How To Get A Job At Zara?-Know More 

Zara is located worldwide. We all have heard the name, Zara. We all shopping from Zara but what about working at Zara. Did you ever think about what it would feel like to work at Zara?Let us know more about that the How To Get A Job At Zara?-Know More.

How To Get A Job At Zara?-Know More

 It is expanding all over the world at a really good pace and has received great popularity among people. If you love fashion and have a good sense of styling, then Zara can be the best job for you.

What is Zara? 

Zara is an apparel brand that produces trending clothes, accessories, and more fashionable items.  The pay at Zara is good. It is one of the largest companies in the Inditex group, which is the largest apparel retailer in the world. It offers the latest fashion of clothing and accessories of fashion. Zara changes its clothing design every two weeks, which makes it more famous and in demand. The level of craze people have for Zara is unexplainable.

How to get a job a Zara?

Getting a job at Zara is not hard if you are creative, have the level of enthusiasm and dedication for the job. Here are the steps to get hired at Zara

  1. Go to Zara’s active job website and click on the option jobs.
  2. Select the option of ‘ Zara’ from the brand list and select your preferred location.
  3. Select the job which you want to apply for and click on the apply option.
  4. Create an account and then fill the menu as per your preference
  5. Select your working hours.
  6. Provide the information that is asked for.
  7. Then submit your application.

Hiring process

  • It may take a week or so for them to reach to you if your application is selected. 
  • After your application is selected, you get a confirmation email regarding the Hr interview.
  • HR asks a series of questions about your CV, your previous experiences, and qualification, etc.
  • If you are selected, you will get a mail from HR regarding your joining date, salary, and all the important credentials.

it may sometimes even take time for an email to come because of the more nUMBER of rush there. They need to shortlist people to interview them based on their CVs. So, it is very important to have an impactful cv if you want to get a job.

Zara also has summer internship programs that are provided to undergraduate students and fashion schools.  Not only to fashion students, but internships programs are regarding various fields.

The internships are not only paid, but they also help you add extra credit to your study scores. 

Types of jobs at Zara

  1. Assistant operation manager– they have to manage the stockroom and take care of the needs or requirements of the stockroom.
  2. Sales Assistant – They keep the store up to date. Make sure that the customer gets the best service, and their main work is as a cashier and supporting the delivery team.
  3. Visual merchandiser – They mostly supervise and take care of the order management.
  4. Department manager – their task includes checking customer service, loss prevention, human resources, and other operations to keep things organized.
  5. Warehouse manager– have to pick and pack Zara merchandise with accuracy, quality, and efficiency. 

Salary at Zara

Zara looks for employees who are energetic, passionate and are ready to take responsibility. The salaries of people at different positions vary according to the position they hold and the responsibility they have. Zara pays an hourly starting pay of around $ 10.06 per hour.

Here are some data about the average salary at Zara

  • Sales associate – $ 12.83 per hour
  • Order picker- $ 1702 per hour
  • Cashier – $ 14.45 per hour
  • Stocking associate – $ 12.81 per hour
  • Handler – $ 13.00 per hour
  • Order filler – $ 54,774 per year
  • Commercial manager – $ 41,707 per year
  • A customer advocate – $ 42,249 per year 

The requirement to work at Zara 

Hiring depends on the nature of requirements they have but they focus more on knowledge and creativity. Zara encourages giving new hires responsibility so that they can develop their skills. 

Some basic requirements are

  1. The minimum age should be 18 years. 
  2. Are available for full-time or part-time job hours.

Benefits of working at zara

Zara tries to keep their employees happy as much as possible. Full-time employees get numerous benefits like health insurance, dental insurance. Employees get paid holidays, sick leaves, parental leaves, maternity leave. Zara employees get a 10-25 % discount on all the items they purchase. You can work and study at the same time if you are working at Zara. They organize various e-learning and training programs. There are various retirement plans for the employees too. Everyone working there is treated equally, and you can always have your opinion. The working hours are quite flexible, which helps the employees to work with dedication and manage different other things.


Working at Zara is a dream for many people. Zara looks for people with commitment and passion for fashion. Jobs for Zara are located all over the world. Zara is overall a good company to work with all the benefits that it provides to its employees like parental leaves, paid holidays, medical insurances, flexible work hours. If you think you want to work for a fashion-forward company that is organized, well-structured and has a reputation, then Zara is the best company for you to work. The environment at Zara gives us a lot of information about fashion if you are working there.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Do interns get paid at Zara?

Ans: Yes, all the internships provided are always paid, and they sometimes even hire them after their graduation.

  1. How many hours do people at Zara have to work?

Ans: working hours usually depend on your location and the type of job you are doing. It is 10-12 hours a day if you are a full-time worker.

  1. How is the work pace at Zara?

Ans: the work pace is pretty fast and due to the demand in fashion, the work is hectic but is manageable if you have the dedication.

How To Get A Job At Zara?-Know More 

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