? It is simple; increase your value as a worker.

There are numerous ways to increase your market value; you can choose to increase your skill, play office politics, or become a superior worker. Whatever way, you can actually achieve this feat. However, if you have done these things and yet haven’t seen the reward you expect, you have two other options to consider.

Firstly, find another company that can offer you more for your worth. Secondly, why not become self-employed and work your ass for yourself. A lot of people would prefer the first option because they don’t want to take responsibility. 

It is self-inflicted abuse to take that route – don’t see it as an insult. Nevertheless, the truth remains that you can make $1000 per day with certain jobs. Let’s get back to our lists of highest paying non-medical jobs.

Highest Paying Non-Medical Jobs – $1000 Per Day

We decide not to include any medical or legal related jobs in our list. We intentionally did that because you would need a college degree to achieve that. However, you can be smarter than a lawyer, dentist, doctor, anesthesiologist, surgeon, etc. you can get high pays that individuals in that profession haven’t consider getting. 

There are a lot of jobs that can get you more money than even require you to study. You don’t have to spend restless nights trying to get a degree to get a high paying job. Interestingly, you can start these jobs immediately with the little skills you have. If you don’t have the skills, you can learn them online as we have numerous platforms available to teach you for free. 

Now you know it is possible to get a high paying job, you can do a little research to find out which of these jobs listed here is suitable for your lifestyle. Remember, you have to put in a little effort and time because every action requires a reaction. Therefore, roll your sleeves, get your hands dirty and boost your financial status with these highest non-paying medical jobs.

  • Network Engineer

Don’t allow the word engineer to intimidate you because you don’t have to go to school to answer that “calling.” Network engineers manage computer networks and ensure they run smoothly. It requires you to connect multiple computers to a central server, also known as a primary computer. 

If you still don’t understand their role, you can think of a network engineer like a pyramid scheme or MLM. We are not talking about the financial scam aspect here but how the network works in such a system.

Regrettably, if you want to be a professional network engineer, you need to be a bachelor degree holder. However, you can also get a job if you have any IT-related experience with relevant certification attached. Most companies and employees won’t consider a degree, primarily if you can deliver on the job. 

You can see people who make over $100 per hour in this job role, while those with a degree can get even up to $200 per hour. If you have a strong passion for computer and networking, you might want to consider working as a network engineer.

  • Business Coach

Consider a room with a lot of people and a nice-looking dressed woman or man addressing a crowd. If that is your perception of what a business coach is all about, you got it wrong. You can think of a business coach as another type of consultant that helps businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals tactically solve their problems relating to their business, finances, or family.

This kind of job’s primary focus is to increase revenue, business growth, and career advancement. Successful business coaches don’t need a large number of clients. With a few clients, they can get pay hugely. Business coach consultants don’t work based on the hour because they understand how important their time is.

Although you might not require a college degree, you still need training and experience to earn good pay. Therefore, you need to invest in your personal development to have the required solution to improve your client’s revenue. If you have the training and experience, you can source for clients. When starting, you can charge less as you improve your portfolio.

Your focus should be on businesses or entrepreneurs whose annual revenues are over $5 million. These clients will be willing to pay more money to develop and improve their business performance. Remember to build yourself using various experiences and training to market your creativity. 

  • Blogger

Besides all the jobs mentioned, blogging is the easiest but requires a lot of time and effort before the money starts rolling. You might be thinking, why to include blogging since you have experienced some bloggers who can’t even make $20 in their entire career. Well, some bloggers rack over $1000 a day of blogging.

The secret to generating more money in blogging is to understand the business of blogging instead of the act of blogging. Clearly, blogging is a way to be self-employed; you don’t have to spend long hours working for someone. Blogging is a four-hour per week kind of business that you can start with as low as $200. Furthermore, you don’t need a degree; your passion for a particular niche and dedication is all that is required to generate massive income every day.

  • Securities and Exchange Commission Accountant

Are you surprised to see this included in our list of high paying medical jobs? Well, government workers are well paid. Working as an accountant includes financial reporting, audits, reviewing financial issues, etc. however, the challenge lies in getting this job because you need to have at least a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. With this, you can break into the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Additionally, you have to apply through the USAJobs.gov website. It would be best if you created your profile and monitor openings in the commission. If you eventually get the job, it comes with other benefits besides the lucrative salary.

  • Editor

Print media is dying slowing if it hasn’t died yet; however, an editor’s role is on the rise as we have seen numerous publication houses looking for people to edit their work. Today, becoming a top editor comes with a lot of responsibility, even though many think it is a glorified position. 

Editors create editorial boards, decide what content gets published, and ensure these contents meet every requirement. Previously, without a degree in communication, journalism, art, or English, you cannot get a job as an editor. That has changed as we have seen editors without any background in some of the fields mentioned above.

