How to get a Job at Footlocker?

How to get a job at footlocker

Here we will see how to get a Job at Footlocker?

Footlocker is American-based sportswear and footwear Retail Company founded by F. W. Woolworth and Santiago Lopez about 46 years ago in 1974 in California, United States, and headquartered in New York City, New York, US.

According to the 2017 report, The Company opened 3,129stores with almost 32,175 employees. 

Footlocker sells sportswear and footwear with its brands including Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, Runner points, Champ Sports, Footaction, and Eastbay. Richard A. Johnson is the current and first CEO of the company.

  • According to a 2020 report, Footlocker made revenue of US$8.0 billion. 
  • The operating income of the company was recorded at US$659 million (2020).
  • The net income of the company was recorded at US$491 million (2020). 
  • The total assets of Footlocker were recorded at US$ 6.6 Billion (2020).
  • The total equity of Footlocker was recorded at US$ 2.519 billion (2017).

Type: Public

Industry: Clothing & Footwear

Area served: Worldwide

Predecessor: F. W. Woolworth Company


Career at Footlocker

Let us see some facts about Footlocker, like Jobs requirements and career information.

Footlocker is an American-based footwear company with more than 3000 stores (2017). This company offers employment opportunities for dedicated and enthusiastic candidates.  An Entry-level job at Footlocker could be the best option for job seekers to earn and build careers. 

Age limit to get a job at Footlocker

If you want to work at Footlocker, the minimum age should be 18 years.

A working hour at Footlocker

 Associates of Footlocker work for 10 to 11 hours a day, apart from weekends. The company operates for a full seven days a week. 

Monday-Saturday: 10:00 am-9:00 pm

Sunday: 11:00 am-6:00 pm

The time involved in getting hired at Footlocker

It takes around a week to get hired at Footlocker.

Drug Test at Footlocker

No, the applicants do not go through any drug test during the hiring process at Footlocker.

How to apply at Footlocker?

Footlocker offers both online and offline options for the applicants to apply. 

Dress code at Footlocker

Associates of Footlocker have casual attire. 

But they should follow some rules. 

  • Collared white shirt 
  • Black Pants 
  • Slacks (women)
  • Footlocker’s Shoe 


  • Good communicator
  • They must be optimistic and self-motivated. 
  • Should know to build strategies and ideas to sell and promote the products.
  • Multi-talented and Teamwork spirit 
  • Flexible and Passionate about their work.
  • Must be friendly 

Available Positions at Footlocker

There are some job positions where the candidates can apply according to their desire. Some of the job positions available at Footlocker are: 

They are   Cashier, Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Customer Service Representative, Sales associates, Warehouse associates. 

Job opportunities at Footlocker

A company provides job opportunities across the United States.  The company offers retailer, distribution, and management positions for the candidates to apply. 

 There are more than 3000 locations that operate all over the United States. Most of the positions at Footlocker allow only part-time working roles.  Prior experience in retail and management increases the chance for applicants to be hired at Footlocker.

Entry-level positions including, cashiers, clerks, warehouse workers, are the most available job positions at the ampm convenience stores. Entry-level positions including, cashiers, clerks, distributors, are the most available job positions at the store.  If you want to work as an entry-level employee in the store, you do not require any high-level qualifications, but you need specific skills and be 18 years or above. The store offers a part-time role to the Entry-level associates. 

Positions like hiring personnel, management, corporate office need special training, experience, and certifications.  The store provides both part-time and full-time employment roles for these positions. New employees enjoy paid training offered by Footlocker Company. 

Footlocker popular position 

 Some of the job positions are given below, have a look at their description, responsibilities, and salary. 

1- Customer service associates: Their responsibility is to manage customers in the store. Customer service Associates interact directly with the customers to resolve their issues. Employees need to be good in communication, strength for standing all day long, problem-solving Footlocker pays $10.00 or $11.00 per hour for this position.  

2- Sales Associate: Their responsibility at Footlocker is to find customers for their company’s product. They oversee and interact with both employees and customers to build a good relationship and friendly environment in the store. The sales consultant is hired based on education level, certificates, experience, and skills. The pay of a sales associate at Footlocker is between $11.00 an hour. 

