Goodwill Mission Statement, Vision, And Values Analysis

Goodwill is a social enterprise, a nonprofit organization based in the United States of America. It was founded in 1902 by Edgar. Helms in Boston. It is now a network of 165 goodwill community stores spread over Canada and the U.S.A. Let us know about that the Goodwill Mission Statement, Vision, And Values Analysis.

Goodwill Mission Statement, Vision, And Values Analysis

Dr. Helms’s start-up is now a $4 billion organization with its vision remaining consistent as described by him: “We have courage and are unafraid. With prayerful cooperation, of millions of our bag contributors and our workers, we will press on till the cuts of poverty and exploitation are banished from mankind.”

Dr. Helms’s started at a very small scale but with a very wide mission and vision. He used to collect used and old clothes and other items from wealthy areas of Boston, brought them to its employees and got them repaired, then again resold those items or distribute them to disable people.

Their main aim involves providing employment to underprivileged people, operating training programs for them, enhancing their professional abilities, funding their educational degrees, and assisting them in finding jobs or opening start-ups. 

On June 1, 1965, Goodwill industries were developed in the big bend area. Its first community store was inaugurated in Tallahassee. 

To collect used clothing items, Goodwill community boxes were kept in all major communities, got them repaired, and with the money at Hans they lend a helping hand to underprivileged and disabled people. 

Within its stores, it has opened career training centers with the first one being the comforter training center opened in march 2001 at Mabry Street. 

As of now, it’s become a great network including: 

25 retail stores, 9 career training centers, 14 attended donation centers, and 13 residential communities.

Such great achievements have only motivated them to drive further in social causes and thus continue to grow and expand in assisting to disabled and people with barriers to employment and education.

The mission of Goodwill 

Goodwill strongly believes that everyone has the potential to do whatever they aspire for because even dreaming about something to achieve is itself a step towards achieving it. 

It works towers this leveling of ground of opportunities with people’s potential and see ability even in disability and to not let it become a barrier in the career growth of individuals.

It aims to enhance the quality of life for people and their families by strengthening their career commitments and helping them secure employment. 

It thus provides work opportunities such as repairing, volunteering along with skill development opportunities for strengthening their career and enhancing life for people who face barriers to their successful employment such as disability, underprivileged society members. 

It achieves its mission by providing various career training to its members such as computer training institutes and other such training Centers it has opened over the last years and is continuously expanding such canters.

Goodwill’s Mandate

  • Helping people to overcome the barrier and have unprecedented access to employment and growth opportunities.
  • Providing skill development training 
  • Assist in providing jobs 
  • Enhance the quality of life and expand the opportunity base to make people able to support they’re at the least.
  • Utilize used clothing and other items of wealthy people to provide development opportunities to disabled people
  • Provides housing to the disabled.
  • Maximize good from communities by fostering donations 

All this eventually helps in alleviating crimes and alleviating poverty.

Goodwill’s Values

These are abbreviated as I CARE

I – inclusion 

This refers to respecting every person thus promoting equality in every sphere including job opportunities provision.

Goodwill aims to provide equal opportunities by enhancing the skills aspect of people to not let anything become a barrier to their development.

C – Compassion

It holds the meaning of serving people with the heart i.e., without any expectation of money or anything materialistic in return except for happiness and smiles

It thus selflessly serves the needy and cherishes their smiles forever.

A – Aspiring workforce

A Workforce that is ever-ready to help people in need. A highly motivated workforce is what an organization needs to reach its peak of success. This also includes people who wish to work for their living by developing skills to overcome the barriers in careers.

R- Respect 

Respect for all is the main force that drives the organization. It respects everyone irrespective of who they are, what they possess, or even a person with a disability. They see ability and potential in every person around them.

E- Empathy

This refers to walking in each other’s shoes which widely means that a person can understand others and thus tries to fully help them in whatever way they can.

This is the backbone of goodwill, to understand people and aid them in reaching their goals and absorbing their full potential.


They have developed a very pronounced vision which is the need of the hour. 

As we see unemployment is growing at a very fast rate, organizations as goodwill help to eradicate poverty and eventually reduce the crime rate by helping people attain employment and lead a sustainable life. 

It considers people who face barriers in obtaining employment and thus are not provided with opportunities to develop a brought career and support their life.

It does so by providing opportunities to work within their organization, funding education, skill training is their considerable task along with job assistance in an organization.

Good will’s pronounced tasks

  • Goodwill has received appreciation throughout for its outstanding achievements and work towards society as a whole.
  • It is a holder of the 2017 environmental leadership award by the London chamber of commerce. This is awarded because of its great work towards the environment along with meeting commercial commitments and demands. 
  • Over the years, it has sent approximately 20,000 letters to lawmakers for providing funding and opportunities for people with barriers towards employment such as those with disabilities, criminal background, old age, etc. 
  • They have successfully held nearly 500 meetings to advocate this cause in Washington.
  • They have also started a pledge #laborofLove which is growing very widely. 
  • In 2010, they started a Donation movement to emphasize the value of donated goods to underprivileged people. This was a global drive to remind people about the recycling of used goods and the value they hold for others in need.
  • The 21st-century initiative was launched in 2002 on the 100th year celebration of Goodwill, it aims at providing appropriate jobs to people making them self-sufficient.
  • In 2010, it has opened a store in San Francisco, California specifically opened to hire lesbian, gay, and transgender community people. This was in association with the transgender Economic Empowerment initiative.
  • A good initiative is an online initiative where people in need of jobs can get a mentor from the fields they aspire to work in and thus get adequate guidance.


Organizations like goodwill continue to do good to the society and development and growth of its people thus absorbing their full potential and investing in their skill enhancements to provide them with suitable employment assisting them in leading a sustainable life and securing a prosperous future. Because of its great and uplifting works it has won various awards and accolades. They completely stand upon their mission and vision statements fulfilling the values they developed.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: what is the purpose of goodwill?

Ans1: Goodwill has a far-reaching purpose of enhancing the quality of life of the underprivileged and people with the barrier to employment by providing them with job and education opportunities.

Q2: Why is goodwill successful?

Ans2: Goodwill is successful because of two prime reasons, first is it’s local and the second is it’s built of a highly motivated workforce who actively understands the needs of people in their community and are ever-ready to assist them.

Q3: What does the CEO of Goodwill make?

Ans3: Mark Curran makes approximately $2.3 million a year, the asper year 2012 survey.

Q4: Is Goodwill a charity or business?

Ans4: Goodwill is non-profit organization with community offices and training centers held locally comprising a total of 162 such organizations. These are funded by Goodwill industries.

Goodwill Mission Statement, Vision, And Values Analysis

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