Catherines Careers- Job Opportunities, their Salary, and Perks

Catherines Careers - Job Opportunities, Salary, Requirements, Age, Application Process, Benefits Complete Guide

Catherines is the favorite plus-size fashion store in America. From tops, bottoms, and dresses to activewear, sleepwear, and lounge, you can get it all there. Founded in 1962, Catherines stands out from the mainstream shopping brands by catering to the needs of plus-size women and respects all shapes and sizes. Here, we’ll know about Catherines Careers. You can have a chance to work in one of the world’s best companies, you just need to meet some requirements and pass an interview. Sounds awesome, right?

When preparing yourself for Catherine’s interview, you should prepare yourself and be ready to answer any kind of question on inclusion, diversity, equity, and their culture and values. Learn about the company and muster a good piece of knowledge and information about the work culture, its mission and vision,n, and the policies, and you’re good to go!

To have a deeper insight into Catherine’s careers, job opportunities, salary, requirements, age, the application process, benefits, complete guide, keep digging in!

How Much Are You Gonna Make? 

According to Payscale, the average salary at Catherine’s is $12.01 per hour with an average bonus of $950. 

The individual salaries for each job are given below. The data has been taken from, and, and 

Job Title Salary
Store Sales Associate$9.62 per hour 
Loss Prevention Associate$30,505 per year 
Assistant Store Manager$11.50 per hour 
Store Manager, District Manager$17.53 per hour 
Regional Manager$85,763 per year 
Merchandiser$58,704 per year 
Buyer$50,600 per year
Sourcing Associate$58,790 per year
Technical Designer$105,144 per year 
Planner$78,527 per year 
Allocation Analyst$53,612 per year
Financial Analyst$81,590 per year
Logistics & Distribution Manager$95,617 per year 
Customer Service Representative$40,598 per year
Marketing Associate$484,423 per year

How Old Should You Be?

Catherines hires people starting from as early as 16 years of age. As soon as a person turns 16, they can apply for any position at Macy’s. Although, there can be other age prerequisites for certain jobs given the amount of labor to be put in and the apparatus used in the job. All of these technicalities can be discussed in an interview. 

Perks of Working at Catherines 

Catherines offers many benefits for its employees to enjoy. The benefits cater to both the part-time and the full-time workers. An employee is liable to avail themselves of all of the following windfalls. 

  • Employee discounts at Catherines 
  • Healthcare benefits 
  • 401k retirement plans
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Profit-sharing 
  • Paid time off

What Do They Expect From You?

Almost every job requires you to fulfill some basic criteria. You also need to showcase some basic skills and throw light on some talent of yours to land yourself a job at Macy’s. There is no restriction on the basis of experience. Macy’s welcomes everyone from having zero experience to good experience. Also, they do not look for a special degree unless it’s a job in management and higher positions. Macy’s requires people who: 

  • Are civic, cheerful, cordial, and enthusiastic. 
  • Display comfortable and helpful behavior throughout the interview.
  • Have sympathetic conduct and are not short of annoyance. If you yell or fight with your fellow opponents or the interviewers, that’ll be a vital disgrace and defeat.
  • Smile frequently and have an assisting behavior.
  • While answering the questions, they sound as real and decent as they can.
  • Have the mandatory leadership, partnership, and supervision skills.
  • Are willing to facilitate a robust and natural environment with the shoppers, their fellow workers, and the administration during their term.
  • Have completed at least 16 years of age.
  • Are outgoing, committed, optimistic, and care for and understand fashion. 

How to Apply 

Applicants can apply for a job at Catherine’s either online or by walking directly into a store and handing over their Catherines application. 

If you are hoping for a better career and higher-scale job position, you must attach your resume and cover letter to your application.

You may check the status of your application by walking to the stores and asking the recruiters directly.  This will also show your desire and urgency to work there, leaving a good impression. 

Application Process at Catherines  

The hiring process at Catherine’s begins with a job application and ends with an interview. Everything in between is carried out smoothly to help out the applicants.

  • The hiring process at Catherine’s can vary from 3 days to 1 week in total. 
  • You can apply both online or by walking in. 
  • This is then followed by phone interviews where they ask you basic questions like your availability, interests, etc.  
  • This is followed by a one-on-one interview with the assistant or store manager if you are selected. 
  • Workers having experience in retail management or clothing stores are often chosen above others.

Job Opportunities 

Catherines has a job opportunity for anyone who wants to work in a retail store and is good at handling the pressure of a busy work environment. From jobs that require no prior experience, it also offers high scale jobs that need good skills and knowledge of the position. Catherines  offers jobs in the various arena as: 

  • Store Sales Associate
  • Loss Prevention Associate
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Store Manager, District Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Merchandiser
  • Buyer
  • Sourcing Associate
  • Technical Designer
  • Planner
  • Allocation Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Logistics & Distribution Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Marketing Associate

What Questions Do They Ask?

You don’t want to go to your interview all dumb and meek, do you? To know about the questions that the interviewers are going to ask you beforehand always gives you a good start as it instills in your self-confidence and vigor because you would know everything that they are going to ask you and your answers would be perfectly prepared for them. 

Have a look at some standard questions that they ask all the time: 

  • Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Give them a detailed account of your educational background, your skills and prior experience, and your current position, and your place of work, if any. If you say that you have prior experience in a retail store, you must be ready to answer their meticulous questions. So, do no bluff if you do not have experience. 

