How To Get A Job At Fidelity?

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Introduction To Fidelity

Fidelity International is held privately and has been thinking of generationally investing for the long term. It is purpose-driven with an investing experience of over 50 years. The CEO of Fidelity is Anne Richards. Today’s topic- How To Get A Job At Fidelity?

Its main motive is to offer investment solutions, retirement expertise, and services to customers globally. Thus, it plans for a better financial future.

The advisers, individuals, and employers can get the following benefits:

  • Pension guidance.
  • Access to administration services.
  • Access to third-party solutions.
  • Access to better investment choices.

It operates in more than 25 locations. These include different parts of Bermuda, India, Asia, and the Pacific, Continental Europe, the UK, and Ireland.

Their clients include:

  • The large corporates.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Central banks.
  • Sovereign wealth funds.
  • Personal individuals.

Let’s find How To Get A Job At Fidelity.

Selection Process: Early Careers

It offers various student placements, programs, and apprenticeships for those who wish to start or boost their career.

Questions will be asked to underline their potentials and personalities. The applicants are expected to be well-rounded. Just numerical capabilities won’t work here.

Following are the phases the applicants have to go through:

  1. Online Assessments
  • The candidate has to complete the assessments within five days or less if the candidate applies just before the deadline of their application.
  • An application form has to be submitted, online assessments have to be completed, and the video interview has to be done before the deadline.
  • The candidates should maintain a greater concentration level over a shorter period during the completion of the online assessments. The environment should be chosen in such a way that it boosts the concentration level of the candidate.
  • However, taking a break is allowed. The online assessments are not time-bound.
  1. Assessment Centres
  • Preparation makes the candidate feel more relaxed. This will strengthen them to face the assessors of the Fidelity while appearing for an interview.
  • The candidate has to be positive regarding the role of working in Fidelity.
  • The candidate is also expected to show positivity and passion on the day.
  • The day will also include an interview. Thus, strong examples should be present in the minds of the candidates.
  1. Group Exercises
  • Each candidate has to play his/her role in the group. Fidelity is interested in seeing how each candidate freely expresses his/her ideas in the group. The group has to conclude.
  • Time management is needed as the candidates have to provide regular updates to ensure the completion of the exercise in the given time. Thus, they should look at the clock carefully and manage time.
  • No applicant should try to be the loudest one as shared success gets prioritized here.
  1. Business Assessment
  • Problem-solving skills and thought processes can be understood through case studies.
  • Every candidate will be asked to read, understand, and summarize a great amount of information within a short period before making the recommendations.
  • The response has to be structured. It should begin with the headlines of the key findings and then dive deep into the details to support the logic.
  • Though recruiters may have a model answer for reference, it’s expected for every candidate to present unique views.
  1. Video Interviews
  1. Preparation

Preparation is a must but, over-preparation has to be avoided because a calm and positive applicant provides comparatively better responses. It is a strength-based interview where an applicant has to focus on articulating his/her professional, academic, or extracurricular experiences.

The candidates are advised to record themselves speaking about the things they enjoy and then watch this video to check the body language.

  1. Don’t Forget The Technology

Video interviews enable the candidates to provide a strong first impression. Thus, a poor internet connection and an outdated media player should be kept away. Relevant applications and software should be already installed in the system before the interview.

  1. Set-Up

In the case of a video interview, the environment can be controlled and comfort can be ensured. For that, the background noise should be minimized, the lighting should be good, and the candidate should be dressed properly and comfortably according to the formal interview.

Selection Process: Professionals

All levels of experience can be fruitful to enhance business outcomes.

  1. Searching

This is the first step towards a career in Fidelity. To find the right role, the candidates will have to search and filter the job according to the type (full-time or part-time), departments, and location.

  1. Applying Online

After finding the required job, an online application has to be done for the same. The candidates have to simply create a secure candidate account and then upload the CV. The application can be personalized by including a cover letter. The candidate should also mention why is the role for him/her.

  1. The Process Of Assessment

Fidelity’s skilled recruiters will review the CVs of the candidates. Relevant skills and experiences that an applicant must have to work for Fidelity will be considered by them. If questions arise, before sharing the CV with the hiring manager, they may call the candidate to talk about the candidate’s experience.

