Amazon Seasonal Work from Home

Amazon Seasonal Work from Home

Many times people don’t get the time to work a full-time job. There can be a lot of reasons for that. Many college students have homework, exams, projects, etc that do not allow them to work full time during their college months. Some people love working seasonally for shorter periods. For all those people we have something called a seasonal job. It can help them earn a little extra than their regular jobs. These jobs are quite famous among women who have kids as they need to manage their families and make enough money to sustain everyone. Here, let’s know about Amazon Seasonal Work from Home.

Amazon has been able to come up with many seasonal jobs that anyone can get. These jobs are simple but require some amount of expertise to carry out. You need to work hard to get these jobs. Now with the pandemic and the lockdown Amazon has introduced another form of seasonal jobs that are completely online. You wouldn’t need to visit any place to carry out your work and can do it online with the help of your laptop and computer. These jobs are suitable for every type of person whether you are a college student who doesn’t have enough time, a mother who has kids, a father who works full time, or a grandparent, etc. Every age group can apply for the job because it doesn’t check your education but looks at your expertise.

Over here we will discuss certain seasonal work-from-home jobs that Amazon provides to others. These jobs require expertise and anyone can develop the basic skills you need to become a part of these jobs. Before getting into the list let’s first understand what seasonal work from home jobs mean, and what type of jobs are included in it.

Seasonal Work from Home Jobs

Seasonal jobs refer to the type of jobs that occur once every year and are available for a specific period only. They could be available for 1 month,3 months, or 6 months. These jobs are suitable for people who would love to develop their skills and learn new things without committing to a full-time job or a college course. This job is perfect for college students who wish to gain certain work experience but cannot handle a job and school at the same time. These types of jobs occur seasonally and thus, college students can easily do it within a period of 3 to 6 months. As the pandemic happened most jobs became online and, thus, these seasonal jobs have changed from on-site to work from home jobs. They are simple jobs that every individual with certain expertise can engage in. 


Amazon, the largest product distribution company, is widely known for its job offers and pay. They have worked towards developing a lot of newer jobs to suit the demands of the pandemic situation and most seasonal jobs developed by them are work-from-home jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home. You only need a laptop, mobile phone, and a good internet connection to carry out this job.

So now let’s get into the different jobs provided by Amazon in the seasonal work from home category and how you can get the job. 

Different Amazon Seasonal Work from Home Jobs

Amazon has a limited range of seasonal work-from-home jobs and here we have presented a list of the most popular jobs that pay quite well. The different Amazon seasonal work from home jobs available are as follows-

Amazon Remote Customer Service Associate

This job is meant for people who have good communication skills and can handle people well. This job will require you to talk with the customers and understand their grievances. You also need to solve their problems and provide them with on-point customer service, where the customers feel heard and are satisfied from the conversation. Various skills you need to possess as an amazon remote customer service associate are-

  • Communication skills- The very basic skill you need is communication skill. It is important to actively participate in the conversation, and understand what the customer is saying. After you become aware of the problem you can take effective measures to solve the problem and satisfy the customer. Apart from speaking skills you also need good listening skills to know what the customer wants to say 
  • Empathy- In this job you need to deal with people all around for which empathy is a prerequisite. Empathy doesn’t only mean showing love and affection towards others or helping others, it also means understanding others at an emotional level. A person with empathy understands emotions, and thus you need to possess empathy to become an amazon remote customer service associate.
  • Adaptability- It is an important skill that every amazon remote customer service associate needs to possess. Daily, you might encounter different types of people who have different emotions towards you. There might even be people who speak different languages. This will demand you to adapt according to the situation so the customer is satisfied with the service.

These are certain skills that you can need to possess as an amazon remote customer service associate.

Let’s understand the different responsibilities of an amazon remote customer service associate and what work they need to do. This section is important so let’s get into it-

  • Take in customer complaints- As an amazon remote customer service associate, you need to listen to the customer’s complaints and grievances to understand what is the problem and why they are unsatisfied. The problems can be very different. It could be because they got defective products, wrong products, they want to return the product, etc.
  • Information about the product- As an amazon remote customer service associate, you need to give the customers detailed information about the products they are looking for. Sometimes many customers contact customer service to ask simple basic questions like whether the product is worth it or are there any available products. You need to take them seriously and answer those questions.
  • Take orders- As an amazon remote customer service associate, you need to take in orders from different customers and keep a record of all these orders. You need to be precise and attentive to what the customer has ordered, or a wrong product would get shipped to the customer.
  • Process Returns- As an amazon remote customer service associate, you need to process all the returns of the customers. Here you need to ask them about the reason why they wish to return the product, what method of repayment would they like to choose, the address of pick up, and product details. 

