Trending Careers for INTJ in 2021

The Best Careers for INTJ? What is INTJ?

We all know how difficult it gets when it comes to deciding on the ideal careers for ourselves. Deciding on the career you would like to commit to for the long term could lead to experimenting and frustration. So how about using your personality type as a guide to help you find dream careers for INTJ?

If you are an INTJ, you are in luck! This article is all about the INTJ personality type and the types of careers you are most likely to find fulfilling and enjoyable. The content in this article explores the characteristics and common traits of the INTJ personality. We will review what kind of work INTJs excel in and the careers that people with this personality type should look for.  Without wasting time, let us first understand the basis and background of INTJs by quickly talking about how this personality type came to be identified.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 

INTJs belong to 16 identified personalities that can each be matched to people all across the world. These personality types were defined by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was initially created in 1962 and is still very prevalent in today’s world. It serves as a personality test that gives people a better idea of who they are, how they function, what they like, and several more classifications.

So now we can focus on the INTJ personality and find what it means to fall under this personality type.

What is an INTJ?

INTJs are the third rarest personality type and makeup only 1% to 4% of the population. The personality type abbreviation stands for Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), and Judgement (J). INTJs are known as the “architects” or “strategists” out of the 16 personalities. 

INTJs lean towards being more introverted than extroverted and prefer having their own space. They do not necessarily enjoy being in highly charged group settings frequently and like to work alone. People with this personality type are imaginative, think of the bigger picture, and have thoughts on abstract theories. INTJs are likely to be creative thinkers because of this.

Moreover, logic and objectivity are vital to INTJs in their decision-making processes. They are less likely to be influenced by emotional and personal perspectives. INTJs like to maintain and have ordered. They are methodical, so they construct well-thought-out plans and routines to guide them as they deal with external issues.

INTJs are very analytical, so they love to read between the lines and break down the details of what they are working with. They find pleasure in contemplating possibilities and imagining future happenings. Impressions make a lasting impact on these types of personalities.

INTJs enjoy their own company and work well independently. They are very capable of happily getting lost in their own thoughts. This may make them come across as distant and uninterested in social settings. People with this personality do not care much for large social situations.

This personality type also has perfectionist tendencies, leading them to have exceptionally ambitious standards for themselves and their work. They aspire for personal growth and development and enjoy challenges that allow them to learn more and sharpen their skills.

INTJs are tactful, rational, and have ease when dealing with complex matters and information. They value gaining new knowledge and skills highly. They invest in their mental prowess and hold that as a source of confidence and esteem. INTJs can also derive some humor from their quick- and sharp-witted characteristics.

Their traits, however, sometimes make them appear pessimistic and overly judgmental in the way they perceive the world or other people. INTJs are sometimes not open-minded towards situations or people they believe do not present notable value to their undertakings. This makes them appear to be rather insensitive and unapproachable at times.

INTJs are natural skeptics who question a multitude of things that others normally do not question. They seek solutions and answers to queries that most do not even think about. They are bold and not afraid to relay their unconventional sentiments for all to hear. INTJs are also reflective and decisive.

They are big thinkers who follow their passions and projects to the end. They are fully devoted and immersed in whatever work they put themselves to. INTJs have strong ambition, imagination, drive, willpower, and independence, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Being the strategic and determined people they are, they have a list of strengths that summarize this personality’s strong points below. This is followed by a list of their weaknesses as well.

INTJ Strengths

  • They are great listeners.
  • They are good at generating and contemplating ideas, concepts, and theories.
  • They are confident in themselves.
  • They are hard workers.
  • They are reliable and decisive.
  • They are curious.
  • They hold themselves to a high standard.
  • They are rational.
  • They are knowledgeable and well-informed.
  • They work well independently.
  • They are determined.
  • They are versatile.

INTJs Weaknesses

  • They tend to get too analytical.
  • They can be too judgmental or critical.
  • They can be too much of a perfectionist.
  • They can come across as insensitive.
  • They sometimes hold too little regard for emotions.
  • They can be quite arrogant.
  • They can be pessimistic.

