What is EY Signing Bonus?

EY Signing Bonus

Ernst and Young Global Limited, popularly known as EY, is one of the Big Four Accounting Firms. Founded in 1989, the UK-based company offers professional services in the financial sector. With over seven hundred office locations across 150 countries, EY has started expanding itself into the markets of accounting, human resource, and financial services consulting. Ranked as the sixth-largest privately-owned company by Forbes in 2020, the financial consulting firm in the US alone houses 312,250 employees as of 2021. Read on to find if EY offers a signing bonus.

What is a Signing Bonus?

Before getting to our question about EY signing bonus, let us understand what a signing bonus is. 

Most companies offer bonuses to the new hires once they accept the job letter. The bonus provided upon joining the company is called a signing bonus. It is a financial incentive given to the new or prospective employee to join and work for the company. While some companies process the bonus immediately, others wait for a certain period to process it. 

Signing bonuses aren’t necessarily paid in cash. Hikes in an employee’s existing salary, vacation, and several other financial benefits promised to be offered upon joining are also considered signing bonuses. 

EY Signing Bonus 

So, does EY offer signing bonuses to its new employees? The answer to this question is yes. EY does offer to join bonuses to its prospective or new employees. However, not all employees receive a signing bonus. The bonuses paid are governed by certain factors which vary with location. These factors include the prospective employee’s qualification, work experience, and geographical location. 

The standard signing bonus at EY stands between $1,000 to $5,000. Experienced candidates are most likely to receive a joining bonus of $10,000 or even more. While the standard signing bonus stands non-negotiable, experienced candidates have a chance to negotiate their joining bonus. 

Depending on the location, new hires receive their signing bonus upfront or along with their second paycheck. 

EY Employee Benefits

To ensure the well-being of its employees both at work and outside it, EY has launched a “Better You” program. Through this program, employees receive carefully curated benefits and tools to enhance their physical, social, mental, and financial well-being. Let us take a look at these benefits individually.

Physical Support

As part of the physical support, employees receive

  • High-quality health coverage
  • Gympass
  • Access to EY wellbeing-fund
  • Access to consultation of top physicians for the employees and their families free of cost
  • Pathways to Parenthood program that covers the costs of assisted reproductive technology procedures, surrogacy, or adoption
  • Pathways to Transition that offers a coverage of $25,000 to employees going through gender transition

Emotional Well-being 

As part of emotional well-being, employees and their families are entitled to the following benefits free of cost.

  • Support during significant life transitions
  • Up to 25 free consultations with a licensed mental health expert
  • Referrals to manage stress, mental health, addiction, legal and other family issues
  • Free access to meQuilibrium to help employees manage stress
  • Sleepio, a sleep improvement program that offers help to employees dealing with sleep issues

Financial Support

The financial support programs help the employees plan their future better. The benefits under this program are-

  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Pension plan
  • EY Student loan that offers solutions to pay off student debts
  • EY Navigate program to assist employees manage their finances well
  • EY Tax chat, a mobile application to help eligible employees in filing their returns  

Social Well-being

The social well-being programs are aimed to help employees stay connected with the communities. The benefits offered under this are-

  • EY professional networks, to expand and enhance personal networks
  • Access to Skill-based volunteering opportunities
  • Charitable contributions to EY Foundation matching grants, etc., for the employees to share the generosity

Pros of Working With EY

All the eligible employees at EY are rewarded from time to time. Here are some of the benefits of working with EY. 

  • Competitive Pay- EY offers competitive salaries to its employees. The base salary of each employee is externally competitive and performance-based. Employees also receive variable pay and recognition rewards for their work. 
  • Flexibility in work- EY places its employees in charge of their work schedule. The company has a flexible working pattern that allows employees to create a work schedule that best suits them. 
  • Flexible time-off- The company has a flexible vacation policy to provide a flexible work environment to its employees. The company doesn’t fix the total number of holidays an employee can take. It is entirely left at the employee’s discretion. 
  • Paternity/Maternity leave- To support new parents, EY offers 16 weeks of paid parental leave to its employees. However, only employees who completed at least one year of service are eligible for this. 
  • Training- EY provides various learning programs to help their employees reach maximum potential. 
  • Bonuses- In addition to the competitive salary, EY offers yearly bonuses to its employees. They even have performance-based bonuses, tax return advice schemes, and other generous plans.  


Depending on the prospective candidate’s geographical location, experience, and qualification, EY offers a joining bonus. While the standard bonus ranges between $1,000 to $5,000, the maximum signing bonus a new hire can receive will go up to $10,000 or even more. Apart from the competitive salary and bonuses, EY offers amazing perks and rewards for its employees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does EY pay its employees?

EY pays all its employees bi-weekly through direct deposit. 

What bonuses does EY offer?

Besides the joining and referral bonuses, EY employees receive yearly bonuses. Every year during June and July, EY has an appraisal cycle. The raise can be anywhere between 15% to 25% based on the position and performance. 

Employees who joined the company before 31st March are eligible for the June and July appraisal cycle. 

What is it like to work at EY?

The competitive pay, perks, and training and development programs make it evident that EY prioritizes the well-being of its employees. The company has a diverse and inclusive culture, flexible working options, and provides the right learning tools to bring the best version of every employee. Despite the busy workdays, EY is a fantastic place to work at. 

All in all, employees working at EY have a great support network and get many opportunities to develop and grow. 

What is EY Signing Bonus?

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