If Everything Doesn’t Turn Right, Take A Left

If Everything Doesn't Turn Right, Take A Left

If Everything Doesn’t Turn Right, Take A Left: For every unique problem, there has to be a unique solution.

Max was a high school student. He dreams of being an automobile engineer from his childhood, but he faced problems while understanding the complex formulas of mathematics and physics. Realizing his dream, max continued to focus on these subjects. Still, mathematics was something that was out of his reach, so as the classes kept on passing, Max’s grades in all of his subjects kept on declining- as he thought of studying as a burden that everyone has to take to achieve their dreams.

If Everything Doesn’t Turn Right, Take A Left

On the first day of his 10th grade class there was a new social science teacher in his class, like all the other subjects max also hated this subject, teacher sensing max’s disinterest called him to his desk and asked the reason for this behavior, max did not replied, seeing his silence his teacher said “I once had an student like you, he is an surgeon now, there is one similarity between you two, you have that same capability for hard work, but you are headed in the wrong direction, as he was, when he was at same age as you are now”, saying this his teacher asked him to go back at his place and continued with the lecture, in upcoming days max’s teacher acted very different with him, his teacher made him the class monitor in his absence, he asked him for a project in social science for their annual function, max did all what he had asked him to do, and as the days kept on passing like this, max felt more devoted to his lectures and completing his work on time, not in just social science but in every subject.

And when he received his scores on the 10th-grade final exams, he scored the highest marks in social science in his class with good marks in every subject. So, you might say to be successful, all you need is a good inspirational teacher. Still, I will save some money of yours, because what that teacher did is, showed max light to a different way of approach to studies, he showed him how exciting, even a subject like social science can be. The same thing goes with our daily life, sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a situation where we keep digging on one thing to achieve some dream of ours, but all we get as results are nothing. It is at that movement where we have to change.

What To Change?

But what exactly do we have to change? Going back to the story, Max’s initial dream was to become an automobile specialist, so he should have kept some tuitions for increasing his comfortability in mathematics and science, but he hated the concept of studying as a whole, so keeping tuitions in mathematics and science wouldn’t have solved his problem because his problem was something unique to him. For every unique problem, there has to be a unique solution. I mean to say that a solution for one person’s problem might differ from general solutions for a particular problem. But there are some times where there is no need for change, but we still do, just because we are lazy enough to bring up a task; so, while you have decided you need a change, your first step must be to know what you need to change and do you really need it. 

Why To Change?

And there are sometimes when we listen to those fake positivity videos on youtube, and we feel like we should never look back from a thing that we have started; so, I have one question for you on this, suppose you want gold, what option you would choose, buying it from a jeweler or searching for it in your backyard; you might get lucky and find something which your great grandparents had left for you, or you might end up digging a huge well. But when you can earn that gold by doing a job, you should leave it to luck. There is one fix here, too, when you from your inside believe in something, it is true never to look back. Suppose your grandmother, in her last hours, called you in and told you about her hidden treasure location, now this is the time where you have to believe in your grandma and never look back. 

When To Change?

If you haven’t noticed one thing in your life yet, let me make it clear to you “  life is all about changes,” and this is not just a statement which appears on the front page of nowadays notebook, it’s something that I think you have to understand; now, look back on the time when you were a kid, when you see yourself stuck in a problem and you prayed to god, and suddenly that problem goes away – I don’t know about you, but this happened to me a lot of times when I was a kid. Still, somehow we lose that capability as we grow up. So, even you are happy now in a particular situation. You have to grow up. You have to change. Otherwise, life will bring some automatic uncertain changes when it sees stagnant- and believe me, most of the time. You wouldn’t like those. And if you feel that there is nothing you can do about your current scenario, look around yourself. There always will be something to do, and even if you feel like an option is not powerful enough to rescue you from your situation, remember something Is always better than nothing.


So, now after reading these two passages, in summary, I have a very popular but rarely used phrase for you which says, “if everything doesn’t seem right, take a left,” and you have to remove that fear of changing direction because sometimes a zig-zag way might turn shorter than a straight road.

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If Everything Doesn’t Turn Right, Take A Left

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