Well, if you want to receive a huge six-figure fee as an editor, you need to improve yourself. Here, getting any of those degrees can come in handy as it can increase the amount you charge to editor posts in newspapers or magazines. 

  • Software Engineer

Software engineers are people who analyze and solve various programming issues. Furthermore, they help create a framework for developers who can write these codes and bring the software to life.

Software engineers are responsible for making everything works well. For instance, they ensure the website or app you use works perfectly while performing whatever activity you decide to do. 

Previously, you would need a Computer Science degree and Mathematics to get a job as a software. Today, you still need it even though it is unnecessary; you can follow shortcuts by taking certification courses despite your academic background. It means if you were an accountant, you could take software engineering certification courses to become a software engineer. 

Working as a software engineer, you can charge as much as $1000 per day, primarily if you work with the right company. The money can rain big if you get promoted as the Chief Technology Officer. 

Being a welder alone is quite lucrative; however, an underwater welder comes with a high reward even though the risk level is high—the job you to work underwater welding various structures at a very depth.

To become an underwater welder, you need a minimum of a high school diploma with come certification. Furthermore, it also requires a physical diving test and HSE certification. The salary is advantageous due to the shortage of underwater welders.

You get to travel to different areas because the job is a remote one that can get you away for a long time. Most times, you get jobs from a company in the oil industry. If you can invest your time, it is worth every investment since you can make considerable returns every month because of the job’s risk.

  • Quantitative Analyst

If you have a thing with Mathematics and statistics, you might want to work as a quantitative analyst since these analysts eat, sleep, and breathe mathematics. The quantitative analyst uses both statistical and mathematical models to solve risk or financial management problems.

They work in a broad industry, which includes accounting, insurance, stock-trading, etc. However, it would be best to have a degree in Mathematics, Engineering, or any analytical field to become a quantitative analyst. It is normal to find analysts who make over 200k in the financial industry working as a quant.

  • Marijuana Master Extractor

Since the legalization of weed, we have seen an increased number of jobs created. While the roles are numerous, the most common is a master extractor. What do you contemplate will be the role of a master extractor? Master extractors are professionals responsible for processing the main compounds in hemp and marijuana. The active compounds are CBD and THC; they produce edibles, concentrates, oils, and other related cannabis products. 

Expectedly, it would be best if you got a Ph.D. in biochemistry to apply for such a role. Additionally, a background in engineering is also essential. How can you take advantage of this role? Finding candidates to fill this job role is minimal. Companies are paying candidates more than 250k per year; however, this is even not enough. If you don’t have a degree, you can get a degree in chemistry and botany to be considered the job. 

  • Salesperson

Another most straightforward job you can do besides blogging is becoming a salesperson. It can be surprising to think that you can; it is not possible. It is understandable because most people naturally hate selling things. Furthermore, people resist those who try to sell products because they push shitty products even when they know it won’t work.

Successful salespersons don’t waste their time trying to sell trinkets to people who don’t have the money for it. Most times, they sell to people with high net worth. Additionally, those who do business with big companies tend to get high returns.

Interestingly, you don’t need a college degree to be a salesperson. People such as John Paul Dejoria and Michael Dell didn’t go through college, but they are billionaires today. All they did was sell a product. The secret is not just selling the product to your customer but empathizing with their emotion to solve their problems. The best places to work as a salesperson include mortgage loan industries, automotive, and technology.

  • Software Developer

Software developers are people who bring ideas to life. They work on various things such as design, aggregation, testing, specification, implementation, and deployment. They are quite versatile in programming languages, including Scala, Java, Python, C++, etc. 

Most companies prefer people with engineering or IT-related degree, but nowadays, that is not a requirement. You can take certification courses and become a software developer since your skill and experience speak volumes. 

If you can prove your skill and experience, the potentials are unlimited for you. You stand to enjoy considerable compensation working as a software developer.

  • Investment Banker Associate

In the financial sector, investment banking is a hot-cake with appealing jobs available for those who qualify. You have seen movies such as Trading Places, Margin Call, and The Wolf of Wall Street; these movies glamourize the profession. 

However, there can be scandals at times but becoming an investment banking associate allows you to advise companies’ executives. The advice can range from selling companies, acquiring companies, raising capital, taking companies public, and much more.

The salary is extremely high in the financial industry. You can start as an analyst before becoming an associate. As an analyst, you can earn over 100k with various benefits. Despite the lucrative nature of the job, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree. 

Furthermore, it would be best if you had other financial related degrees to boost your certificate. If you can get an MBA degree, your compensation can exceed 250k. Obviously, you can expect anything less from a huge industry that commands a lot of money. 

