Denny’s Careers – Job Application, Salary, Age & Interview Questions

Denny’s Job Opportunities Application: A Simple Guide to Start Your Career at Denny’s

Denny’s (or Denny’s Dinner) is an American restaurant chain with over 1,700 operated restaurants in several other countries. We will discuss Denny’s Job Opportunities here. With its vast reach in the food industry and the huge management needed to manage it, Denny’s is always on the lookout for potential restaurant and corporate employees. But how can job seekers keep up to date with Denny’s Careers, and what do they need to prepare?

Several things need to be prepared: updates regarding job openings, the potential salary of the professions offered by the company, the steps to complete the company’s application process, and the basic idea of the interview question. We will dive more into details about starting your career at Denny’s.

How to Apply?

Like most international companies, Denny’s has adapted to the growing usage of online works and services to facilitate their customers and staff better. One of which is the online job application system through their company website: On the website is a plethora of employment opportunities that range from entry-level restaurant careers to managerial restaurant careers and corporate careers. If you’re looking to work as one of the restaurant crews or prefer management that is more hands-on in nature, I’ll direct you to the “Restaurant Careers” section. On the other hand, if you’re more compatible with work that focuses on marketing, human resources, or technology, then the “Corporate Careers” button is for you! If you’re still confused about what type of job you’re looking for, there is no need to worry because the website also provides a search engine that’ll recommend jobs based on your interests. Job opportunities in Denny’s are also posted across job sites, such as LinkedIn, Snagajob, and Indeed, so be sure to check those sites as well!

Other notable application information is of the following:

  • Minimum age requirement: The minimum age to work at Denny’s is 16 years old.
  • Hours of Operation: Denny’s is a 24/7 chain restaurant that opens 7 days a week.

Work Benefits

Full-time restaurant employees of Denny’s (with a total of 30 hours/week) will be receiving job benefits that include dental, vision, and medical insurance, paid time off paid vacation, and 401(k) retirement plans. Part-time employees will also receive their share of job benefits, such as discounts on menu items. Those that are eligible will also receive extended healthcare coverage.

Corporate employees will also receive the following work benefits: 

  • Community Events
  • Gym Membership
  • Volunteer Hours
  • 401(K) Match
  • Discount Programs
  • Adoption Benefits
  • Free Parking
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Access to the Den (Denny’s On-site Restaurant)
  • Mother’s Room
  • Business Casual Dress Code
  • PTO / Holidays / Vacation
  • Healthcare Benefits
Salary & Profession Outlook

Being an international restaurant chain that opens for 24/7 and operates by shifts, level entry jobs job opportunities at Denny’s are regularly available for the following jobs: 

  • Dishwasher
  • Cook
  • Server

Salary by Profession

When looking for a job, one of the main considerations would be an employee’s salary outlook. However, as information about salaries is largely not publicized, job seekers should find out more regarding the average salary that the company has set for each profession. This way, job seekers who decide to apply with the company would have a basic idea of the potential salary and help avoid unnecessary disappointment. However, salaries will differ with each profession and the skills needed for the job. According to Glassdoor’s March 2021 survey, the annual and hourly income for Denney’s employees based on their profession is shown below:

Job TitleRangeAverage
Restaurant Manager$32,700 – $62,099/year$42,068/year
General Manager$25,614 – $84,019/year$54,550/year
Assistant Manager$21,123 – $56,757/year$38,361/year
Cook $9 – $22/hour$13/hour
Server $2 – $24/hour$10/hour
Dishwasher $7 – $11/hour$10/hour
Source: Glassdoor (March 2021)

Wage Difference by Locations

The amount of salary that you’ll receive also greatly depends on the state you’re working in. The wage difference is mainly due to the cost of living of each state. For instance, the annual salary of a Denny’s restaurant manager in Los Angeles will be higher compared to other states.

StatesAverage Salary
Los Angeles, California$52,331/year
Houston, Texas$42,859/year
Las Vegas, Nevada$42,493/year
Phoenix, Arizona$41,470/year
Source: Glassdoor (March 2021)

While the wage difference of Denney’s server per state is listed below:

StatesAverage Salary
Los Angeles, California$17/hour
Houston, Texas$8/hour
Las Vegas, Nevada$12/hour
Phoenix, Arizona$12/hour
Source: Glassdoor (March 2021)

Application Process | Denny’s Careers

Whether you’re looking for entry-level jobs, managerial jobs, or corporate jobs, you’ll start the application by opening the company website through this link There will be two options on the welcome page: “Restaurant Careers” and “Corporate Careers” with their respective job lists. But if you want to see what job positions are opening immediately, you can click the “Search Jobs” button in the upper right corner. It’ll direct you to the job opening page. 

Restaurant Careers Jobs

Please note that due to several Denny’s restaurants being franchises and are independently operated, there are some differences in the application process. So please read the Job Descriptions clearly.

Below here are the first main steps to start your Denney’s career journey.

  1. When you’ve selected the type of employment and have finished reading the job description, click Apply Now on Denny’s website. You’ll be redirected to Snagajob to start the application process officially.

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  1. If you don’t have a Snagajob account, remember to create an account first. 
  2. Once arriving on the Snagajob page, click Apply Now to start the application process. 
  3. There are some slight differences in the application process for entry-level jobs and managerial jobs. The specific steps can be seen below: 

Restaurant Crew Jobs

  1. For entry-level jobs, once you’ve clicked the Apply Now button, you’ll be asked to fill in your basic information (Name, birthday).
  2. After submitting your basic information, you’ll be asked to go through a 16 step online application. Those 16 steps include the following instructions:

Step 1: What to Expect

Step 2: E-Signature Disclosures & Consent

Step 3: Your availability

Step 4: Tell us about Yourself.