Careers for INTJ

INTJs have commendable perceptive and cognitive skills. It is easy for them to extract information, investigate it thoroughly and discover breakthroughs or new findings. They are great at attaining and interpreting complicated information. These traits of theirs equip them to thrive in sciences, academia, research, law, and engineering.

INTJs are also best suited for careers that allow them to work alone and independently. They also need careers that make them feel fulfilled and allow them to exercise their skills and talents. They crave challenging experiences and are quickly bored by mundane or minimal impact responsibilities.

INTJs take pride in their competence and are likely to stand out in the workplace through their unique and noteworthy contributions. If they cannot work alone, they prefer to work with relatively small teams to avoid the frustrations they tend to have when placed in socially charged settings. They believe in working hard and earning your success through work. People with this personality type also look forward to career progression and continuously developing professionally.

A list of careers that are the best options for INTJs, along with short explanations why are given as follows:

  1. Scientist

INTJs are established big thinkers who can draw groundbreaking results from a set of complex data. They are strategic and enjoy coming up with innovative solutions to pressing problems. Or they love to experiment and arrive at new conclusions. Considering all this, the career of a scientist is bound to keep INTJs fulfilled and proud.

  1. Judge

INTJs, with their ability to put emotions aside and remain objective and logical, can make great judges. They are unlikely to be swayed by external actors and able to discern their true judgment without a single shred of doubt. INTJs are great at reading between the lines, picking out patterns, and arriving at sound conclusions and judgment. A bonus advantage is they are hard to manipulate.

  1. Mathematician

The world of a mathematician provides a lot of room for growth and versatility for INTJs. There is a lot to work with and master in this career field. Becoming a mathematician is bound to present INTJs challenges that will give them plenty of moments to excel and learn.

  1. Lawyer

The detail-oriented nature of INTJs allows them to have formidable insight and a level of preparedness that gives them an advantageous hand at being a lawyer. Their strategies, judgment, and preciseness make INTJs great candidates for law practice.

  1. Mechanical Engineer

Being the excellent problem solvers that they are, INTJs would make great mechanical engineers. This career can take them into various industries to work on a wide range of mechanical devices. INTJs will meet exciting challenges and use their mental acumen to create solutions that lead to efficiency improvements in all sorts of areas.

  1. Dentist

The technical work that goes into dentistry has a great chance at being of appeal to INTJs. Dentistry provides the opportunity to master a field and skill, which INTJs are drawn. The methodical aspects and interesting challenges the position brings about make it an excellent choice for this personality type.

  1. Civil Engineer

Another engineering field in which INTJs have the immense potential to excel. A civil engineer has the type of structured routine that INTJs tend to strive for. They are involved in complex and diverse construction, transportation, environmental and geotechnical projects. INTJs will also enjoy the career progression that is possible in this field of work.

  1. Logistician

This career can take one through various industries and businesses, which keeps it exciting. INTJs can exercise their analytical problem-solving skills and structured planning talents in this career. A logistician is a distinguished role for innovative and logical people who enjoy applying critical thinking to improve efficiency.

  1. Detective

We know how much INTJs love to get analytical and put their critical thinking skills to use. This is why a detective would be a great career choice for INTJs. They will get paid to investigate, connect disparate pieces of information, and draw conclusions that will help bring justice or safety to communities – what more could an INTJ want? This career choice will be rewarding and fulfilling for an INTJ interested in criminal activity or the justice department.

  1. Professor

INTJs are known to thrive in academic environments. Here they can work under focused and intellectually progressive conditions. They will beneficially be surrounded by like-minded individuals striving for similar goals and development, making the INTJs aversion to social situations more bearable.

  1. Architect

Earning themselves the role of an architect put INTJs in the position to bring their creative approaches to the table. They will be responsible for designing and helping with the development of all types of infrastructure. Their work will also follow well-established standards, procedures, and routines, which fits this personality type.

  1. Anesthesiologist

This is great for INTJs because it grants them the option of working alone and having minimal social interaction. The role is also challenging enough to capture the interests of an INTJ for the long term.

