When Do Seasonal Jobs Start?- And When to Apply?

When Do Seasonal Jobs Start?

Experienced and inexperienced workers prefer to apply for seasonal jobs and posts since they are more abundant. Such jobs only surface during a particular time and give employment to people for that time only. Here, let’s know When Do Seasonal Jobs Start?

Such job opportunities are perfect for students or people looking for temporary employment. But searching for these opportunities can be a tedious task for anyone. So to make the search easier for you, we have sorted out the timings for popular seasonal jobs.

What Are the Benefits?

Seasonal jobs are, as the name states, seasonal working opportunities. These jobs surface due to an increased demand for workers. During the holidays, more people come out of their houses to shop for celebrations.

Hence, the need for workers is higher than usual. It is the perfect timing for any worker to gain a job. And for students who want to gain some work experience and earn some money, these opportunities are ideal.

There are so many reasons why these jobs are perfect for workers. 

  • Firstly, these jobs are usually for a short period and can be done during the holidays. They are not long-term commitments so even busier people can go for these jobs in their free time.
  • Second, these jobs do not require any special skills from the employee. Most of the job openings in holiday seasons are for customer care workers. You would probably need to work as a cashier or at the store assisting customers. You only need a bright personality and basic transaction skills for this.
  • Thirdly, they are a great way to earn some extra money. If you want to purchase an item you love or even save for the future, you need money. But instead of relying on anyone else, you can earn a lot of money through a seasonal job.

There are many more benefits of seasonal jobs but these are the ones that make it most attractive. They help students get motivated and work in the holiday season and make some extra bucks.

Are Seasonal Jobs Ideal?

Yes, seasonal jobs are ideal for workers of all kinds. Seasonal jobs are essentially temporary jobs that go on for a short period. Since they are shorter than usual jobs, more people can apply for them.

For many people, the holiday season is the time when they can spare time from their usually busy schedules and utilize it. And what better way is there to utilize such time than to spend it working.

It helps the worker gain work experience while making a decent amount of money. Holidays are times when most people remain without work and relax, but for that exact reason, many people can find work, especially students.

Is There a Specific Timing for Seasonal Jobs?

Technically, there is no specific timing for seasonal jobs. Though seasonal jobs are mostly related to the year-end holiday season, many other jobs are available at other timings. You can find seasonal jobs of different kinds in different seasons.

For example, take jobs like a camp instructor, pool lifeguard, etc. These jobs are also seasonal but they are not for the winter season. So you can technically find such jobs at any point in time.

The only difference is that your search for seasonal jobs might be more fruitful in the later months. Since that time is when all of America celebrates multiple holidays close to each other. It is a time to spend with family and get gifts.

In such timing, most stores need more cashiers and customer assistants to meet the demands. The rush during holidays is no joke and if only regular employees handle it, many customers will get left unattended.

Here is where seasonal workers come in and assist the regular workers. This eases the workload and makes working more efficient. So you could constantly look for seasonal jobs, but the best timing for the search would be from fall end to winter.

When Should You Apply?

The general season for seasonal jobs is from September to January. In the USA, this is the time when most job opportunities open up for workers due to higher rush at stores. However, there are also short periods that have the most rush, and many cashiers and store workers get hired. 

These are usually during significant holidays when lots of people visit the market to shop. So you are most likely to get selected in this time frame more than any other. It is also a time where you would be free so it fits perfectly.

Here are some holidays to search for seasonal job opportunities during:


Thanksgiving season is one of the best timings to start looking for seasonal jobs around you. In the Thanksgiving season, the rush in stores increases, and consequently companies hire more employees to meet the requirements.

You can look in your local stores for jobs or even search online for seasonal opportunities. Apart from cashier and customer assistant positions, there are other jobs like delivery workers, sales assistants, etc. 

You can apply for any of these posts and any other posts available near Thanksgiving in your city or neighborhood.


Easter is a holiday all of us remember as children due to its unique nature. Who didn’t adore playing with friends and going on an Easter egg hunt? Looking for colorful hidden eggs was one of the best parts of the vacation.

During Easter, toy shops and chocolate or grocery shops face extreme rush. The holiday demands many gifts and toys prepared for children, so parents often go looking for such gifts. In such times, cashier positions are readily available in most stores.

You can start your job search a few days or even weeks before Easter and look for a job opening. Try to target stores that sell items relating to kids since they would most likely have the perfect seasonal job for you.


Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year and stores face heavy crowds during Halloween. When you think of Halloween, you might think it is a holiday just for children, but it is not so.

Even adults love Halloween to celebrate and enjoy some quality time. Decorating your houses and buying candy for the neighborhood kids is one of the dearest traditions. A lot of people go to the store to purchase such items and the rush is overwhelming.

At such timings, you can find numerous job opportunities in the stores around you.


Christmas is arguably the most popular holiday in the US since it is a time when families get together to celebrate. The scale of Christmas is greater than any other holiday and even people who are not enthusiastic about other holidays celebrate Christmas dearly.

It also makes Christmas a busy time for most stores. So the job search would probably be the easiest in this time frame. At this time, you can get various jobs ranging from desk work to serving and accounting.

There is something for everyone in terms of seasonal jobs near Christmas. You should begin your search well before Christmas to secure a good job, though.

New Years

Another one of the most popular holiday timings is the New Year. Most people have a short break during New Year and utilize the time to celebrate with family and friends. At such times, restaurants and stores are filled with customers.

You can find customer-assistance-related jobs easily during New Year. Since the rush is so high and people celebrate through the day and night, you are more likely to find wider shift hours for work.

When you begin searching for Christmas jobs, you can look for New Year’s openings side by side and find a seasonal job you like.


Seasonal jobs are abundant if you search for them at the right time. When the holiday season approaches, many jobs appear due to the increase in demand. So it is a time when many people can find short-term employment.

You can begin your search for such jobs usually at the retreat of fall, but again, it varies. There are multiple timings in which you must apply for such jobs. Consequently, you would be able to obtain a job in the holiday season.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I wait till winter for seasonal jobs?

Although most seasonal jobs are frequently in the winter holiday season, many other jobs are also present for summer. You need to do some research and can easily find summer or spring jobs too.

  1. Can I apply for seasonal jobs all around the year?

Yes, you can find some seasonal jobs at all points of time. But the seasons or timing only determine how many jobs there will be. While you might have a hard time finding a job in spring, you would find one easily in winter.

  1. Are Christmas seasonal jobs ideal for workers?

The Christmas season is one of the best seasons for workers since the jobs and employment opportunities are at an all-time high. The time is also free for students so they can gain work experience too.

When Do Seasonal Jobs Start?- And When to Apply?

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