How to get a Job at JCPenney?

How to get a Job at JCPenney

You have dreamt of working at this amazing department store which is recognized as one of the largest chain department stores in the United States. Of course, getting employment at an institution like this, you need to be well prepared and have the right set of information to help guide you right when applying for the role. In this piece, we will guide you on applying for a job at JCPenny and ace your application. If you have sent in your application in the past, and you haven’t been successful, then you need to follow through on this piece. It is all about how to get a Job at JCPenney?

J C Penney Company international is a company in the United States considered the largest apparel and home furnishing retailer. The organization employs thousands of workers who are deemed fit for the role and can perform excellently well. The business has more than 11,000 department stores all over the nation. In addition, they provide employment opportunities at the organization’s corporate headquarter offices and several satellite offices that are being run by the business. As a job applicant at JCpenny, you need extensive information about how you can successfully apply for the job role that is vacant at the organization and ace your application. Careers at in-store retail organizations like JCPenney are quite competitive, and you must be prepared to give your best in terms of application. Meanwhile, there are various roles you can apply for to become a staff at JCPenny, which include Sales Associates, Product Consultants, Nail Technicians, and many more. 

How can you apply for jobs at JCPenney?

For the specific job role you are interested in at JCPenney, you need to apply for the role online at the organization’s website. You should ensure you input the necessary details and information required whichever job role you are applying for.

Application information

There is some information you should bear in mind when it comes to applying for jobs at JCPenny; this information would assist you in applying for the right position and guide you right. Here is the necessary information:

  • Minimum age requirement: You should be aware that the minimum age requirement at JCPenny for any job applicant is 16 years. You must be up to 18 years of age with some relevant qualifications and certifications before you can see the managerial role at Jcpenny. 
  • Hours of operation: You must indeed acquit yourself with the hours of operation as a job applicant, so you would be able to prepare yourself and know if you can meet up with the tiring hours at work. JCPenney stores open Mondays to Saturdays from 10 am to 9:30 pm and open on Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm.
  • The Method of Application: To apply at JCPenney, you need to visit the job application page on the company’s website and fill out all the required details that you are supposed to provide. 

How to apply online?

To apply for jobs at JCPenney, you need to load the application page, which is quite short and straightforward. Ensure you have your resume handy, and when you find the job role you are interested in, click on “apply now.” You can choose to apply through your Facebook profile, your LinkedIn profile, or directly through the JCPenney website. 

Create an Account

Before you can begin your application process, you have to create an account and supply all the required details. Before you can create an account on the JCPenney website, you have to enter your email address and basic contact information that is required, such as your age and other details. Once you have successfully created your account, you will be directed to another page to upload your resume or fill out the application form manually. If you have chosen to fill out the application form manually, you need to provide information about past work experience, education qualification, certification, and other required details. There would also be a section where you would supply information about your availability for the job role you are applying for. 

Job Application Tips

For a successful job application, you are supposed to have all relevant information supplied and also provide a convincing application for you to be selected for the role interview you are applying to. It is also important that you customize your resume for that role you are applying for to make you stand out among the applicant. 

You should use the general resume you have to apply for specific roles at the organization. Also, ensure that your resume carries the keyword that is mentioned in the job description. This is how you can easily make a good impression of the recruiting manager. More so, since many recruiting managers now use applicant tracking systems, you should implement relevant keywords with your job experience and ensure it is well-positioned. With this, your resume would pass excellently when accessing the ATS software. 

When you supply information about your availability in the application stage, it might be very tempting to exclude the weekend. However, it is best you include your weekend availability in the application section because the business also operates on weekends. This would increase your chances of getting hired.

Display excellent customer service skills

If you are applying for the in-store position as an individual relating to customers, you need excellent customer service skills to succeed in that role. Since JCPenney is a customer-oriented organization, your work experience section showcases your experience dealing with customers and how you handle related situations easily.

Utilize the College Career’s website

Applicants from colleges can easily take advantage of JCPenny’s college careers, where students in college can seek internships at the organization. More so, there is a trainee opportunity for both in-store and corporate careers.

You can easily be considered for opportunities that can lead to a successful career at JCPenney by just sending your educational information to the recruiting team. 

When should you follow up on your application?

Yes, you have submitted your application process, and you haven’t heard back from the recruiting team. Your effort should stop there. If the role you are applying for is a corporate job; you might want to check in with the hiring manager to know the status of your application. However, you must ensure that some weeks have passed over after your application before reaching out to the hiring manager. 

You can send a follow-up email to reiterate your interest in the position and how your qualification has presented you to be a good candidate for the advertised role. If you have applied for the in-store positions, you can visit the store you have specifically applied for online and meet the manager in charge, introduce yourself and mention that you applied online. During the interaction with the manager, state your interest in the role and the qualifications and skills you possess to bring the organization to the next level. You can also leave your phone number after you have built a rapport with the store manager. 

Positions available at JCPenney and the salary details 

There are several job positions available at JCPenney, and they are in two categories: the in-store roles and the managerial roles. However, the most common roles that employees are recruited for include the following:

Sales associates: These are the employees that interact with the customers and assist them with the required items in the store. They are required to sell the merchandise in the store.  As a sales associate, your pay is often $9 per hour plus some other target commission assigned to you by your manager. 

Stock associates: As the name implies, the stock associate performs inventory activities and restocks the shelves where limited goods are available. They are expected to have a good physique and stamina to lift heavy objects when loading items on the shelf. Just like the sales associates, your pay grade is between $9 to $10 per hour.

Loss prevention offer: Here, in another role required at Jcpenny; the individual provides adequate security measures at the store to avoid loss of items to theft, burglary, fire, and others. As a loss prevention officer, your pay is about $12 per hour.

Management Roles: To work at JCPenney as a manager, you need to demonstrate relevant qualifications and job experience you have had in the past. The management role can come as a Department Supervisors, Assistant Store Managers, and Store Managers. Department Supervisors can earn anywhere between $22K – $61K, Assistant Store Managers earn between $46K to $94K, and Store Managers can expect to earn between $57K to $119K.


As a job applicant at JCpenny, you should be ready to demonstrate any relevant experience to help you secure the job and help you outshine other candidates. More so, you should follow up with your application to know the status of the process and prepare adequately for the interview.


How long does it take to get hired at JCPenney?

Under normal circumstances, your application process plus the interview process should exceed four weeks at most. 

What would a 16-year-old do at JCPenney?

As a 16-year-old, your role could be based on receiving guests, or you can apply as a Sales Merchandise receiver. Your job description would entail providing customers with relevant information, inspecting and receiving shipments of supplies to the store.

How to get a Job at JCPenney?

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