  1. Chemist

Chemists analyze and examine molecular and atomic particle behaviors. They experiment, test, formulate, research, and record their findings. This career provides versatility, structure, and the opportunity to work in solitary environments for INTJs.

  1. Editor

The precision and detail-oriented skills that INTJs naturally possess allow them to perform exceptionally well as editors. They are also not afraid to dish out constructive criticism and will be able to pick out what needs fixing or adjustment with ease and quickness.

  1. Microbiologist

Studying micro-organisms for a living and becoming a key contributor to finding cures for diseases and prevention mechanisms could be a fulfilling prospect for INTJs. Microbiologists are in the position to make a significant impact on the general population from their daily work.

  1. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts help build a bridge between a business and its customers by analyzing market wants and needs and identifying how they can fill these needs. This position caters to the analytical and problem-solving nature of INTJs.

  1. Computer Programmer

The abstract ways of thinking that INTJs exhibit makes them great computer programmers. As a computer programmer, INTJs will be required to do immense troubleshooting and testing to help improve computer software. Another great way to utilize their problem-solving abilities.

  1. Entrepreneur

INTJs thrive as entrepreneurs being the big thinkers that they naturally are. They can think beyond the norm and come up with brilliant and profitable business ideas. An extra benefit for INTJs is they have relatively great autonomy as entrepreneurs, which gives them the option to work alone and independently when they want to. 

  1. Surgeon

The logical and methodical traits of INTJs allow them the potential to become commendable surgeons. INTJs have the cognitive capacity, focus, precision, attention to detail, and independent work ethic that surgeons require. They also do not have to go through high levels of social interaction in their work – besides the necessary communication they have to have with their team.

  1. Computer Systems Analyst

INTJs possess immense potential to become excellent computer systems analysts. The role requires someone with a tech-savvy acumen who can test, check, or improve computer systems to run more efficiently. Their analytical mentalities and effective ability to notice patterns from complex data give them an impressive shot at excelling at this role. An INTJ’s talents are sure to be satisfyingly utilized in this career. 

  1. Photographer

As a photographer, an INTJ will portray their creative and abstract perspective to their own accord. Their keen attention to detail is bound to bring about some astonishing work in their photography. With this career, they are granted versatility, the freedom to work independently and methodically, and chances to master their craft and learn new things. We can definitely see why photography is a good fit for INTJs who love working with cameras and having an artistic flair.

  1. Accountant

INTJs could easily fall in love with the world of accounting as it works with straightforward and organized data. This personality type could enjoy going through calculations, solving formulas, balancing out financial records, solving missing figures, and having a well-placed routine. This steady career will cater to the systematic, disciplined, and introverted preferences of INTJs.

  1. Economist

The versatile world of economists should keep INTJs on their feet if they have an interest in economics. Economists can work in a varying range of fields and take on different specializations according to their preferences. INTJs can practice their critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and even their judgmental tendencies, all for the profession. The position of an economist is also not socially demanding if that is what is preferred by the economists themselves.

  1. Writer

INTJs have the creativity to enable them to become successful writers. They are focused and have a methodical approach that helps them execute their writing well. They can strategize, think with a unique approach, and visualize the big picture during their working process. The analytical and cognitive skills help them relay complex information in a digestible and readable format for a wider audience. Depending on the type of writing they do, INTJs can have great autonomy over their work. Another positive is that they get to work alone.

  1. Project Manager

INTJs are excellent strategists and planners, which makes them brilliant project managers. They think about the future while applying a very logical approach. They consider intricate details crucial to the projects they are working on and can accommodate them accordingly in their plans. They are likely to have a versatile career in project management and will be able to utilize their problem-solving talents.

  1. Scientific Researcher

INTJs make for prolific and passionate researchers because of their inquisitive behavior that constantly hunts for new knowledge and information. Their exceptional analytical skills and problem-solving wit equips them with the necessary attributes to carry out profound research. Not only does this work cater to their need for self-fulfillment, but this career also creates the opportunity for improvement in the outer world.

  1. General Practitioner

This role gives an INTJ space and room to work alone as they so highly desire. Being a general practitioner means an INTJ’s problem-solving skills can be actively practiced. Their ability to think fast, look at the bigger picture, discern recurring patterns and make sense of complex information makes them excellent general practitioners who can effectively diagnose and help their patients.

