How to Get a Job at Thumbtack?

How to Get a Job at Thumbtack?

Here we are to discuss How to Get a Job at Thumbtack?

You need a plumber for your leaking pipelines, but you also need to look for a designer for your upcoming project. The priorities are different but the urgency to complete both the tasks is at par. What would you do in such a situation, hold the design and look for a plumber to stop the leaking, or look for a designer and let your house flood? Difficult choice right. How about this, you do not have to choose about anymore and can look for both the people on the same platform. Confused! Let us make it transparent. 

All you need to do is get Thumbtack. Thumbtack is a platform that allows you to hire local contractors around you to complete your work. It has a wide range of contractors and you can easily hire plumbers, DJs to software developers on this platform. 

The best part about it is, you can work for the platform and allow people to get the necessary services. Whether you are an expert in software, business management, or product analyst, Thumbtack hires you for all the positions. Read forward and know all about the platform, the interview process, and the interview questions. 

All about Thumbtack

Thumbtack is an American online lead-generating website for small businesses and freelancers. It was founded in 2008 and is growing ever since. The masterminds behind the platform are Marco Zappacosta, Jeremy Tunnell, Jonathan Swanson, and Sander Daniels. Thumbtack works as a bridge between clients and businesses to find people according to the needs and demands of both parties. 

The platform is very extensive and helps every individual to find all the necessities they are looking for. This involves works like deriving financial projects, legal analysts, event planners, DJs, artists, and so much more. It works as an online directory that helps match all the customer base to the contractors they are looking for. 

The working of the platform is as follows: 

On the client-side

  • Initially, the client enters the details of the work they are looking for on the platform. All the details of the work are mentioned on the platform. The range of work that clients can enter here does not have any limit. For instance, they can even look for plumbers on this platform, at the same time look for software developers. 
  • Once you have entered all the details the platform provides you with a list of all the contractors that are available for the job. All the details of the contractor, such as hourly rate, working hours, and other details are mentioned. 
  • The client can choose the contractor that best suits their need and both the parties can then settle on the final terms and conditions of the work. 

For contractors on Thumbtack

  • As a contractor in Thumbtack, you would be required to create an account for the business you want to post online. 
  • Once your account is created you can add all the necessary details in the same and work on improving the reviews and ratings on the platform.

Positions you can apply for 

Thumbtack is a comprehensive platform that believes in satisfying all the needs of the customers. A constant hunger to grow in the industry and the ideology of being customer-obsessed allows it to grow further. To make a mark on the industry, the platform keenly looks forward to hiring candidates for several positions. A few positions that are mentioned on their official websites include: 


The engineering positions on Thumbtack work with developing products and entities that help them grow in the market. They ensure to use all the latest technology to best use and create an environment that will make the work of the customers easier. The candidates working for the engineering department are constantly pushed forward to develop new tools as per the requirement of the platform. 

Some jobs you can apply to in the engineering department are:

  • Engineering Director, Marketplace
  • iOS Engineer
  • Senior Engineering Manager, Marketplace Dynamics
  • Senior Engineering Manager, Pro-Growth


The Design team at Thumbtack is all set to produce effective designs that help create a customer-friendly environment for the users. The responsibilities of candidates working in this position include designing collaborative and interactive designs that help customers understand the product better and make the best use of the same in the long run. 

Some jobs you can apply to in the Design department are:

  • Design Experience Researcher
  • Experience Researcher

Product and Marketing

The product and marketing team at Thumbtack is all set to provide its customers with the necessities they ask for on the platform. The Product and Marketing department is responsible to create an effective environment by studying and analyzing the feedback of the customers along with user data. It helps them create an environment that makes the entire platform experience user-friendly. 

Some jobs you can apply to in the Product and Marketing department are:

  • Senior Accounting Manager
  • Technical Accounting & Financial Reporting Manager

Business and Operations

The Business and Operations team in Thumbtack is all set to create effective business plans that can benefit the platform in the long run. They work with formulating plans and developing financial plans that help the company best its competitors in the industry and serve the customers with quality services. 

Some jobs you can apply to in the Business Operations department are:

  • Customer Support Representative
  • Customer Support Specialist
  • Customer Support Team Manager
  • Director, Trust & Safety Support Operations


The Analytics team of Thumbtack works with developing ideas and plans for analysis of different aspects of the platform and using the results to implement positive changes to the platform. The work carried out in the department ranges into different categories and involves product analysis, marketing analysis, data analysis, and so much more. 

