Catholic Confirmation Letter – Know More

Catholic confirmations are believed to be sacred and are included in the seven sacraments and the three sacraments in the Initiation process in the church, the other two being baptism and holy communion. Let us know about the ‘Catholic Confirmation Letter Examples’.

Catholic Confirmation Letter Examples

Catholic Confirmation Letter

It is believed that if a person is confirmed in a Catholic Church they will be marked by the father and be confirmed by Jesus Christ spiritual guidance, the spirit to make the right judgment, gain the spirit of understanding and wisdom, courage and knowledge and the holy fear in God’s presence. It also means that the lord has placed the spirits in their heart to guide and protect them. 

Reason for catholic confirmation letters

Confirmations letters are used to confirm a some form of information or action that has been previously discussed by all the parties involved. 

A catholic confirmation letters is sent by a church to a person that initiated the process of being confirmed into a catholic church. What that means is that the person by confirming to be a Catholic they are in acceptance of God and believes that he is the maker of this world and that they will soulful worship him and by getting confirmed they move closer to God and get in touch with his wisdom and knowledge and use the guidance in every aspect of their life. 

Tips to note before writing a confirmation letter

  • Make sure the name of the recipient is absolutely correct.
  • Make sure the address is correct in the letter so that it reaches the right person and send the letter on time.
  • When writing about the confirmation do write about some of the responsibilities or benefits of being confirmed as to assure the person being confirmed that their faith is right.
  • Make sure to write your own name at the end of the letter (sender’s name)

Catholic confirmation letter examples

Since being confirmed is a very big step in a Catholic Church the person being confirmed will be sent a letter on behalf of the church to announce the confirmation. 

Some of the letter examples are as follows:

Letter examples #1


Name of the recipient

Address of the recipient 

Dear (insert name of the recipient),

This letter is to inform you that you have been confirmed to be a Catholic, and we congratulate you for becoming a catholic.

You have every quality that is required to be an official Catholic such as spirituality, justice, rationality, humanity, a sense of community, and respect for traditions. All of these traits make you a true and perfect person to be a Catholic. 

By being a catholic, you will learn lessons such as God is our loving father and creator. God’s love is everywhere, and it fills in our hearts and our lives. We also believe in god’s son Jesus Christ and how he was sent to save us all by suffering and sacrificing himself and be reborn again and to teach lessons of eternal life. We believe that Jesus is our savior and our lord. 

If you need any more information, we will be available at the house of God at any time to provide help to you in any way possible. Peace be upon you and may you spread love and joy into the world, and we will with the power guide you onto the right path. For getting in contact, the necessary details are given below.

Thank you for your time

With regard to (sender’s name)

Designation of the sender

Sender’s address

Sender’s contact information.

Letter Example #2


Name of the recipient 

Address of the recipient 

Dear (insert name of the recipient),

This letter is being written to congratulate you on becoming a catholic and heading into the spiritual journey and devoting your life towards God and his teachings. You are now officially a catholic

Being a catholic is one of the great pleasures of life, as you would soon recognize the lessons that are taught in the Catholic Church of god’s existence and how he is the father of us all and how he is interested in every person that prays to him and communicates with him. It will teach the wisdom and knowledge that can be learned through God and how when a person lives in compliance with God’s will be blessed with happiness and God’s limitless love and person. This also teaches us how to live a life with no sins. Being a catholic means sharing kindness in any form, especially to the unfortunate, and doing right by everyone whether you know them or not but have the sense of humanity and the right judgment to act. It also means that you have to accept people for all they are since god’s creations are perfect even when it has flaws, three should be no judgment of others by you. 

We hope to meet you soon at the house of God, where we will be available for you if you ever need help in any shape or form. Be sure to get in contact with the details that are provided down below. You will be guided onto the right path. Hope you are happy and spread kindness and love into the world, thank you so much for your time.

With regards (name of the sender)

Designation of the sender,

Address of the sender,

Contact details of the sender.

Letter Example #3


Insert the name of the recipient,

Insert the address of the recipient,


Dear (insert name of the recipient)

We are writing this letter to congratulate you and celebrate the fact that you are now officially a catholic, and this letter is the authentic proof of your confirmation of being a catholic. We are truly grateful and happy on your behalf for becoming a catholic. 

By becoming a catholic you have stepped into the light of God and by being a catholic you will be taught many valuable spiritual lessons such as that the only holy Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ in his great commission, the bishops are the true successors, of Christ’s apostles. And the pope is the successor to Saint Peter, upon whom primacy was conferred to Jesus Christ. 

Being a catholic also means that you have to understand kindness and offer some of the goodness to others by helping them anytime someone asks for it or needs it. When you help someone, you will be noticed by God, and he will bestow upon you well. Kindness is always returned, haunted it should be done without greed. 

If you feel the need to get in contact, all the necessary details are given below. We will meet at the house of God whenever you need help or guidance from us. We hope you will be kind to others and yourself, and we hope to guide you with everything you want. Thank you for your patience and for giving us your time. 

With regards, (insert name of the sender)

(Insert Designation of the sender)

(Mention the address of the sender)

(Insert the contact details of the sender)


Being a catholic means having faith in god and trusting that everything will be better in the future, and just worshiping him and believing in him. A Catholic also believes that the spirits given by Jesus Christ to the church enable the lord to be present in our world and help us in our spiritual journey and gain knowledge in the bible. They have to bestow the gifts of the bible onto the community and help everyone to develop their faith and build Christ’s relationship with god. 

Feel free to use any of the above examples for your confirmation letter, and hope this article has helped with what you were looking for.

Catholic Confirmation Letter – Know More

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