What to wear to a Lowes Interview?- Dress Code

What to wear to a Lowes Interview?

Attending important days in our life is already very stressful. But one of the major problems which add to the stress is one question—”What do I wear?” Wearing the correct clothes during interviews can lead to a make-or-break situation.  But don’t worry, we have prepared a list of dos and don’ts for you to keep in mind while deciding on what to wear to a Lowes interview?

In a nutshell, mostly what interviewers look for is work-appropriate attire that defines your position. But most of all, be confident in yourself, and regardless of what you’re wearing, ace that interview. All that you need is the perfect amount of smartness, formalness, but primarily just be you. We have it all covered for you here.

A step by step guide on what to wear

  • Be Professional- Dressing professionally should be your topmost priority when it comes to appearing in an interview. You should always look polished, smart and neat. Keep in mind that whatever you are wearing, should be presentable at the end of the day. For men, a formal shirt paired with formal pants never goes wrong in this case. And if you are a woman, you can pair the same shirt with a pencil skirt.
  • ‘Comfortably’ Confident- Dress comfortably but not to the extent of being casual. Employers always appreciate a little bit of effort and smartness in your dressing sense. But you should also keep in mind your comfort and give it just as much priority so that you feel congenial while giving the interview. For men, a polo neck T-shirt with formal trousers and formal shoes could do the work. As for women, a statement dress could be worn.
  • Express Yourself- Remember that being you and adding a little bit of spice to your outfit can help you a long way. But make sure you do it correctly and don’t overstep any boundaries. Adding accessories or statements by wearing ties, coats, and even berets can make you look better plus you would feel comfortable in your own skin. And if you are comfortable during the interview, it would be easier for you to sit there and answer some questions. But remember to choose accessories that enhance your outfit and not overwhelm it.
  • Colour Combination- Make sure that the colors you are wearing aren’t too flashy as they would be considered inappropriate. But that doesn’t limit you from wearing a daring color. Make sure your outfit balances itself. I wouldn’t combine a blue shirt with green pants. Combining daring colors with black always makes the outfit look cleaner and subtler. 

Dressing Up in Accordance to Position

Sometimes, depending on the position you are interviewing for, the employers expect different attires. Therefore, you must keep that in mind and align your outfit with your position. For example, a clean pair of jeans and shirt could be worn to a Lowes interview but unless it’s a senior or management position, the same attire would not be appropriate. Instead, suits, pencil skirts, and most modern western formals would be preferable. So, the choice of appropriate clothes also highly depends on the position you are appearing for. 

Going from Dated to Updated

With the increasing competition in the job market, employers tend to inspect you on every aspect and yes, that includes appearance and clothes. If you haven’t been in the job force for a while now, don’t let that reflect in your outfit. Make sure that you are wearing modern formals which would not only benefit your appearance but also enhance your personality. Avoid wearing sneakers, long skirts, and sweaters in interviews and go for fashion-forward stitched business suits. 

Accessories and Makeup

Even though you have to look your best, it doesn’t mean you need to put on heavy make-up to do so. Light and natural make-up go a long way. Avoid wearing heavy foundation, dark eyeshadows, and bright lipstick. Whereas, light mascara, a light shade of lipstick, and some powder with sleek hair would be appreciated. 

When it comes to your accessories, keep them to the minimum. It is a saying to remove the last thing you put on while wearing accessories. Make sure you don’t wear blingy necklaces and heavy earrings, wearing studs would be preferable. For men, when it comes to accessories keep in mind that your ties aren’t old-fashioned, and be mindful of your tie clip and cufflinks.  

What Not to Wear

To be mindful of what you are wearing is just as important as knowing what you shouldn’t. 

1. When it comes to wearing suits, it is a common misconception that the blazer can hide what you are wearing underneath. But that is a myth. The blazer does not hide or upgrade your outfit in any sort of what you are wearing originally is outdated or too shabby. 

2. Another thing to note is to keep your clothes buttoned up at all times. It gives a sleeker and more professional look and doesn’t give off the impression of being too casual. 

As for women, when it comes to wearing dresses, make sure your clothes aren’t tight fit or have short hemlines. 

3. One very important thing to keep in your conscience is that you conceal your tattoos. Some interviewers still hurt the chances of you getting hired if you have body art. Plus, you can never be too careful.

4. Lastly, when it comes to the scent of your success, assure that you aren’t wearing a very strong perfume. But also confirm that you smell good. After all, the employer would be sitting in the same room as you. 


At the end of the day, being tidy, confident and just the right amount of formal is what helps us in acing an interview and leaving an impression regardless of our position. Thinking about what you are going to wear a day before your interview helps a lot to reduce stress and a little preparation never hurts. If you put together everything just right and be mindful of the outfit, accessories, and most importantly, footwear that you are wearing, nothing is stopping you to give the right impression.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I have everything right but the outfit still looks very tacky on me.

It is important to understand that you might have everything worked out, but the outfit might still not look good on you. This can happen if you are not able to carry the outfit well. One major thing that stands in the way of us and a perfect interview outfit is how we carry it. So, choose the clothes that you are comfortable wearing and look good on you as well. Wearing generic modern formals always help people who just can’t seem to find the ‘perfect outfit that fits them. Carrying yourself is just as important as deciding what to wear.

  1. I searched everywhere but just can’t seem to find modern formals in my budget.

A lot of people don’t have hefty amounts to spend on formal clothing. Thrifting, and buying clothes from unbranded stores is a very efficient way to find clothes that don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Another way to find smart clothing would be to rent it for a few hours and it could save a lot of bucks.

  1. If my outfit looks great is it still necessary for me to wear a good pair of shoes?

Statistics show that one of the first things that people notice in your outfit is your shoes. So, if you have an amazing outfit but still fail to pair it up with good quality footwear, it would definitely add some negative points to your appearance for the employer. 

  1. Can I wear patterned clothes for an interview?

Yes, you can indeed wear patterns to job interviews but the challenge comes when you have to choose the right design. Stripes, plaids, polkas, and checks are always welcome in interviews and also look very classy and elegant. Whereas, if you wear velvet, leopard, or sequin to your interviews, it would come off to be too flashy and inappropriate and would leave a negative effect on the employer. 

What to wear to a Lowes Interview?- Dress Code

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