Some jobs you can apply to in the Analytics department are:

  • Director, Product Analytics
  • Head of Marketing Analytics
  • Senior Data Analyst

Interview Process

The interview process at Thumbtack is very easy and is divided into two categories:

  • Phone interview
  • Onsite interview

Phone interview

The phone interview is the first round of the interview process. The interviewer in this round will be a senior expert or representative from the respective team you have applied for. All the questions in the interview are present to test a candidate on their technical skills for the position they are applying for. 

To ace, the interview, make sure you are prepared with all the technical skills that are mentioned in the job description. For instance, if you are applying for the position of a software engineer, go through all the concepts of algorithms, data structure, stacks, Oops, and others. 

Tips to ace the phone interview

  • Use an apt internet connection and noise-canceling headphones to ensure that there is no disturbance in the background. 
  • Look at the platform you will be interviewing on and check for all the device requirements for the same.
  • Try to build a good conversation with the interviewer and answer every question while remaining backed up with experiences. This will surely add brownie points to your profile. 

Onsite interview

A candidate is called for an onsite interview when he or she clears the phone interview. The onsite interview is divided into 4 sections that last for about an hour each. The interview will be conducted by experts from the respective fields and a candidate will be tested on multiple skills and qualities. 

The initial 3 rounds of the interview are purely technical, and you will be responsible to complete each round within the given time limit. The 4th round is the behavioral interview round wherein a candidate will be assessed on his overall personality and the values they depict. 

Tips to ace the onsite interview

  • Understand the job description and research the core vies of the company. It will help you align your answers to the values of the company. 
  • Before you are called onsite for the interview you will have a prep call from the recruiter, make sure you clear all your doubts and ask questions that can help you in the interview.
  • Prepare a few questions that you can ask the interviewer after you have completed the interview. 
  • Dress according to a formal setup and prepare all the necessary documents to ensure that you do not miss the opportunity for a silly reason.

One thing to keep in mind here, the interview rounds can differ according to the position and the ability of the candidate. For instance, a candidate can be asked to give two phone interviews or can be directly called for an onsite interview. 

Interview questions

Technical questions

  • Suppose you have multiple bits coming from the same stream, the numbers are divided into categories of 1 to 999. Implement a class that will help you find the mean and median of the numbers that have been fed to the system?
  • Name the project tools and coding languages you are comfortable with?
  • What do you understand by verification and validation?
  • Name the methods you can use to find the size of the software product?
  • Can you give me an idea about the feasibility study?
  • Name the constraints used for system model construction? 
  • What are the metrics that you consider important when designing a system?
  • What will you use to design a tiny URL system? 
  • Name the services that you will use to implement Microservices into an e-commerce platform?
  • What do you consider the basic necessity of a recommendation system?
  • Tell me something about network protocols and proxies, and why they are important for system design?
Product and Marketing
  • Name one project in the last 5 years that received your maximum attention? What made you look through the project?
  • How would you evaluate a product that has low adoption and what would be your response?
  • What are the important factors for marketing a product, do you think quality matters over design? 
  • What makes a cross-functional product more successful than a regular product? 
  • Name how you can inform the consumers about the changes in the products or a launch of the product?
Business operations
  • What do you understand about operation management?
  • What would be your strategies for a project that requires heavy cost-cutting?
  • What do you think is the motivation for a certain position? How will you improve motivation within your team? 
  • Walk me through the steps you would use for budget planning and strategies to maintain the overall profit of the product?
  • How do you perceive the network and communication of the internal team? Give us how you can improve the structure of internal communication? 
  • If there are five floors in total, give the probability of no two passengers getting down on the same floor? 
  • How will you analyze and generate a project architecture and its description?
  • What technical skills do you possess and how much do you rate yourself in each of them?
  • Can you differentiate between MoSCow and SWOT? 
  • What do you understand about project deliverables?

Behavioral questions

Every interview for the position is incomplete without behavior questions. Ensure that you prepare well for this round. You can refer to the following questions and your answers according to your values and experiences.

  • Why Thumbtack, and why the particular position?
  • Name the project that you consider to be your greatest achievement?
  • How do you receive failure? Can you tell me an experience wherein you were not able to meet the demand of the project?
  • Tell me your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How will you handle conflicts in the team?
  • Who do you consider to be the best leader, what qualities of the leader impress you the most?

Thumbtack is a comprehensive platform, being an online platform with constant growing needs and demands, the hiring procedure here is quite strong. You can apply for positions like engineering, design, marketing, or analyst. The hiring process and the interviews are also pretty straightforward and all you need to do is understand the process. To ace the interview you can refer to the interview process section of this article.

In the end, all you need to do is sharpen your skills and practice some questions. A few questions are already mentioned above. Practice the questions, and you can ace the interview process. 

How to Get a Job at Thumbtack?

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