3- Assistant Manager: They are responsible for assisting the employees and supervising their work in Footlocker. They oversee the day-to-day work, manage payroll, interview, and report to the store manager.  Applicants who apply for this particular job need a high school diploma, experience, and certifications to get hired.  Footlocker pays between $20k to $30k to its assistant manager. 

4- Management – They are responsible for strategizing, coordinating, and supervising the work of the store or gas station. This job position in the company requires high qualifications and experience in management and customer service. They must have leadership skills to manage the store, employees, and customers. The management team employees get high pay at Footlocker. 

Foot Locker Job Application

Candidates can fill in the form by searching and visiting the official website of the company. The below-given steps will guide you to get a job at Footlocker.  


1- Step 1: Go to Footlocker’s official website or click on the career option

2- Step 2: Search your desired job title like a store, warehouse, pharmacy, or corporate and click the job link to proceed further in the application.

3- Step 3:  Enter the keyword in or location in the search box (outlined in red). 

4- Step 4: Scroll down the result page, select the desired job.

5- Step 5: Click on the selected desired job title for processing in the process.

6- Step 6: Clicking on the job title link will open the job description page. Review the description (The description page tells you about the particular job, responsibilities, and requirements)

Then press the APPLY button to proceed with the process. (Outlined with red).

7- Step 7: They ask you to create a new profile. You can either create a profile with your social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google account or filling the online form. 

8- Step 8: Upload your resume/ CV, cover letter and Fill in the first section of the page by submitting

  • First name (Legal)
  • Last name (Legal)
  • Login name
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Confirm email address
  • Contact number
  • Address
  • City
  • Country
  • Zip Code
  • SNN (last four digits)

9- Step 9: Submit your education details

  • College/university
  • School 
  • The highest level of education achieved

10- Step 10: Fill in the details about the job history 

  • Employer name
  • Start and end date
  • Job position held
  • Responsibilities of the position
  • Reason for leaving the job
  • Current compensation
  • Preferred compensation

-Step 11: Fill in the availability section (weekly/daily)

-Step 12: Select the preferred language you speak or read from the options. 

-Step13: Read and agree to the terms & conditions button then, press the SUBMIT PROFILE button. 

11- Step 11: Submit the required details for the remaining sections. 

 After filling in all the information, SUBMIT the form to end the process. 

Tips for applying at Footlocker

  • Applicants can fill the form either online or in-personal
  • Footlocker offers a straightforward step for the applicants to process the application form. 
  • The company selects motivated, multitasking, and customer-oriented candidates. 
  • Make a simple, catchy but professional Resume/CV.
  • Mention all the previous working experience in retail. 
  • Showcase your skills and ability to work with the customers.

Application status

  • The hiring process takes around a week.
  • You may call them via phone call or email for the application status check. 
  • If management does not contact you after a week, then visit onsite. 
  • Visiting by sitting in person may increase your chance of getting hired. 
  • They will contact you for confirmation either by direct phone call or email. 
  • Candidates should wisely choose the scheduling time to visit the nearest store. 

Tips before going for an interview

  • The candidates go through 1:1 interviews with the HR Team and store manager.
  • The applicants encounter questions regarding the skills required for the particular job. 
  • Dress accordingly during the interview may increase your chance of getting hired. 
  • The interview mostly lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. 

Benefits and perks at Footlocker

Footlocker employees earn numerous benefits and perks offered by the company. The list given below is the benefits that employees of Footlocker receive. 

 1- Health and wellness 

  • Onsight health care check-up
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance

2- Financial benefits

  • 401K plan
  • Bonus pay
  • Retirement plans

3- Leave benefits

  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Paid Vacations

4- Others

  • Meal discount

 How much does Footlocker pay its employees? 

The average salary of Footlocker employees is $51,358 per year, which means $24.69 an hour. 

The highest-paid income of the employees in the company is $141,311 of a Store Manager.

The lowest-paid income of the employee in the company is $27,714 for an In-stock Associates.

Employees at Footlocker with different job roles earn different salaries, such as retailer and warehouse earns $73,874 and $29,737, respectively. 

