How To Research A Company For An Interview?

How To Research A Company For An Interview?

Preparing for an interview is a lengthy process with many steps that a candidate must follow. One of these steps is the research you have to do on the company you will be interviewing for in the future. Here, let’s know How To Research A Company For An Interview?

Such research is essential to help you prepare yourself for your interview better and perform well. And you can use this data to prepare better for your interview and answer or ask questions with confidence.

Is Research Essential For Preparation?

Before you start researching the company you will be interviewing for, you can first try and understand why you need to do so. There are multiple reasons why you should conduct research, not only on the firm, for your interview.

Conducting such research can give you the leverage of being informed about the proceedings of the firm. Research also helps you give a better structure and direction to your answers so you can perform your best in your interview with the firm.

By using the information you have gathered in some time, you can make your answer sound more impactful to the interviewer. And you would probably get noticed more by the employer due to the time and effort you would have dedicated to the research on your part.

How Can You Get Information About A Company?

If you must get information about the firm you will be giving an interview for, then you would need trustable sources for it. And though the internet has multiple sources to get information from, not all of them are entirely reliable.

So we have made a list of some of the trusted sources of information that you can utilize while researching for your interview. And these sources would provide you with the most accurate information about the firm.

Official Company Website

The official website of the firm is the first place you should start looking for information. Since the official website is made and managed by the employees of the firm, you can find the motto of the company and other information there.

If you conduct a Google search, you will be able to find the official website of the firm and open it. There, you can look for information on the About Us page or the blog posts that they have posted.

On the official website, you can also get detailed information about the major executives in the firm and other info that you might not find elsewhere. So always begin your search from the official website and then move on to the other sources.

Official LinkedIn Profile

The LinkedIn profile of a company is another ideal place to research since the data there is also accurate. Again, similar to the company website, the LinkedIn profile of the firm is managed by the employees.

Hence, the information you would find on the LinkedIn profile would be relevant and ideal for your answers. You can browse through the LinkedIn profile of a firm to find essential details and mottos related to them.

You might not be able to find as much information as their official website has, but you can still gather ample data. Then, you can utilize the data regarding the employees and the firm to answer the interview questions.


Google and other such platforms are also ideal if you need information on a certain topic, and in this case, a firm. Of course, the information would not be half as accurate or detailed as other sources.

So you must be careful while picking out information on a firm from Google or other search engines. Try to find information from trusted sources or reliable magazines to ensure that you don’t get the wrong data.

You can also take the help of Google News to find out about the achievements and proceedings of the firm recently. If you can, try to cross-check the information with other sources to confirm that it is accurate.

Social Media

Social media is another ideal place that you can utilize to learn about some person or company. Most companies nowadays have multiple social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Through the firm’s social media accounts, you can see how the firm tends to its customers and what its public image is. Social media accounts can also display to you how much the firm invests in such ventures.

So you can gather lots of information, mostly regarding the face of the firm and the customer treatment on social media platforms. You can then use the same data to create intriguing answers to the interview questions.

Research Websites

Other than the obvious sources of information, lesser-known sources like research websites also help a lot. Some websites compile the employee experience, interview questions, and more information about firms.

Such information is extremely valuable to any candidate who will be interviewing for the same firm. So you can also get such information about a firm from one of these research or interview websites.

You can search for a firm and the interview questions and you will be able to find multiple websites. Some of these will have accurate possible questions and how to answer them, which you can use.

What All Facts Do You Require?

We have been talking about information you need to collect about the firm you are interviewing for, but what exactly does information include? There are multiple aspects that you must gather information about in a firm. 

All of these aspects together make the data that can help you ace the interview with the firm. You might not require all of these aspects and information regarding them, but it is better to be safe than sorry in such a case.

Here are some of the components that you must gather information about in the firm you are interviewing for:

The Motto Or Goal Of The Firm

The goal or the motto of the firm is an essential aspect that you must know about before entering the interview. It is not only important to ace the interview but also because you need to see if your motto and theirs match or not.