These are the basic responsibilities that you need to do as an amazon remote customer service associate. 

As we know this is a seasonal job you need to work during the busy holiday season which ranges from October to January. It’s a four-month-long seasonal job and is completely work from home. Once you have committed to the job you need to do it perfectly.  

You need some qualifications to become an amazon remote customer service associate. The basic educational requirement is a high school diploma. You don’t need any higher education to get this job but you do need some experience in customer service to get this job. You should be able to speak English fluently and have an outgoing personality.

The average salary of an amazon remote customer service associate is $9 to $15 per hour. This pay can increase or decrease depending on your experience and knowledge.

Amazon Book Reader/Reviewer

Amazon hires many people worldwide to read the books. It’s a part of Amazon’s seasonal work-from-home jobs as you can do it from the comfort of your homes and don’t need anything else than a draft or copy of the book. To become an amazon book reader you need certain basic skills like- 

  • Fast reading skills- As an amazon book reviewer, you need to be good at reading because you need to finish those books and give a review about the book to Amazon. Thus, your reading speed needs to be higher than everyone else.
  • Comprehending skills- As an amazon book reviewer, you need to be good at understanding the text in the first read. You need to write down certain points about the book while reading the book and give an honest review of the book and thus you need to have good comprehending skills.
  • Patience- As an amazon book reviewer, you need to be patient while reading the book and understand the story completely. Patience will help you get to the end of the book even though it’s very boring. This will help you understand the in-depth teachings of the book and thus you can give a good review of the book.

These are certain skills that you need as a book reviewer.

An amazon book reviewer has a lot of duties and responsibilities that he needs to do. These duties include-

  • Reviewing books- As an amazon book reviewer, you need to review books every other day. This is the reason why you need to have a good reading speed. But you can take your time as it’s a literary piece that requires time and understanding to reveal its true essence. You need to review the whole book and divide whether it’s a great read for other Amazon book purchasers. This is how the books get selected for publication and are shown in other customers’ recommendation lists.
  • Take notes- As an amazon book reviewer, you need to develop a habit of taking random notes which describe the insights of the book. This habit will help you form the perfect review at the end of the book. Sometimes while reading a book you might forget certain important points that make the book stand out from other books. Thus writing this down would help you get those points in our review. This will help you do justice to the writer of the book.
  • Check for errors- As an amazon book reviewer, your job is to check errors or mistakes in the book. These mistakes can include spelling errors, sentence construction errors, the impact of the story, etc. This will help the writer understand their way of writing and can improve it. 

These are certain duties of an amazon book reviewer that they need to do every day.

An amazon book reviewer needs both a high school diploma and a Bachelor’s Degree in English. As it’s a seasonal job you might work for 3 months or 6 months. It completely depends on your experience. 

The average salary of an Amazon book reader/reviewer is $10 per hour. This salary can increase or decrease according to your experience and educational profile.

Amazon Book Narrator 

You all must have heard about a platform called ACX, which is developed for people who are fond of books and have a passion for narration. The full form of ACX is the Audiobook Creation Exchange.  Young and talented authors and writers who don’t have a lot of experience and connections can use this platform to connect with various narrators and talented people to create an audiobook version of their book. This platform is open for all and you just need to record yourself narrating an excerpt from a book and send it to the ACX team to get selected for the job. This job is completely flexible and you can do it anytime you want. The basic skills you need to become an Amazon book narrator are-

  • Good Pronunciation- As an Amazon book narrator, you need to have good pronunciation otherwise you won’t get selected for the job. Your speaking skills need to be on point and you should know how to express the various emotions included in the book. 
  • Articulation skills- As an Amazon book narrator, your articulation skills should be perfect because, if you don’t have that force and passion in your voice then the audiobook would be a flop. Thus you need to understand where you need to bring in emotions, like anger, lust, love, sadness, etc.
  • Consistency- Many times our mood changes our way of speaking and acting around people. This cannot be tolerated when you are narrating a book. The tone of narration should be consistent and bold. 
  • Character Analysis- As an Amazon book narrator, you first need to read the book to understand the characters, then only you can narrate these characters to perfection .

