What’s Your Favourite Product? 

When it comes to detailed and unique interview questions, quite a few interviewees get nervous. The reason is that there isn’t always much guidance offered nor are there frequent examples to run through before the big day! When specific questions are asked regarding only a particular field, you need to take all the more precautions to frame the right answer. Let us know about that the What’s Your Favourite Product?

What’s Your Favourite Product?

What’s your favorite product? 

Although this is a more specific question, there is a diverse set of answers you can provide. Therefore, it’s necessary to narrow it down well in line with the company you’re looking at before you answer. The ideal way is to choose a strong product, one that you have knowledge about. Talk about its pros in a confident manner and give constructive criticism backed by some positive features to finish up. 

Why is this question asked?

This question is rarely put forth depending on the position you’re interviewing for. Then again, as rare as it is, it holds as much importance in determining your score at the interview. The main idea behind asking this question is to test your overall energy with a product. How well you understand and then communicate about the product, thereby showcasing how well you can work with a company’s branding and image. It is within this aspect that they check various other abilities like knowledge and background of the product and so on.  

How to answer?

Well then, how to ace this question? What to keep in mind? We’ve got you covered!

Choose wisely

Scan through your choice of products carefully. You want to select a product that the interviewers can relate to the most. Avoid products that you’re not sure of or those which have fewer merits. Another way to select is to choose products that are in line with the position you’re applying for. Even selecting products similar to that of the company could be great. However, avoid choosing the company brand or product which may give the idea that you’re trying to please them. Apps are commonly used to answer this question but feel free to use a physical product if it checks the pointers below!

Company objectives 

Keep in mind the company’s objectives and then frame your answer accordingly. It is guaranteed that the next question after what is going to be why. Take, for instance, if the companies’ goal is customer satisfaction, include points on how well the product has affected you as a user. By focusing on the company’s goals, you can let them know that you know your job and you’re suited well.


While communicating about the product, show confidence. You must show a sense of reliability in your tone that the opposite person will trust in the product. This question is like a test to see how capable you are of selling your product. So while you’re not doing that, you still need to be firm on what you say so that the interviewers believe that you have potential. 


Use valid reasons to support your statements. For example, if you like shampoo, you’re most likely to say it softens your hair and nourishes it rather than say it has a nice color or name. Talk from a business point of view. Opt for factors that show professionalism. Keep in mind although you are being asked from a consumer point of view, you’re still at an interview to work on the other side! 


Structure your answer well. Name your product and describe it. Follow that up with its benefits and try to use some constructive criticism too. You can try adding unique properties to the product as well. This balances your answer from many aspects and allows the interviewer to check many skills off the list. Follow a gradual format so that your presentation and communication skills are also intact. 

How to avoid ?

Coming to the pointers you need to stay away from, these are quite the common ones that may mislead your answer and the way the interviewer interprets you and the product.


Avoid exaggeration at all costs. Time is valuable not only in interviews but even while you’re on the run at work. Whatever you do during your interview, especially with regards to questions like these, gives the interviewer an idea of how you’ll tackle things at work. Be concise and clear with what you have to say about the product. Refrain from going into excessive detail that is unnecessary. Also, keep a balance on your favoring of the product. If you try to lean too much on the pros, it may seem like you’re just faking it.


This is a no-no at an interview for any question. Avoid showing bias at all costs. You must have concrete reasons to support why you like a product and not have any personal points attached. One of the objectives is to test your compatibility with the product and how you’ll put it out in the market. Personal biases are a complete negative for judging your skills. Avoid things like it’s my favorite color or company, my family relies on it, and so on. 

All praise

Although the question is about your favorite product, you need to mention its weak points too. Again, how you frame it decides how great the product is. Understand that you’re giving a sort of feedback and you need to include strong points rather than pretty ones. While you add more of the positives, remember to mention the negatives too and then back it up with another characteristic that makes up for it. This lets the interviewer know that you’re not going to be cheesy but rational about their company and product. 


Have a look at a few samples that can help you further draw up the right answer to the question. 

Google documents is my prime choice for any written work

Apart from offering a variety of options for improved writing, there are many accessible features. I  personally love the fact that the document can be shared via links and one need not download an entire app just to view a document. Additionally, the feature that allows commenting as well as editing for the receiver is great. I admire the fact that the owner has so many options to change right from ownership to freedom or readers and so on. It is truly an all-rounder for a safe and engaging professional use!

 If I have to choose, it would be Faber Castell’s connector pens

Being in the design industry, I am in a constant run with my rolls of paper and pens all over the place. The connector pens are a brilliant option to have my supplies in place. Their quality and variety are another perfect blend for me. Their prices may be a little over the top, but I feel it’s definitely worth the long-lasting use. It’s smooth and its finished result also looks very elegant compared to other pens. One of the reasons why I rely on these alone for client designs. It allows a lot more imagination and clarity while working on the color schemes for the designs. Additionally, since I prefer working manually over digital software, it allows much variety and ease of use as well! 

I have to say that Grammarly is the ideal app to work with

It has truly understood the fast-paced world of today and assists amazingly. The suggestions offered for errors along with the additional corrections that are pointed out are commendable. They not only save time but also build on your language and writing skills by a large margin. It can be very particular sometimes but that is its way of producing top-notch results. The best part about it is the scoring system that encourages editing and also gives a partial breakdown of where the points are lost. Its accessibility onward checking long-form content in one shot is another good factor that I must appreciate. Speed and accuracy are the two components that are essential for writers and Grammarly gives just that! 

Flipboard is my go-to choice for collecting information and for any kind of inspiration for my articles

Unlike many other apps and software, this is like a two-in-one that allows browsing as well as curation. I often find stories that can be intriguing or even ideas which sprout from articles and then I lose the reference and can’t work the article with the same thought and energy. Flipboard takes care of that and allows me to have my personalized referential sources along with the news. It doesn’t give structured news and focuses on your preferences over timely news. This can be a drawback but for feature articles and columns, this is a very productive app that I use as well as recommend to others. 


It can get confusing when you need to choose from a wide range of products. For starters, choose one which works for your company and you and you should be good to go! 

  • Do I speak of a product that the company has sold?

You may speak of any product even if the company that you’re interviewing for has sold the product. However, make sure you focus on the product’s characteristics rather than the name and brand. And talk about the company’s product only if you really find something unique about it. If you’re just going to use the product to please the interviewers it may show in your answer. 

  • Can I play it safe and say that I don’t have favorites?

It’s not advisable to say that you don’t have any favorites. As humans, we do have our own preferences. You may make a mention that you’re not head over the heels about any product in particular. Although, make sure you use a product in your answer and state some qualities to make your answer solid. 

What’s Your Favourite Product? 

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