H&E Careers -Complete Guide

H&E is a company which provide services of various equipments even on rent basis which makes it special from other companies. It is one of the fastest growing companies which located worldwide across 100 countries and its main Headquarter it’s located at United States of America and many people considered it as a best place to work as it has friendly working environment and also it is considered as most trustworthy company according to Forbes. They are preferred supplier of equipment for construction, paving, compaction and also material handling. Let us see about the careers at H&E.

H&E Careers

Why H&E Company is considered as one of the best company across world?

H&E Equipment services have an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5, based on over 171 reviews left anonymously by employees. 57% of employees at H&E would recommended working in various careers at this place as it is many among them have positive attitude towards this company and they have good experience.

If we want to know about any company’s environment and careers like H&E then we have to go through reviews given by their employers on their site. Some of the employee’s reviews are stated below 

  1. The company truly cares for its employees and give their best to remove their grievances as soon as they can. Overall they treat their employees as the member of family.
  2. Managers believe in teaching and building a successful team. The risk is low, but the reward is great
  3. Great company, great people, great benefits and just an overall place to work. I plan on retiring here 
  4. Team – that’s what we are 
  5. The best part about this is that the compensations are paid on time, extra bonus, good incentives and gifts, gives chance to earn potential quarterly incentives and annual raises, jobs well done are rewarded adequately.

Some also hatred this company for a reason too as every coin has its two sides .Some mentioned that their overall experience was poor. It lacked all real vision .The decision making was shallow and hasty which made them uncomfortable, on other hand some have neutral review that it is sometimes good and bad and they have to  make necessity changes that is not to blame lower levels always for creating massive issues instead have to guide them

As 60% reviews are positive therefore it can be considered   as a good place to work 

Salaries Provided To Different Careers at H&E 

Graphic Designer 

They are paid $40000 salary + bonus .Their main responsibility is to design pages for company’s website and to design pages of a specific company so that company can made promotion of their company on various social sites and also they have to develop logos for a company in such a way to represent it more presentable.

Product Department 

This department includes various positions that are all senior and junior positions related to product design. Their salary varies from $90000 to $ 180000 according to their roles and responsibilities. Their main responsibility is to evaluate and understand the needs of a consumer in the market and to design their product according to their need or which satisfies them .Product designing is not a easy task , they have to made various analysis that are market analyse, competitive analyse and so on

Engineering Department 

This department’s salary varies to average total compensation of $ 134183. This department is responsible for handling all mechanical glitches .They is responsible for bringing advancement to their organisation by their innovation and creativity. They undertakes planning and undertaking scheduled maintenance of company , responding to its breakdown and diagnosing faults , repairing equipment , supervising engineering and technical stuff and to obtain specialist components , fixtures or fittings and most importantly maintaining budgets and statistical and financial records 

Marketing Department 

Their stipend is $103278 and they have to play a very essential role in promoting and achieving all the objectives of an organisation. It is marked a very important person of an organization as they are responsible to make reach their products at right time at right place. It is the Marketing department’s jobs to reach out to customers all there in the market and to investors so that they can invest in their company.  They defines and manages brand of a company , they have to make their product among consumers and made them to substitute their products by another by building specific strategies so that the sales of their product goes to highest peak and also they have to build such strategies of launching their products in the market . They are also responsible for maintaining social handles of a company.

Design Department  

Their salary is approx $119039. They design those kind of equipments which can be used anywhere at anytime which has a diverse line up. They also provide equipments also on rent. Fr this purpose they have to study a lot before designing any equipment which does not harm any person in any way. It needs a lot of knowledge and concentration to build any equipment. This job is not easy at all as entire business depends on it. I they will not build equipments as convenience to customers 

Operations Department 

The operational department salary is approx $ 92389. Their main responsible is to maintain efficiency of production of an organization and to make smart and appropriate decisions. The skills required at this position are you have to be resourceful if you are resourceful than only you can be able to maintain business process. To handle these business changes you have to be fast on your feet and you should have critical thinking power should be quick and fast 


Q1. What does the leadership team need to get better at?

  • Retaining employees examine your high turnover rate 
  •  Retaining employees. They lose employees at the rate of 1 almost month every 2 months. HR  should recognise a high turnover rate 
  • Quit changing so many of them 
  • HR director and Vice President are both unqualified for their roles. Replace them with people who are educated and ethical and have sound judgement. HR Director should work on use of foul language and general professionalism 

Q2. What do your co-workers need to improve and how you work together better?

  • Working as a team and not drowning each other 
  • Work together as a team and do their share of work. One member told service manager he was not going to do the job at hand and she allowed that to transpire and later pawned on the job off onto another employee 
  • Work on your overall attitudes 
H&E Careers -Complete Guide

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