Many firms have diverse mottos that they follow and encourage their employees to follow as well. These mottos act as a directional sign that can steer the employees in the right direction and keep them motivated.

So such mottos are essential for every firm to have, and you must find out the motto of the firm you are interviewing for. Once you do, you can incorporate the motto and tell how you agree with it in work.

The Achievements Of The Firm

The awards or achievements of a firm can tell you a lot about the firm in the long run. So if you are looking for information on the firm that you are interviewing for, do not forget to search about the achievements.

And you must not only pay attention to the older achievements but also the more recent ones. It will help you sound more knowledgeable and aware in the interview, hence your chances of getting selected would undoubtedly increase.

You can easily find out such information on the official website or even in news articles on platforms like Google. Make sure that the sources you get such news from are trustable to not sound uninformed in the interview.

The Field Of Work 

The field of work and the areas that the firm explores are also relevant to the candidate to prepare for the interview. You might be interviewing for any firm in any field, so knowing your field of work is just as essential.

Knowing about the industry that you will be entering will help you gather the skill sets you need to mention. Especially for candidates who are only recently entering the industry or giving an interview, such information becomes crucial.

For example, if you are interviewing for a digital marketing firm, then you can see how the current state of the digital marketing industry is. Furthermore, you could also see where your firm stands in the industry and its presence.

The Essential Executives

The main executives or contributors to the firm are big hotshots that you must find out about. If you are entering the firm with an entry-level job, you might not even get to meet such executives. 

But still, you must gather basic information about them so that you can enter your interview prepared. If you can’t find much information about such executives, you can try and use their profiles.

Their profiles on social media and other platforms can also give you a lot of data on such executives. You can note down their contributions, specializations, and other information to use in your answers.

The Future Plans

The future goals and aims of a company are usually present in detail on the official company website. These details might not seem as important as the other ones mentioned above, but they are essential.

The future goals of a firm can help you determine if they are in line with your future goals or not. And if they are, then you would be able to understand that this firm would be the right choice for you in the long term.

Also, knowing about the plans of the firm can help you appeal to your employer in the interview itself. You can utilize the information that you have gathered on the future goals and show how you could contribute as an employee to work towards that goal.

How Can You Utilize The Gathered Data?

Once you have gathered all the possible information you could about a company, you then need to use the data in your interview. And if you are not already familiar with the interview or research process it might seem unfamiliar to you.

So there are a few steps that you can follow to incorporate this information that you have collected. Here are tricks through which you can use the data in your answers and questions in the interview:

  • Use the motto of the firm to match your values at work. If you utilize and appreciate the values and motto of the company, you can use them in your answers. So if the interviewer asks you about your values and why you want to work for the firm, you can use it.
  • Get information about your interviewer and then utilize it in your answers. You can find out who your interviewer will be and find out some information about them from the website. Then you can find ideas, mottos, or goals that you two share and impress the interviewer with your answers.
  • Use information about the company to answer tricky questions like “Why did you choose to interview for this company?” Answering this question prepared with the information you have gathered will help you answer better. It would impress the employer because you would give a detailed answer due to all the data.


A lot of effort and research goes into just preparing for an interview you have in the future. Such effort and research do help you ace the interview, but it might not be familiar to every candidate.

So if you are still unsure about how you should research the company you will be interviewing for, worry not. If you follow our tips and tricks, then you can research the firm with ease and ace your interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why must you research a firm before the interview?

You need to research the company you will be interviewing for to gather data about the firm and use it in your answers. By being aware of the motto, achievements, and other things about the company, you will be able to express yourself and impress the interviewer.

  1. Can you find information on firms on Google?

Yes, you can find information about multiple companies by searching for their name on Google. However, you can also refer to their website, LinkedIn profile, and more to gather the same information.

  1. What aspects should you look for while researching the firm?

There are so many things you must keep in mind to note while you gather data on the firm. Information like the firm’s motto, achievements, major contributions, influential people, and more is essential.

How To Research A Company For An Interview?

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