Food City Careers: Job Application Process, Salary And Benefits

Food City is one of the famous supermarket chains in the United States. This store is mainly owned by K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc. It has headquarters at Abingdon, Virginia, the United States covering almost more than 132 store locations. The mission of the Food City involves providing the best quality product at the minimal possible price, along with providing respect to the employees, working teams, business partners, and the whole community. The company values include innovation, diversity, sustainability, customer happiness, and satisfaction, employee benefits and happiness, inclusion, a family-friendly working environment, etc. The products sold by Food City stores include snacks, meat and poultry produce, dairy products, frozen items, pharmacy goods, floral items, bakery products, personal care items, liquor, grocery, fuel, Deli, etc. Let us know more detail about ‘Food City Careers’.

Food City Careers

Food City Careers: Job Application Process, Salary And Benefits

How to apply for the particular job position and get hired at the Food City Careers?

Getting hired at the Food City stores is not that difficult. The interested candidate must fill out the application form properly, wait for the interview call, practice the interview questions properly and give the interview properly to get selected for a particular job position.

At first, the interested candidate needs to apply online 

Following are the Steps provided of the template sample: 

STEP 1: The interested candidate must search the site in the job application of Food City Careers page and click on ‘Apply Online’

STEP 2: Enter the  keyword “Search jobs” and click on the Job category/ department. Click on the required job option and see the related job description.

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STEP 3: Search for the location where you want to apply for the particular job position.

STEP 4: The applying candidate must first need to register if not a member or sign in by entering the username and password for the Food City.

STEP 5: The applying candidate must go through the pre-application disclosure form and give consent to receive notices later. The application remains active on the signed-in portal for 90 days duration.

STEP 6: Filling the personal information details accurately involving name, country, state, zip code, phone number, email address, etc. for a specific job position.

STEP 7: Then, the applying candidate must answer some pre-employment questions and upload the resume.

STEP 8: At last, the applicant must review the entire application properly and click on ‘Submit Your Application’.

After submitting the application form, the applicant must pass the interview round for getting selected. Also, the candidate must pass the drug test screening conducted by the Food City store for the specific job positions during the selection process.

General questions asked during the interview process at the Food City Organization:

1] Describe yourself in short?

– The interviewing candidate can give a short introduction stating the qualifications, work experience, certifications/ specialization, hobbies, interests, etc.

2] Why do you want to work in the Food City stores?

– The applying candidate can mention the interests, the learning, experiences he/ she will gain, etc.

3] Describe your favorite part related to working in foodservice stores?

– The candidate can mention his/ her interests, knowledge, learning outcome, etc. in that food department with which he/ she prefers to work.

4] How would you describe the hospitality offered to the customers?

– He/ she can mention some important points related to the hospitality services like- greeting the customer with a smile, maintaining polite and well-mannered behavior, understanding the customer’s problems, and solving their issues/ complaints.

5] What type of customers have you handled in your previous job?

– The candidate can mention the type of customer likes- rude, polite, demanding more discounts, complaining, etc.

6] Describe the Food City stores in short?

– The interviewer wants to check your research about the organization. So, the candidate must mention various points related to the objectives, goals, store products, customer service, employee benefits, etc. appropriately.

7] Do you consider yourself a team player?

– The interviewing candidate must adequately answer this question by stating the previous school/ college experiences where you led a team and managed it properly.

8] Who is your role model in the supermarket store?

– He/ she can describe the role model of the interest and the qualities, disciplines, etc. which motivates you in your work routine.

9] How will you handle a frequently complaining customer?

– The candidate can mention the tactics to handle the complaining customer such as listening patiently towards the complaints, finding solutions to them, and resolving them in a friendly way without upsetting the customer.

10] How much salary do you expect for this job position?

– The interviewer wants to check your willingness for the job role. So, answer in a way like, the salary which suits my qualifications, skills and previous job experience.

Job Positions available at the Food City stores are as follows:

Different job positions available at the Food City stores include Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Cashier, Grocery Clerk, Server, Merchandising Area Manager, Multimedia Journalist, Regional Sales Manager, Line Cook, Hair Stylist, etc.

Some of the Job Positions at the Food City stores are as follows:

A] Bakery Clerk

            The main job responsibilities involve reasonably engaging with the customers, offering them the product information, providing proper consumer service, monitoring product pricing, displaying goods by following the merchandising guidelines, helping the cake decorators with icing of cakes, sweet rolls, donuts, etc. The applying candidate must learn to use store signage, UPCs, and memorize several codes and register keys. The average salary is $11/ hour.

B] Cashier

            The main job duties involve focusing on providing friendly consumer service, properly processing cash register transactions, etc. The interested candidate must be efficient in mathematics, computer knowledge, pro in the communication skills, etc. The average salary of the Cashier is in the range of  $15-$16 on an hourly basis.

C] Pharmacy Tech

            The main job duties involve assisting the pharmacist in their services, performing counter service, regularly checking patient information, handling the patient calls, maintaining the prescription bills, preparing the prescriptions, etc. He/ she should maintain a proper register of the services provided, convey information to the consumers through effective communication, effectively train other team members in the pharmacy team, etc. The salary is in the range of $15-$18 per hour.

D] Barista

            The main job duties involve supporting all the company policies, processing cash register transactions, following safety and healthy sanitation guidelines, etc. The requirements include efficient communication, honesty in work, proper customer service, maintaining cash handling, etc. The salary range is usually $14 per hour.

