Six Flags Hiring Age – Know More

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation is an American amusement park corporation. It is located in the headquarters of Arlington Texas. It owns its property at many cities which are at Canada, Mexico and the United states. Let us see about the hiring age of Six Flags.

Six Flags Hiring Age

Six Flags

Six Flags founder is Angus G.Wynee. Its total revenue is 149.7 crores USD and it is founded on 5 August 1961. It owns many theme, amusement and water parks. Its main objective is to provide enthusiasm to the people by taking break from their hectic schedule and spend their leisure time in these parks. It holds seventh position all over the world .It also have world class coasters, family rides for all ages that is from children to senior citizens, up close animal encounters and so on recreational activities.

Can we grab passes online?

Yes, we can book passes online by just visiting their website , their you can select the park you want to visit and can book your passes online and also can avail discounts sometimes ,it will hindrance the need of standing in long queues for grabbing passes and also will save your time

Which skills are required to get a job in Six Flags?

There are various jobs in the Six Flag Company that is approx 92 types of jobs and all jibs require skills according to their roles and responsibilities. Such specific skill cannot be mentioned.

What is hiring age of Six Flags?

Hiring age of Six Flags is basically 16 years old for most of the positions. While some positions in Six Flags may hire 15 years old and other positions require 18 years  and more than 18 for some positions which holds higher and advance responsibilities but minimum hiring age requirement is 16 years old . They provides entry to both kinds of people who can work part time, who have to work permitted to them at their given shifts  and full time who have to work at least 40 hours per week .They are given $8 to $9 for an hour 

Available Positions 

There are nearly 92 or more available positions at six flags. There are some important positions in Six Flag 


Their stipend is $26.92 per hour and their responsibility is to see all the glitches in the rides of the amusement park that they are performing well or not. All rides have to re-examine from time to time for ensuring safety of the people who paid to take rides in an amusement parks. Candidate should posses some technical skills to hold this position and candidate should be 18+

Team member

They have to participate in meetings and have to take listen to the complaints of clients so that they can work according to it. They have to play five important roles. First is leadership, they have to make sure that team should have clear and achievable objectives and all members are engaged to achieve the goals of an organization. Second is challenger, they have accountability to questions from their core team in case of any defects and problems and can drives for results. Third is doer, he has to take all practical jobs under him and to keep an eye on the progress of an organization. Fourth is, Thinker who is responsible for generating new and innovative ideas so that they can expand and grow their organization and also have to listen the ideas generated by the other members. Fifth and last is Supporter who is responsible for to relieve stress from the other members to be patient in tough conditions, they promote harmony in an organization. 18+ candidates are eligible to apply for this position. They are given approx $ 16 for an hours. So, their stipend will depend on the amount of work they will perform either part time or full time. 

Guest service agent

Their primary duty is to greet celebrities or high recognised, they are responsible for their check in and check out. They should possess good communication skills .Eligible age is 18 + for candidates and their stipend is somewhat more than others positions.

Ride operator

They are responsible for ensuring the safety of people who pay fees to take rides in an amusement park. They have to handle all the mechinical operations and ensuring people wearing belts and their sitting position while riding. 16 or more than 16 years candidates can apply to this position and they get $13 to $16for an hour.

Call centre Representative

They handles all incoming or outgoing calls for an organization. They support issues and health centre where a customer can complain or seek for help in any queries and problems 

Security officer

They have to keep an eye on security of the parks and to scan all people entering into Advertisement Park that they are not carrying any equipment and edible items with them. Their salary is $16.55 hour and more than 18 years of age are eligible for this position 

Loss prevention officer

Their salary is $12.72 per hour and minimum age requirement is 18. They are responsible for preventing loss of people in the advertisement park. If parents are segregated from their children so it’s responsible of prevention officer to help them by making announcement and also if any person loses their precious credentials to it’s their responsible to help them out at their extent. 

Hence, it is a best place to visit with your dear ones to spend some quality time with them. There should be a must visit in these amusement park if you are searching to do something full of enthusiasm. Your making visit will be worth.

How to apply for the job?

Candidates who are interested and looking for an opportunity to grab job in Six Flags have to submit their application on their online website whenever any vacancies is posted. Most aspiring and suitable candidates will be given with invites after screening of their application and than a final interview will take place where an interviewer will ask questions according to their interest. Applicant has to be possessing bright and personable attitudes to be selected.


  • What other benefits are given by Six Flags?

1. They are flexible schedule of work; you can work according to your wish

2. Free park admission for you, your friends and family

3. Fun rewards, benefits and more

4. Advancement opportunity and daily pay work 

5. Exclusive employee events, Virtual and onsite training options provided 

6. Discounted season passes to employees and 30% discount on food 

This all encourages employees to work in Six Flags 

Six Flags Hiring Age – Know More

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