Step 5: General Info

Step 6: Legal Information

Step 7: Employment History

Step 8: Education

Step 9: References

Step 10: Volunteer & Military Experiences

Step 11: Referrals & Relatives

Step 12: Job Presence & Behaviour

Step 13: Tax Credit Availability

Step 14: Hiring Assessment 

Step 15: Upload Resume

Step 16: How did you hear about this job?

Managerial Jobs

  1. To start the application process for managerial level jobs, applicants will have to answer several questions, such as:

    • Your education.
    • Your previous working experience.
    • Your working schedule and overall time availability.
    • Your relevant skills that’ll be useful for the job.

  2. The next step is to fill in your profile, upload your resume and cover letters.

  3. The last step is reviewing your answers and documents before finalizing your application.

Corporate Career Jobs

For the jobs under the corporate career category (which includes jobs with the following titles: Guest Service Representative, Creative Director, Brand Manager, etc.), the application process will be conducted through Denney’s company website. 

Below here are the necessary steps:

  1. Open  and click Corporate Careers.

  2. Click the Job Search button on the upper right corner.

  3. After selecting the job, click Apply Now. Then, you’ll be directed to this page.

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  1. The first step is to fill in your information (Country, Name, Address, Email, Phone number, how you hear about Denney’s). You have the option to upload your resume as well.

  2. Next is “My Experience,” where you’ll need to fill in the information about your previous work experiences (with the following job title, company name, role descriptions), level of education, relevant skills, languages, and website links (if any).

  3. Continuing, you’ll be asked to answer the “Application Questions,” which consist of the following questions:

    • Your Age 
    • Previous work experiences at Denney’s
    • Work Availability
    • Provide 3 references from supervisors (include their name, title, phone number, and email address)

  4. The second to last step of the application is to provide self-identification (race/ethnicity and gender) and sign the Terms and Condition by clicking the “Yes, I have read and consent to the terms and conditions” box.

  5. The final step is to review the answers before finalizing the application. 

Denny’s Interview Process

When the company accepts your online application, you’ll be asked to do an interview. The interview itself can be different from location to location, with some restaurants informing their applicants through phone calls to conduct the interview. Other restaurants will contact the applicants by scheduling a face-to-face interview within a few days. The interview process will usually take about a day or two to complete. But it’s also possible for the applications to be stored for months, and therefore the applicants will have to wait several weeks after their initial submissions.

When applying for work in Denny’s, both entry-level jobs and managerial jobs will be expected to do two or three rounds of interviews. The interview itself will be conducted within a 15-minute one-on-one session per applicant. 

It’s also possible to submit your application offline, which you can do by going directly to your nearest Denny’s chain venue and fill up the application form. This can be a good way to meet the hiring manager so that they’ll know who’s applying. However, in the current global situation, online applications are safer. 

Denny’s Interview Questions

Other than the usual questions that serve as an introduction to your personality, hiring managers in Denney’s would typically ask about your work-home mobility, time availability, previous job experiences, and relevant skill sets. Time availability and flexibility are crucial as Denney’s restaurant chains stay open 24/7 and have a large range of shifts. Therefore, hiring managers would be more receptive to applicants with free schedules. If your schedule is not completely free or you have other priorities, you can reassure them that your work there will be the top priority. 

There are several questions that tend to be more specific, such as:
  • Why do you want to work at Denney’s? The key in answering this question is to share with the hiring managers what you find relatable regarding Denney’s principles, values, and business ethics as a company. It’ll be great to research to gain more insights. But fortunately, the company’s website has provided information of reasons as to why prospective applicants should join their team, which includes the principle of treating their employees like family, their dedication towards diversity in all working aspects, and the commitment to fulfill the social responsibility of feeding those who are in need. Share with the hiring managers how you relate to Denney’s values and visions. 

  • Why should we hire you? / What contributions can you give us? Answer this question by highlighting the relevant skills that will be beneficial to the job. Don’t forget to describe your plan to adapt to their working environment. Also, share with the hiring managers your previous achievements, backed up by references from colleagues, supervisors, or boss to give more credibility. 

  • How do you handle conflicts or problems in your previous work? This type of question looks for your ability to be a problem solver. Please describe your problem-solving skills by describing a situation and sharing with them your ideas on approaching the problem. Emphasize the lessons learned from those experiences and how you will implement them in the current job to avoid similar conflicts. 

  • How well do you work with other people? One of the most important qualities of any employee is whether they’re a team player. The ability to communicate and cooperate as a team is crucial to ensure smooth projects and target completion. When answering this question, describe the specific situation and the role you play in the team to emphasize your interpersonal skills. 

More Tips for an Interview at Denney’s

  • Hiring managers typically look for individuals that have similar work experiences with the job they’re applying to. So, make sure to highlight your previous experiences when answering the questions.

  • Whether doing a face-to-face interview or an online interview conducted via video call, appearances will always provide extra points. Wear business casual attires and keep a clean and professional appearance to stand out to the hiring managers.

  • During the interview, make sure to relax and show how excited you are to be part of Denney’s family.

  • When answering the questions, take the time to organize your thoughts and points to utilize the limited duration of your interview session efficiently. 

  • Always prepare your own set of questions to display your curiosity and excitement in joining Denny’s. Try to ask questions regarding the job desks, company culture, and other work responsibilities but avoid asking about salaries.

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