How to say Thank you When Someone Congrats?

How to say Thank you When Someone Congrats?

Did you just fumble in front of your crush? Or is it an important situation? If you want to be sure of what you want to say and how you want to say, you can take our assistance full of fun examples and creative metaphors based entirely on life events. So, are you ready? Let’s know How to say Thank you When Someone Congrats?

Why is it important to say Thank you differently?

Even if you feel like a great and fluent speaker of the language or see yourself as an articulate person, there are still times when you want to express emotions but cannot find the correct words to do so. It can be quite frustrating when you experience an obstacle or a barrier between your flood of emotions and your tongue.

Many times, you manage to overcome such a situation by doing a good job by saying the same, old redundant words again and again. It makes all of us worry as to whether they might be judging our vocabulary or communication skills. If you tend to categorize yourself as a socially awkward person, you may spend hours relating to the memes on social media about socially awkward individuals. But if you want to do something about such incidents, then this article is for you. Let us explore what all can be done.

How to say Thank you for Congratulations on social media?

Typing things on social media is perceived to be simpler when compared to saying it in person. Some introverts tend to hide behind their screens and prefer texting over calling or meeting people. But, this perception is wrong. Though there are several benefits of texting online, there is an equal number of challenges associated with it too.

You need to decide whether to add the emoticon at the end of the phrase or not. And if you decide to add, then there comes the question of which emoticon to add to it. You might also be confused about whether to use short forms, slang, or not. Then, there are confusions about the terms to be used.

  1. Replying to anyone from your office

If your seniors, colleagues, or employer congratulates you, then you should not take the entire credit. If it is someone from your office, then you can emphasize the teamwork, thank them for how they have supported you through the process and helped you achieve it among other similar sweet things full of respect.

You can also give all your credits to the luck factor. You need to make sure that you maintain a formal tone of the reply and do not cross your boundaries of professionalism. It is not recommended to use short forms or slang. You need to be very thoughtful when choosing emoticons as well. It may be time-consuming to reply to these work messages. But you need to take as much of the time that you require because it can reflect on your performance rating or the treatment that you get from your colleagues and teammates.

Some of the examples include:-

  • It wouldn’t have been possible without your support. 
  • I am just lucky to have had your guidance all along. 
  • What am I without a teammate like you?
  1. Replying to friends 

You can be friendly, humorous, and sarcastic here. You are not required to think a lot about it. You can easily reply to your friends unlike those from your office. It is easier because you are close to them and they understand you way better, allowing you to be yourself.

Moreover, you need not maintain the boundaries of professionalism with them. It is not as time-consuming and less of a headache. You can use their nicknames. You can also use short forms or slang as well as emoticons. You can just be yourself. You can customize these messages as per your bond with the person. Recollecting old memories will be a good nostalgic moment for both of you.

Examples of sarcastic replies include:-

  • I always knew that I was better than you. (smirk emoticon)
  • You are not working hard enough anyway, so someone has to do the needful. (shrugging shoulder emoticon)
  • Yes, Yes, I know that I am the best. (laughing emoticon)

Examples of friendly replies include:-

  • Your wishes mean the world to me. (smiling emoticon)
  • It was not possible without your constant motivational messages every morning. (bouquet emoticon)
  • Thanks to you, for always being there for me. (heart emoticon)

Examples of humorous replies include:-

  • Finally, I can be a procrastinator again. (laughing emoticon)
  • Well, now, I know that you are shocked but I was never that stupid as you guys made me sound! (laughing emoticon)
  • Oh, look, how blessed am I to receive the comment/message of this busy person! (smirk emoticon)
  1. Replying to competitors

While replying to your competitors, you need to proudly yet gracefully take the credit for everything that you have done to achieve it. You need to make sure that you don’t boast but you also need to be confident about yourselves. You have to maintain this balance.

Further, as a professional, you should not be sarcastic or do trash talk. If you bicker like kids in the comment section of any social media platform, people are going to judge you. You should not let your image be stained just because of some competitor. You have already proved yourself by doing the work. So, there is no need to use the words as weapons. It is always better to use your actions as your tools.

Examples of confident yet humble replies to competitors include:-

  • It wasn’t easy but when the techniques are clear, we all can do our best. 
  • Balancing work and health is difficult but I tend to give my best. 
  • I tried and failed a couple of times but now that I am here, it feels good. 
  1. Replying to relatives and elders

You can be informal with your parents, relatives, and the elderly but you also need to be respectful. You need to ensure that you are not sarcastic or humorous. You are required to make every effort that you don’t hurt their emotions. You may have some nosy relatives. But you cannot afford to spill the hatred in your replies. You just need to control it all within.

Some examples include:-

  • Thank you for your kind words. 
  • I can’t thank you enough for your niceness and kindness.
  • Oh, that is just so sweet of you, so grateful to you. 

When it comes to your parents, you can be more personal with them. You can be informal and free-flowing with them. 

Ways of replying to your parents include:- 

  • I couldn’t be here without your love and care.
  • You have always been my role model, so here I am! 
  • So grateful to have such supportive parents. 

How to say Thank you for Congratulations on Facebook?

You might be receiving a lot of messages, comments of congratulations on Facebook. So, it is recommended to simply write a post thanking everyone. It will be very tiring and time-consuming to reply to each and every comment and message. So, in the gratitude post, you can write about how you are thankful, happy, and overwhelmed to receive so many blessings, kind words, and messages.

Then, you can also apologize for being unable to replay each and every one of them personally due to your busy schedule and time constraints that come with it. You can add tips and secrets to your success. Thanking your parents, friends, and colleagues in this post by tagging them will be a very heartwarming gesture.

If you are not very close to your colleagues, you can simply tag your family and friends. You can write a gratitude post in a similar manner on Linkedin where you tag all your office mates and seniors. But make sure that the tone of the message is formal and it is relatively short. It should not include your tips for success. You can also tag your company. In the formal post, you can add about the values and skills that you learned there.

How to say Thank you without being awkward?

It is very difficult for the tech-savvy generation to interact with someone in person. While they are trying to battle their awkwardness, there is also the pressure of replying in a correct tone, manner, with right body posture and facial expressions along with other bodily gestures.

The technique is to not feel the pressure at all. When you think and plan a lot, you are more likely to be highly conscious about yourself. And that is what will lead you all to fumble and say wrong words at the wrong moments. The other person will easily understand that you are worried and have low self-confidence. And this might not be very great for your image and reputation.

When you have job-relevant skills, communication skills are expected out of you. They are considered to be very important and basic. So, you can just smile confidently while maintaining eye contact with them. When you are confident, you can always take a minute to think before you say anything to them.


These are only some of the ways to say Thank you for Congratulations but your imagination can go beyond. All you need to do is be alert and mindful of what you do and say. When you are relaxed and confident, you are less likely to make blunders. There are options for deleting a comment on most of the social media platforms, so don’t worry. You can also customize the given examples as per your requirements. You can use your creativity and research capacity to devise better ways of communication. Haven’t you chosen your favorite way of responding to people’s Congratulations messages?

How to say Thank you When Someone Congrats?

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