The salary of an employee of Footlocker also depends upon the different locations. The New York, NY, employees earned the highest pay. The employees of Junction City, KS, get the lowest salary in comparison to other place employees. 

Salary of Footlocker by job titles

Let us see some of the popular job titles at Footlocker, showing some of the highest and the lowest salary range. 

  • Store Manager: $141,311
  • Sales Leader- $101,662
  • Assistant Manager- $87,726
  • Visual Merchandiser- $67,394
  • Sales Associate- $36,996
  • Key Holder- $33,598
  • Shift Leader- $30,860
  • Warehouse Worker- $30,572
  • Material Handler- $30,242
  • Cashier- $29,071
  • Stocker- $28,736
  • Customer Service Representative- $28,627
  • In-Stock Associate- $27,714

Footlocker salary by location

 The salary of an employee of Footlocker also depends upon the different locations. The New York, NY, employees earned the highest pay. The employees of Junction City, KS, get the lowest salary in comparison to other place employees. 

  • New York, NY- $53,359
  • Mill Creek, WA- $46,165
  • Camp Hill, PA- $44,137
  • Bradenton, FL- $38,948
  • Broomfield, CO- $38,725
  • Wausau, WI- $37,745
  • Chicago, IL- $37,340
  • Junction City, KS- $31,810

Footlocker salary by department

Employees with particular job titles at different departments earn different salaries, Such as the department of retailer gets the highest salary of $73,874, whereas customer service employees get paid less than $28,942 a year. 

  • Retail- $73,874
  • Sales- $39,560
  • Supply Chain- $30,467
  • Warehouse- $29,737
  • Customer Service- $28,942

Footlocker competitor’s salary

Foot Locker is a Popular footlocker company, so it’s normal if it has rivalries. Some of the rival companies of the company are Nike, Ann, GameStop, and many others.  The pay at Nike is comparably higher than other rival companies. 

Let us see some of the competitor companies with their employees’ average salaries.

1- Nike

Stars: 4.9

Average salary: $52,267

2- Advance Auto Parts

Stars: 4.4

Average salary: $50,029

3- Ann

Stars: 4.2

Average salary: $41,940

4- GameStop

Stars: 4.6

Average salary: $39,779

5- Chico’s FAS

Stars: 4.4

Average salary: $41,113

6- Loft

Stars: 3.9

Average salary: $36,770


Stars: 4.6

Average salary: $35,222

8-Dick’s Sporting Goods

Stars: 4.4

Average salary: $33,176

The demographic background of Footlocker

The diversity ratio of the company is measured based on various factors, including ethnic background, language skills, and gender identity. The company has Great retention staff members which are usually 3.3 years.                                                                                                                                        

Frequently asked questions

1- Is there any dress code for the interview at Footlocker? 

A- Associates of Footlocker have casual attire. 

But they should follow some rules. 

  • Collared white shirt 
  • Black Pants 
  • Slacks (women)
  • Footlocker’s Shoe 

2- How much does Footlocker pay its employees on average?

A- The average salary of Footlocker employees is $51,358 per year, which means $24.69 an hour. 

3- Do Footlocker do a drug test?

A- No, the company does not conduct a drug test. 

4- When was Footlocker founded? 

A- Footlocker was founded in 1974, 46 years ago in California, United States. 

5- What is the total net income of the company, Footlocker?

A- US$491 million is the net income of the company, Footlocker. 

6- Total number of locations of Footlocker?

A- Footlocker opened in 3,129 locations (2017). 

7- Current headquarter of Footlocker?

A- New York City, New York, US. is the headquarters of Footlocker.

8- What is the working hour at Footlocker?

A- Associates of Footlocker work for 10 to 11 hours a day, apart from weekends. The company operates for a full seven days a week. 

  • Monday-Saturday: 10:00 am-9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am-6:00 pm

9- Which type of industry is Footlocker?

A- Footlocker is a clothing and footwear industry.

10- What is the official website of Footlocker?


11- Who founded the company, Footlocker?

  1. F. W. Woolworth
How to get a Job at Footlocker?

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