These were some skills that you need to become a successful Amazon book narrator.

The various duties you need to do as an Amazon book narrator are as follows

  • Narrate books- As an Amazon book narrator, your main job is to narrate books to the audience. You need to be good at understanding character emotions and keep the audiobook interesting and fun to listen to. 
  • Use different voices- As an Amazon book narrator, you may be required to mimic different character voices depending on the role of the character in the book. These skills will keep the audience engrossed in the content and want more. Thus, you might require using different voices to make the characters alive.
  • Background Research- As an Amazon book narrator, you need to do some background research about the book and understand the author’s point of view to know where you need to take the book.

These are some duties that an Amazon book narrator needs to do. Talking about the educational qualifications, to become an Amazon book narrator you don’t need any qualifications you just need to sign in through the ACX website.

The average salary of an Amazon book narrator completely depends on the amount of work they do. You can easily earn $900 per month by narrating books.

Publish on Amazon

This opportunity is great for people who have a keen interest in writing. Writing can make you money, and this job is completely flexible. To earn money by publishing you need to become an author or writer and write your book. Once you have finished your book you can partner up with Amazon to publish your book and earn your rewards. There are various skills you need to be an author. Some are as follows-  

Concertation skills- As an author, concentration is something that will help you in the long run. It’s a prerequisite to any work but if you plan on becoming an author you need a lot of concentration while writing your book and thus this skill is really important. You can develop your concentration by practicing as well.

Observation- You need to be good at observing others because this skill will help you come up with new ideas and plots for your book. Many authors out there are keen observers and get their story’s background by observing others.

Interest in Writing- As an author, you should have an interest in writing. You can start by simple writing where you focus on explaining your thoughts and then transition from there to writing a book or novel. You should develop this skill if you aren’t fond of writing at all.

These are some skills that you need to possess as an author. As an author, you need to do a lot of work and the duties can change each day. You might be a storyteller one day while the next day you might be the editor, you might become the publisher, and so on. There are different duties that an author needs to perform but the most common ones are as follows-

Develop creative concepts- As an author, you need to be creative and unique. You cannot copy someone else’s work in this field. You need to think hard and develop something unique and beautiful to read. Thus creative thinking is something you should work on which will help you develop new elements, new concepts, characters, plots for your book.

Edit the piece- As an author, after you have completed writing your book, you need to work on editing the book so it doesn’t include any errors. This will help in making your book more audience-oriented and understandable. When you edit it is important to make changes in spellings, or change basic words but never change a particular chapter altogether.

Research- As an author, research is an important thing that you need to focus on. Whenever you’re writing a normal book or even a novel, every type of book requires certain basic research. The research helps in clearing the concepts that are related to the book and you can write the book even well.

These are certain duties performed by an author.

To become an Amazon author you need to work hard and develop a copy to send it to Amazon. There are two ways you can publish your book with Amazon and earn passive income throughout your life. The two ways to publish books are as follows-

  • You can either publish your book as a Kindle which will be in the form of an e-book and is available for long hours. 
  • The other method is publishing your book in the form of a paperback. It will be a physical book and you can buy it from your nearest stores or Amazon.

Talking about educational qualifications, you don’t need any education to become a successful narrator. 

The total salary of an Amazon author is not fixed and can fluctuate according to the royalty checks they receive. They often get 70% of the royalty for a Kindle and 60% royalty for a paperback. Apart from that, an author also makes money on the number of copies they sell. When you partner up with Amazon you get unlimited publishing access that you can print forever and make money off of its sale.

These were some of Amazon’s seasonal work-from-home jobs. Amazon doesn’t have a lot of seasonal work-from-home job options but you can try for the four jobs 

mentioned above. 


All the jobs mentioned above are suitable for college students and mothers who wish to earn a little extra. They can use these jobs as a source to earn and try to sustain themselves. All the jobs above are legit and genuine and if you fall in the criteria given for the job then you apply for it. We wish you good luck with the application.

Amazon Seasonal Work from Home

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