E] Meat Cutter

           The job responsibilities include proper handling of the cutting equipment like knives, tenderizer, meat cutter, grinder, saws, patty maker, wrapping machine, etc. The other duties involve keeping the meat corner in a neat, clean and orderly manner, preparation of ready-to-go meat products, taking customer orders, following safety guidelines, and ensuring proper customer service promptly. The requirements involve processing, weighing, and merchandising all the meat products, effective communication skills, etc. The pay scale of the meat cutter is $9/ hour.

F] Kitchen Manager

           The prime requirements for this job role involve attentiveness, confidence, critical thinking ability, etc. The job responsibilities involve maintaining a clean, and tidy kitchen, following good cooking guidelines and practices, hiring professionals, managing the team members. The applying candidate must possess good computer knowledge skilled in MS tools- MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Excel, etc., and good communication skills. The pay scale of a kitchen manager is generally $18-$19 on an hourly basis.

G] Executive Chef

            The job duties involve supervising and directing all the departmental activities, achieving sales and merchandise, scheduling timely meetings, processing cash registers, menu planning, ordering the products and keeping records of them, keeping the warehouses, food preparation areas, cooking counters, etc. clean and tidy. The interested candidate applying for this job position must be professional in the work, be dexterous with fingers and hands, have knowledge regarding food practices and safety guidelines, learn a variety of food products, and be updated with the latest food knowledge. The salary is generally $20 per hour.

The salary range offered to the employees at the Food City stores: –

Cake Decorator$10-$18$12
Front End Manager$10-$14$12
Pharmacy Technician$9-$16$13
Night Stocker$10-$16$12
Meat Cutter$8-$14$11
Sales Representative$20-$26$23
Sushi Chef$9-$14$12
Customer Service Representative$12-$18$15
Courtesy Clerk$12-$16$13
Assistant Store Manager$14-$20$18
Office Manager$19-$24$22
Database Administrator$23-$27$25
Scanning Clerk$17-$23$20

Benefits offered to the employees at the Food City stores are as follows:

1] Healthcare coverage involving dental, medical, and life insurances.

2] Competitive salary package.

3] Paid vacations and holidays.

4] Vision coverage

5] Retirement plans.

6] Pension scheme.

7] Paid Sick Days and Sick Leave.

8] Parental care.

9] Flexible working schedule.

10] Stock ownership plan.

11] Employee perks.

12] Job training.

13] Career advancement opportunities and promotional offers, etc.

Qualifications required to get hired easily at the Food City store:

  • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in the relevant field is preferred.
  • Experienced in the Food Services, Customer Management, knowledge or certifications in Food and Safety practices is more preferred.
  • Knowledge of basic mathematics, statistics, etc.
  • Pro with the computer tools: MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Word, etc.

Job Roles and Responsibilities to perform in the Food City store:

  • Meet the visual, physical, and mental demands of the Food City stores and the customers.
  • Assisting the team members in the other departments in their work.
  • Keeping a track record of the daily activities, merchandise, and sales.
  • Overseeing the food preparation and preparing the food menu lists.
  • Must be able to do physical activities like bending, carrying products, twisting, loading, and unloading products, etc.
  • Engaging the customers with greetings, smiles, providing product information, etc.
  • Setting the store’s goals and objectives and completing them in an assigned manner to earn profits from food products.
  • Maintaining a friendly and positive attitude towards consumers and the working team members.
  • Advertising and marketing of the food products.

Job Skills required to get hired easily at the Food City store:

  • Multitasking ability.
  • Advertising and Marketing.
  • Good confidence level.
  • Good hospitality practices with the customers.
  • Tactful and courteous behavior.
  • Ability to learn more.
  • Operating electric and manual equipment.
  • Equipped with the tortilla equipment.
  • Ability to work consistently for long hours.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Ability to handle stress and work pressure.
  • Ability to work in shifts, weekends, if required.

Conclusion: –

Food City is a renowned privately owned family and employee-based organization employing a large number of employees every year in different sectors. It produces and sells different types of food products. It also distributes regional favorites involving Terry’s Classic Snacks, Kern’s Bread, Lay Classic Meats, Kay’s Ice Cream, etc. It provides job opportunities through hiring applications via the online portal and person-to-person interviews. Along with a good pay scale, it offers additional employee benefits including perks and insurance plans. It maintains a friendly and cultured environment in the working place by offering good services to the customers and adequate management with the employees.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about the Food City stores are as follows:

1] What is the number of employees working in the Food City stores?

– The number of employees working in the Food City stores ranges from about 1000 to 5000 in total.

2] Does the Food City store pay on an hourly/ weekly basis?

– Yes, the Food City store pays on an hourly/ weekly basis.

3] What is the minimum age required to work at the Food City stores?

–  The minimum age required to get hired and work at the Food City stores is 14 years. But for advanced jobs, the age limit is 18 years of age.

4] Who are the top competitors of Food City stores?

–  The top competitors of the Food City stores include Big Y Foods, Wu Mart Stores, Lowes Foods, Piggly Wiggly, Spinneys, Bashas’, Albertsons, Southeastern Grocers, Brookshire, Price Chopper, Osco Pharmacy, Haynes Furniture Company, Shades of Light, Casey’s, Stewart’s Shops, Kum & Go, etc.

5] What are the working hours of operations at the Food City stores?

– The working hours at the Food City stores typically include 6:00 am to 12:00 am on all weekdays. There may be certain changes depending on the work shifts.

Food City Careers: Job Application Process, Salary And Benefits

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