  1. Auditor

An auditor is expected to assess an organization’s performance and financial records to ensure that the information they have is correct and according to legal standards. INTJs are perfect for this kind of job because they can scrutinize and pick up on details. Their rigidity and rationality also prevent them from being manipulated into inaccurately presenting their findings. They enjoy passing judgment which so happens to be an important part of the job description too.

  1. Musician

INTJs have the potential to become profound musicians. Their deep thinking and creative mindset allow them to produce compelling music that can draw a large audience. They have great vision and can bring their ideas to light through their performances and music.

  1. Actuary

Actuaries are key players in understanding risks and how to minimize them, especially in the commercial world. The hard-working, confident, and analytical nature of an INTJ equips them with skills that make great actuaries. INTJs are problem solvers who can spot underlying patterns in several types of information. They are sure to excel in this career path.

  1. Graphic Designer

INTJs have the ability to create aesthetically pleasing work due to the creative and abstractive thinking they tend to have. They have an eye for detail which means they can capture critical visuals into their work, adding more to the quality and appeal. With this career, they will also be able to freelance and work independently, which is always a positive factor for INTJs.

  1. Optometrist

As part of the job description of an optometrist is to help patients by arriving at diagnoses to solve a health problem. This may be attractive to INTJs who thrive on problem-solving and finding solutions. The career also places them in a methodically structured environment surrounded by people who share similar knowledge and interests. INTJs also can master this field as their skills will continuously be developed while on the job.

More career types are recommended for INTJs. They are listed as follows: paralegal, political scientist, network administrator, software developer, financial planner, computer and information systems manager, game designer, translator, industrial designer, atmospheric scientist, aerospace engineer, electrical engineer, statistician, actuary, financial advisor, historian, freelance consultant, and software engineer.

INTJs are most likely to enjoy jobs that afford them the chance to work alone and independently instead of jobs that are socially demanding and involve collaborating with large teams. This is important to keep in mind because their preference for working alone may mean that potential colleagues will struggle to work with them.

INTJs also prefer careers that present challenges and the opportunity to create external significant impact. They do not take pleasure in jobs that they may find too easy or trivial. This personality type values a good challenge and a career that will continuously present them with progressive tasks or goals. This caters to their tendency to focus on the bigger picture.

However, as listed earlier, INTJs can work across the many industries operating in the world. They can be brilliant artists and produce compelling art from their expansive imaginations and creative thinking. They can also be tech-savvy and become experts in the information technology field with ease. We cannot ignore how they excel in sciences with their analytical nature and quick thinking. They make for great legal practitioners, engineers, and business moguls as well.

INTJs can work in any field if they want to. They do not have the patience or interest to cope with the conditions of certain career types. INTJs must seek out a career that they believe will continue to challenge them in the long term, give them career progression and cater to their introverted ways.

Careers That Are Not Recommended for INTJs

It is important to note that these careers are mere suggestions and not certified facts for your perusal. The careers identified not to be recommended for INTJs result from observing that most INTJs commonly avoid these career types. Another reason why some careers are not recommended is that their requirements and responsibilities may clash against the personalities of INTJs.

The following list is of careers that are not highly recommended or tend not to be selected by INTJs: nurse, real estate agent, salesperson, police officer, hotel clerk, secretary, telemarketer, social worker, human resources, advertising sales agent, production worker, recreation worker, medical assistant, teaching assistant, and receptionist. INTJs will generally also not enjoy careers in hospitality.

You may note from the given careers that they may limit INTJs from executing their strengths to the fullest potential, such as their analytical, creative, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Some of these careers are also socially involving and do not suit the natural introverted, and judgmental tendencies INTJs have.

To Conclude

INTJs are a dynamic bunch of people and will not settle for just any role in deciding on their careers. They need intellectual challenges, versatility, well-arranged structure, and notable career progression. This guide hopes to have helped in giving a little direction to INTJs who are struggling to find their dream careers.

Trending Careers for INTJ in 2021

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