Is Ryder a Good Company to Work for?

Is Ryder a Good Company to Work for?

If ‘Is Ryder a Good Company to Work for?’ is your question, then this is the article for you. Read the article to know more about it.


Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Ryder System, Inc., or Ryder, is a transportation and logistics firm based in the United States of America. 

It provides full-service leasing, maintenance, and rental as well as used vehicle sales, transportation management, professional drivers, e-commerce fulfillment, and last-mile delivery. They work in the specialization of fleet management, transportation management, and supply chain management. It was founded by James Ryder, in the year 1993 and now working with 39,900 employees. They also operate a Shared Services Center in Alpharetta, GA with about 500 employees that support FMS operations. They have 524 stores across 50 states and Puerto Rico.

In the United States, the corporation employs around 9,500 drivers, 6,300 technicians, and 25,600 hourly workers. As of December 2019, there were 39,900 full-time employees worldwide, with 38,600 in North America and 1,300 in Europe.  

Their net income is US$24.41 million along with a revenue of US$8.925 billion. 

Fleet management

The way you manage your fleet has an impact on your bottom line and can influence your future success. Ryder can assist you in determining whether leasing is the right option for your business. You receive a dependable solution with Ryder’s expert maintenance included in your truck leasing that increases your uptime to better than 95% and prevents failures. You may select where your service is performed with their truck leasing option, whether it’s at one of our service sites, on-site at your location, or through our mobile maintenance.

Supply chain management 

Ryder applies their best practices and uses them to custom design your end-to-end solution with over 85 years of experience and supporting more than 20 sectors, including automotive, industrial, aerospace, retail, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, technology, oil & gas, and metals. Unlike other supply chain providers, they also design a solution that will fit your operation rather than forcing it to fit into a generic solution.

This method will give you the most adaptable and efficient operation possible, which gives you a competitive advantage. They assign a dedicated start-up effectiveness team to work with you to ensure that your solution is up and running in 60 days thereby focusing on continuous improvement and bringing in proprietary innovative technology.

Transportation management

Nowadays, investing in logistics and supply chain management is becoming more expensive and time-consuming due to industry difficulties such as driver shortages, capacity bottlenecks, higher freight prices, regulations, and visibility. Therefore to bring a solution to this problem and to keep the business going at a lower cost, one needs the right combination of trucks, drivers, fleet maintenance, routing, technological solutions, compliance, and administrative support.

You get all of the benefits of having your fleet without the headache of managing it by choosing Ryder. With a Ryder Dedicated Transportation Solution, you can take advantage of their experience in finding highly qualified and safe drivers, whom they employ, train, and manage particularly for your company. This means you are not at the mercy of the industry’s chronic driver shortage or capacity limits.

Small business solutions

Having the backing of a large transportation and logistics company might mean the difference between getting deliveries completed on time and losing customers for a small business. Outsourcing your fleet might be your secret weapon, with tailored vehicles and predictable maintenance expenses. And Ryder would assist you with the best solution. 

Additionally, they offer: 

  • Cold-plate trucks that maintained a constant temperature of 33 degree
  • Services for preventative maintenance
  • Costs of transportation that are predictable
  • A huge corporation’s support for their tiny business


  • They had set up a multi-client facility in Perris, California, and Fort Worth, Texas, in addition to expanding an existing Ryder warehouse in Douglassville, Pennsylvania. 
  • Ryder launched RyderGyde, a commercial fleet management smartphone app, in May 2018 to help drivers and fleet managers keep track of and manage their fleets. Customers can use the app to check the state of their vehicles’ upkeep, make maintenance appointments, and compare gasoline prices in real-time.
  • With the inauguration of a new plant in Philadelphia and the addition of FDA approval for food-grade service to two more sites in Perris, California and Dallas, Texas in May 2020, the company began to extend its e-commerce network.
  • In preparation for the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Ryder took numerous initiatives to collaborate with clients to satisfy an increasing demand for warehousing and distribution of key commodities, as well as to assist the flow of goods and services needed to combat the pandemic.


  • DHL Supply Chain 
  • FLS Transportation Services
  • Grupo Mexico
  • C.H. Robinson
  • IAP Worldwide Services
  • FedEx Logistics
  • VSE Corporation
  • XPO Logistics

Whom do they hire? 

Ryder hires various categories of professional degrees to work in their workforce. They generally hire; 

1. Drivers 

2. Technician 

3. Engineers 

4. Information Technology

5. Sales

6. Logistics

7. Warehousing

8. Corporate

Reasons to choose Ryder

Here are some of the reasons behind choosing Ryder as your working destination; 

Decent work setting

They have a long history of investing in their employees by creating a collaborative team-based atmosphere that fosters career advancement at all levels and positions.

They take care of their employees’ mental health and provide endless support from peer colleagues whenever needed. 

Company culture

As a Ryder employee, you will be paid well, have plenty of home time, be treated with respect, and have a voice in the company. Long-term careers are developed, cared for, and nurtured by them. The value system and culture of the company are great and diverse. 

Growth opportunities

Working at Ryder has never been more exciting. They are dedicated to hiring exceptional people and providing them with exciting and challenging opportunities and careers. 

Forbes named Ryder one of America’s Best Employers, while rated Ryder the Most Valuable Employer for Military four years in a row.

Personal Growth

Employees get an opportunity to progress in their careers while getting a taste of the responsibility, remuneration, and learning environment that only Ryder can provide.


Thus working with Ryder would be a great opportunity for any employee. The industry’s safest and has the most dependable fleet. You can trust your supervisors and dispatchers in a team environment.

They also appreciate your hard work and dedication like Driver of the Year is a program that recognizes outstanding drivers for the working term. 

And finally, it is like a road in becoming a CDT, management, and beyond. 

Is Ryder a Good Company to Work for?

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