We live in an ever-changing high-tech world; the number of people looking for technology roles is rising. The role of a data scientist involves examining and interpreting data. These analysts process a massive amount of data from different sources and look for patterns among these data. They use these patterns to create statistical models that recount human behavior or attitude.

For instance, Amazon might use an algorithm to measure customer behavior through an online ad. These analysts will study how the ad influences the behavior of customers. From that pattern, they can decide if such an ad should be use or not.

Normally, the job role would require a Ph.D. in math or cognitive psychology. If you have such qualifications, you are a precious stone. Get your application rolling to top companies because dating platforms, banks, and data-driven businesses are looking for your services. With two years’ experience, you can earn nothing less than 200k. With that kind of amount, it doesn’t suck to be a nerd.

  • Talent Agent

Do you have the gift of discovering talent easily? Well, you have a gateway to success if you can transform that gift into something tangible. Talent agents are the heaven for athletes, actors, and musicians. These agents help negotiate contracts and get jobs for these individuals. 

The enticement and exposure of celebrities to fame is immensely appealing; don’t think you have a free ride because the job requires a lot of responsibility and time. You don’t have to get a Juris Degree to become a talent agent. However, with such a degree, you can set up an agency.

You can easily penetrate the industry if you can work as an assistant to gain the experience you need. The experience is all that matters in this job than stellar educational background.

In terms of salaries, that would depend on the company and those who you discover. If you have to nurture those you discover correctly, you can earn as many as 200k. Today, many companies are looking for people with talent in various industries. The opportunities are limitless if you possess an eye for excellence and creativity.  

  • Marketing Manager

Can you deliver an idea and get the audience to respond to you? Then you can become a marketing manager. Today, you don’t need to have a degree or nine years of experience to be a manager. Today, it is all about results. The role has become result-oriented instead of degree or experience. Because of this, a lot of marketers can earn huge amount of money.

As a marketing manager, you create and executing marketing campaigns to help increase a company’s revenue. It is not necessarily a degree-based job, but a degree can give you an edge. If you can generate results consistently and produce profitable campaigns that are cost-effective, nothing can stop you in this industry.  

  • Information Security Analyst 

Everything we do today is basically online. Our sensitive data are online, but we need someone to help keep them secure and safe. These people are known as a security analyst and help prevent online activities such as hacking, phishing emails, and internal cyber threats. Today, this job role is among the fastest role you will see. It is the new future since everything we do is virtually online.

Newer companies are working tirelessly to avoid significant data breaches that companies such as Ashley Madison, Facebook, and Wells Fargo have encountered. Most hiring managers look for people with IT-related degrees. Nevertheless, some firms overlook such enormously if you have advanced training, experience, and cybersecurity certification.

  • Petroleum Engineer

Lastly, you can become a petroleum engineer even though we see a gradual evolution in this industry. However, petroleum engineers pride themselves on their role because most countries will be trapped in old age without them. Perhaps some might not be in existence. 

If you want to be a petroleum engineer, the first step is to attend a high school and then progress to college. With this, you can get access to the best companies in the world. The salary is quite promising if you boost your career with the necessary certifications.

Bonus High Paying Job

  • Stock or Forex Trader

If you understand the stock or forex market, you can get that 200k in less than three months. When we talk about becoming a stock trader, it is not about the wolves on Wall Street. Although becoming a stock trader is lucrative, it is a high-stress environment that comes with swift decisions. 

As a stock trader, you create your financial freedom even without having a college degree. The market doesn’t require any degree. Today, millions of people are trading daily to profit; if you have concerns about losing your money, then find another job because the industry is very risky. To gain a gripe about the market, you can learn free online as numerous platforms allow stimulation mode.

Trading can be an excellent opportunity if you are looking for a better income and life. The stock market is not complex as many think. Roll your sleeve and get your hands dirty. 


It is incredibly possible to get a high paying job. It is an endless possibility because we have shown you proof that you can earn as much as $1000 per day.

Well, we won’t tell you it is going to be easy. It is not a free road through the expressway. If you want something easy, you missed your road because they are not for lazy people.

These jobs require you to be hard-working, putting in the effort, time, and experience every day. If you think that is unnecessary, your salary will be affected because everything comes with a price. Nevertheless, we have enlisted some easier ones you can start with, such as blogging and salespersons.

Furthermore, some of the jobs mentioned above don’t require any degree; but you can get some certification and training to boost your pay. Notwithstanding, if you can get a degree, it can boost your pay grade as long as you stick to your goal of getting a six-figure job. 

No matter the situation, don’t be sidelined or sit behind a desk hoping for the right job to come your way. According to Les Brown, you’ve got to be hungry. You have to create the opportunity by getting the right skills and experience needed.

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Highest Paying Non-Medical Jobs [2021]

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