The recruitment team may also think that a particular candidate is suitable for another role. But they will inform the candidate about the same. If they think that a candidate suits the role well, they will remain in touch to let the candidate meet them.

If Fidelity assumes that a candidate is cheerful to think of working with Fidelity, he/she will be kept on their talent bank. Fidelity’s website has to be checked regularly as new jobs are being added to their website daily.

  1. The Interview Process
  • This journey is honest and transparent. Both the candidate as well as Fidelity will get to know each other through this process.
  • It is recommended for the candidates to take enough time to think about the examples of achievements and experience according to the roles. This will be a great opportunity for the candidates to enjoy the interviews and recollect all their achievements throughout their careers.
  • Interviews here generally consist of three stages:
  • An interview will be conducted with the Vacancy Hiring Manager.
  • An interview will be conducted with a senior leader and a related business stakeholder depending on the role.
  • An HR interview.
  • A mixture of behavioral competency and technical questions will be asked so that the candidate can explain his/her educational background, professional background, point of view, and expertise. Some things the recruiters would like to know are the skills and experience of the candidate, what keeps them happy at their work, career plan, and how Fidelity can help them to fulfill those plans.
  • The candidates can ask the recruiters anything they like in the interview as a chance to set up an honest relationship.
  • The employers are committed to providing equal opportunities to all the employees and candidates.

Feedback Of The Interview

They will make sure that they take out some time to inform the candidates about their selection or rejection. If a candidate seems to be suitable for another role, they will let the candidate know that too.

  1. The Offer Process

They will take time to take the candidate through all the attributes that make the benefits package and reward.

  1. The Contract

After informing the candidate about his/her offer verbally, an offer letter and a contract will be prepared for the same. After informing about the offer verbally, this process will take less than a couple of days. Those documents will be sent to the candidate’s private email through DocuSign.

  1. Pre-employment screening

Pre-employment vetting is managed by an expert in-company team with the help of the external partners of Fidelity. It has to care for the business and customers. It should have a fair and reasonable verification process. The screening process should be conducted seriously as the candidates are chosen should have a high-level honesty and integrity. The screening process varies according to the location, seniority, and whether a role should go through boosted regulatory checks.

  1. The Onboarding Process

The candidate’s arrival will be planned by his/her manager. The candidate will have to go through various compulsory onboarding tasks and new helpful people.

  1. Feedback

A candidate may be asked for feedback that doesn’t rely upon the outcome of the interview.


The process of getting a job at Fidelity is simple. But being worth of getting a job there is a challenge. The job culture here is supportive, flexible, and welcoming. It considers the people as an important role in making Fidelity. Thus, the employees have to be chosen accordingly with great care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a candidate move internally within Fidelity after joining?


Yes. Fidelity offers a long-term career path. The candidates can thus identify their strengths, and explore new options for their next move.

  1. What Types Of Contracts do Candidates Receive?


 The type of contract depends on the program selected.

  • A 2-year fixed-term contract for the apprentices.
  • A fixed-term contract of 10 to 12 weeks for the interns.
  • A fixed-term contract of 12 months for the industrial placements.
  • A permanent employment contract for the graduates.
  1. What Offices Of Fidelity Hire Graduates?


Early career programs take place at the following locations:

  • Toronto (Canada).
  • Dublin (Ireland).
  • Mumbai, Noida, and Gurgaon (India).
  • Germany and Italy (Continental Europe).
  • Singapore, Shanghai, Korea, Japan, Dalian, Taiwan, Hong Kong (Asia Pacific).
  1. Is There A Women’s Network In Fidelity?


Yes. A regional Gender Group raises awareness and promotes gender balance.

  1. Does Fidelity Have An LGBTQ+ Network?


LGBT+ is one of the four inclusion and core Diversity strands of Fidelity. It has a global LGBT+ network to increase employee engagement and awareness. This supports the Executives and the Board of Directors in LGBT+ matters.

How To Get A Job At Fidelity?

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