Example: ‘My name is Amy Davenport. I am a high school student. I have great organizational and problem-solving skills as I have worked before in a retail store. I am currently working in another clothing store as a cashier.’

  • What can you tell us about Catherines?

Go through meticulous and comprehensive research about the company you’re applying to. Have a good knowledge about its mission and vision statement, its principles, policies, foundation year, and more. You can visit the careers page on Catherines’s official website to get a deeper insight into all their careers.

Example:’Well, I have loved Catherines forever. I highly support its promotion of all body types. Apart from the mainstream shopping brands that focus on the zero figure, Catherines cares about every body type. The mission of including people from diverse backgrounds is what resonates with me the most. I would love to be a part of such a loving and welcoming Catherine’s family.’

  • Why do you want to work at Catherine’s?

The answer that can be a deal-breaker is saying that you want the job for money or to help your studies. You should rather say that you are eager to learn new things, want to grow as a person, explore yourself, hone your skills and gain new experience which is why you want the job. 

Example: ‘ The work environment at Catherine’s is supportive and healthy. I am eager to learn new things, increase my career prospects, grow as a person and hone my skills through this job. Also, I love fashion and marketing, love serving people with a smiling face and Catherines  will help me do just that.’ 

  • What are your biggest strengths?

Mention your skills but not in a pompous or haughty manner. Keep the answer humble and down to earth. Say something like you easily adapt to a new environment and are capable of working in a fast-paced environment as you love speed. Tell them how your strengths will help in the growth and advancement of the company. 

Example: ‘Although, I do not regard myself as a perfect person or believe that I have some extraordinary strengths, I do believe this-I have a huge potential for learning and becoming a better person each day which is my greatest strength. I am also a fast learner and settle very quickly and easily in a fast-paced environment which will be beneficial for this job that I am applying for.’

  • Do you have any weaknesses?

People make the mistake of answering this question in the negative. They portray themselves as flawlessly perfect but little do they know that the recruiters are aware of the fact that it is not possible. After all, we’re all human and each one of us has our flaws. Mention them and accept them and also tell them that you are looking forward to improving them through the skills you will learn in the company. 

Example: ‘I am a hugely flawed person and have many areas to work and improve on. But, I am looking forward to making them all better by the skills that I will learn and the experience that I will gain while working here. One of my chief weaknesses is that I overburden myself with a lot of work, which sometimes becomes a problem for me.’ 

  • Where would you like to see yourself in the next five years?

The answer to this question must always convey that your long-term career goals are aligned with the job you are applying for and are giving the interview. So tell them that you want to make a career in the retail industry or a department store. 

Example:’ I love anything and everything about retail and management. Hence, I am thinking to shoot a career in the retail store or fashion industry.’ 

  • Why should you be hired?

This is the time to list all your achievements, experiences, skills, and knowledge that you have mustered in the past. You should also tell them that you love everything about retail and have amazing people skills, organizational skills, and problem-solving skills which will help you in the retail environment. 

Example:’I have had an experience as a Barista in a retail store. In my time there, I have mastered the skills of problem-solving, teamwork, meeting deadlines on time, managing the fast-paced retail environment, etc. I also have amazing people skills and great verbal and written communication skills which will help me interact with the customers better.’

  • How would you make the shopping experience better for an unhappy customer?

You should answer this by telling them that first of all, you will find out the cause of the customer’s unhappiness. If it would be because of a product, you would replace it or provide them with your best solution at hand. If it is because of the service, you would apologize politely and do your best to make it better. 

Example:’I will first ask the customer politely what it is that is causing them trouble. If it would be because of a product, I would replace it with the correct one. If they complain about the quality of a product, I would try to offer them something better and apologize for the inconvenience. Or if it would be because of inefficient service, I would do my best to make it better.’

  • Do you have any questions for us?

Show your eagerness and interest by asking them questions about your pay, benefits, work hours, and allowances amongst other things. This is a question you must always answer as this concerts your curiosity and involvement in the process. 

Example:’Yes, I do have some questions. How will I be paid/what will be my benefits/what will be the working hours/what is the work environment like/ what is going to be my chief responsibility/will I get any paid leaves/what is the scope for improvement in the position?’


So, if you love all things fashion and are eager to work in an excellent environment, Catherines has a place for you in the management, sales, analytics as well as customer arenas. All you gotta do is go through the questions, prepare your answer and dress yourself up with a great smile and amazing confidence to give an awesome kick start to your wonderful Catherine’s career. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Catherine begin accepting applications?

Catherine’s usually begun accepting applications 5-6 months before the opening. The applicant must keep checking the careers page of the Weans website regularly. 

What should I include in my Catherines application?

You should include everything about your qualifications, skills, abilities, and prior work experience. Applicants with prior experience in a fashion store or retail store are preferred. For a managerial position, you must attach the legal documents ensuring your credibility.

If I fail at an interview, can I apply again?

If you fail at an interview you have a chance to apply again in the same position or even in a different position. There is no maximum number for the times you can apply. You can apply as many times as you like. 

How will I know my application progress?

Applicants are always informed about their application status. If an applicant is selected, they are then contacted through a call for an interview. If not selected, they will be informed via email. 

Catherines Careers- Job Opportunities, their Salary, and Perks

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