Goodwill Careers

Goodwill helps people get employment, job training, internships, career-oriented programs, and more community-based programs and services conducted by Goodwill. It is well-known as a non-profit organization. The non-profit is funded by more than 3,200 retail thrift stores of Goodwill. Goodwill helps people who are facing difficulties in getting a job, and it will help them for employment even if they do not have a suitable education. Goodwill started its journey in 1902, and since then, it has helped people find jobs. Goodwill offers its products and services in more than 17 countries. It operates its 4,200 thrift stores. Let us see about Goodwill careers.

Goodwill Careers

Goodwill Careers

Goodwill not only helps people find employment, but it also offers various careers, such as retail store managers, social media and digital marketing assistants, donation attendants, retail sales associates, cashiers, and more. You can grab these job opportunities at Goodwill according to your preference, eligibility requirements, and educational background. Goodwill offers a handy pay range to its employees, and the average salary of Goodwill employees is $52,143, while the average hourly pay for Goodwill employees is $14.04. It varies according to the post of each employee.

You can start working at Goodwill after completing your sixteen, but only in limited job positions, and you must fulfill all the eligibility requirements required for getting a job at Goodwill, such as educational requirements, experience, documents, and more. Goodwill demands a lot from candidates who want to get a job at Goodwill. You can apply for jobs at Goodwill through its official website or other job-posting platforms. Goodwill offers some benefits to its employees, such as retirement plans, various insurance plans, and more.

Goodwill Job Opportunities:

Goodwill offers various job opportunities in different fields to people, which you can get if you are eligible according to the job opportunities, and you can choose job opportunities at Goodwill according to your preference, educational background, and experience background. Here is a list of some job opportunities offered by Goodwill.

Front-desk executive

Director of Retail

Account Assistant

Material Handler

Associate, Brand Strategy

Area Following Sales Manager

Outlet Team Member

Client Associate

Donation Attendant

Likewise, many job opportunities are available at Goodwill, and if you want to grab these job opportunities at Goodwill, then you must determine your eligibility for various job positions at Goodwill.

Job Eligibility Goodwill is required

If you want to work at Goodwill, you must meet the following eligibility requirements to get a job or increase your chances of getting one.

  • The minimum age required to work at Goodwill is 16 years old, but you can only work in limited positions such as cashier, dock worker, donation, and a few more. If you want to work in a higher-level post at Goodwill, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Goodwill demands a positive attitude, excellent communication skills, and a friendly personality from candidates.
  • You must know the working environment at Goodwill, the tasks you have to perform there, and the working methods at Goodwill.
  • If you have any prior experience. It may increase your chance of getting a job at Goodwill because the organization seeks experience in its various job positions.
  • Goodwill prefers to hire candidates who know about managing customers, working with teams, and performing multiple tasks when required at Goodwill.

You must fulfill all the eligibility requirements of Goodwill to get a job, and Goodwill seeks different educational eligibility requirements, which you must accomplish. The academic eligibilities of Goodwill vary according to the position for which you want to get a job at Goodwill.

Goodwill’s Job Application Process

You can begin the job application process at Goodwill by visiting the official website or going to your nearest Goodwill store. Goodwill also accepts some paper applications. You can search for jobs or filter job profiles according to your preferences and eligibility. Open the careers portal at Goodwill, then create your account by registering your email and creating a password. Then fill in the details such as your name, phone number, address, pay range, work experience, and other mandatory descriptions required in the job application form. Upload an updated resume and other required documents, and submit your application form.

Goodwill shortlists candidates according to their eligibility and selects candidates who will fulfill their maximum eligibility according to the requirements of the job positions at Goodwill. Then they will call you for an interview screening, and you should try to arrive before your interview date. If you pass the interview with Goodwill, you can expect a job offer letter from Goodwill and start your professional career.

Salary for employees of Goodwill:

Goodwill offers a competitive salary to its employees because it knows if its employees are happy with their pay range, they will work harder to increase the business of Goodwill, which will spread the name and fame of Goodwill worldwide.

If you work as a retail store manager at Goodwill, you can earn an average of $43,874, and the stipend for an operations manager at Goodwill is $50,439, while a program manager worker will receive a $49,793 payment at Goodwill. Employees working as assistant store managers at Goodwill will get a wage of $41,830, and the salary of the human resources business at Goodwill is $72,132. Goodwill pays an average of $97,050 to information technology manager employees, while program coordinators at Goodwill can earn $37,237 per year.

Employees working on an hourly salary contract basis at Goodwill can earn an average of $12.78 per hour. The minimum hourly wages at Goodwill are for sales associate workers, who earn an average of $9, while the average maximum pay at Goodwill is for the retail store manager, who can get a stipend of $19 per hour. The pay range of Goodwill employees varies according to post, experience, working hours, performance, achievements, and a few more factors that determine your wages at Goodwill.

Other Benefits for Employees of Goodwill

Besides handy pay ranges, Goodwill offers some benefits to its employees, which inspire and attract employees to work harder for the growth of Goodwill and increase the business and revenue of Goodwill.

Goodwill cares for its employees, and to protect them, it offers health and life insurance, including dental, vision, disability, accidental, and a few other types of insurance coverage you can get as an employee of Goodwill. Goodwill offers a contribution pension plan for its employees, and you can take advantage of its child and health reimbursement plans. If you are a student working at Goodwill and want to continue your education, you can take advantage of its tuition reimbursement, career development, and continuous learning plans.

Some other benefits for employees of Goodwill include corporate wellness, store discounts, an employee life fund, an employee assistance program, and a few more advantages you can get as an employee of Goodwill.


Goodwill is a non-profit independent organization that helps people get their careers in different organizations, and Goodwill operates thrift stores. Goodwill offers many job opportunities to people according to available posts in the organization, and if you are eligible according to the requirements of Goodwill, then you can grab these job opportunities at Goodwill. You must fulfill all the eligibility requirements of Goodwill to get a job, and you can get a competitive pay range and some additional benefits for employees of Goodwill.

  • Who is Goodwill’s CEO?

Steven C. Preston is the president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International, and he is making efforts to pursue the mission of Goodwill by offering job opportunities and learning to people.

  • Do Goodwill stores offer pick-up?

Goodwill stores provide pick-up services for items such as furniture and other large items that are difficult for donors to transport.

Goodwill Careers

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