Career For People Who Like To Draw

Do you often find yourself scribbling random patterns or drawing landscapes and pictures?  Does your mind connect random dots to create inspiring art? Are you passionate about sketching and want to build an impeccable career in drawing-related industries? If the answer to these questions is yes, you can turn your passion into a career and make an incredible amount of money out of it. Let us know What are the ‘Career For People Who Like To Draw’.

Career For People Who Like To Draw

Career For People Who Like To Draw

There are several jobs available for people who enjoy drawing, ranging from fashion design to game design. If you want to explore this path, you have reached your destination. In today’s article, we share the 6 best career options for artists. So gather your drawing tools and get ready to draw. Let’s read Career For People Who Like To Draw.

Multimedia artist 

Average base salary: $55,920 per annum

Multimedia artists use their creativity to design 2D and 3D images with the help of modelling programs and computer animation that are used for special effects for movies, commercials, music videos, and games. The artist must be familiar with the effect of colour, texture, shades, and light to produce life-like Images. One must have a degree in fine arts, visual art, 3D designing, graphic design, computer science, photography, and multimedia animation. They must also have basic knowledge of software development.


Average base salary: $104,385 per annum

Architects are the ones who design new buildings and complexes. Their responsibility also includes restoring or conserving old property. They are typically seen in construction sites as their job demands it. They can work a full-time job, as a freelancer, or as part-timers. However, it can go up to the management level in multinational organizations producing iconic structures. Qualities of an architect include communication skills and good analytical and organisational skills. They need to have good leadership and team working skills. The prerequisite for becoming an architect is attaining a master’s degree in architecture. Students can also opt for internships to do better.


Average base salary: $68,435 per annum

Drafters offer technical drawings based on the instructions offered by an engineer or architect. Their role is to sketch drawings based on computations and calculations offered by surveyors, Architects, and engineers. There are several specializations under these job roles including – Aeronautical, architectural, mechanical, civil, electronics, electrical, photovoltaic, and pipeline.

Irrespective of the specialization, it is essential to have an engineering degree for each profile in their field with adequate knowledge of CAD and other trending software.

Game designer

Average base salary: $94,466 per annum

Game designers create, design, produce, and program games for gaming consoles, online games, arcade games, tablets, and mobile phones. They are responsible for curating the interface, its production, and testing it. As it is a vast field, there are other specializations like artificial intelligence, toolchain, network, artist, and Quality Assurance testing. There are no specific degree requirements but one must know the fundamentals of Physics, animation, mathematics, multimedia designing, software engineering, computer science, and game development or design.

Jewellery designer

Average base salary: $48,391 per annum

Jewellery designers can create stunning and unique designs and patterns of jewellery using metals such as silver, platinum, and precious stones. They design ornaments into something that holds sentimental or symbolic significance. They can work as freelancers or in specialist companies where the stage is designed for mass production. It is vital to hold a degree in textile design, fashion design, and fine and applied arts. One also needs some knowledge of 3D designing. 

Art Teacher 

Average base salary: $55,347 per annum

As the name suggests, art teachers are individuals who teach art to students at different education levels, ranging from elementary to college level. If you are an individual who is passionate about art and enjoy teaching other about it, the profession is perhaps tailored for you. To become an art teacher, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in arts and finish a state-approved teacher preparation course.

Interior Designer 

Average base salary: $53,445 per annum

Interior designers are individuals who design the immaculate interior of new or existing buildings. The process begins by hand-sketching the room layouts and ends by adding complementary pieces of furniture. To become a certified Interior designer, one must enrol in a professional program. The course must include subjects related

Advertisement Designer

Average base salary: $69,804 per annum

Advertisement Designers use calligraphy, graphics, and photography to create compelling ads for various publications. They are responsible for designing smart marketing strategies for their brand through their expertise. Advertisement designers often hold bachelor’s degrees in graphic design, marketing, or fine arts. One must also be familiar with various designing tools.

Furniture designers

Average base salary: $40,029 per annum

Furniture designers can create innovative pieces of furniture and products. They either work alone or with others to create new concepts and designs that combine functional requirements and aesthetic appeal. To become a furniture designer, one must at least have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, or furniture design. Knowing furniture design and product, 3D designing, and glass and ceramic technology is essential.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Career For People Who Like To Draw’, Drawing is applying creativity and imagining things not done before. It brings out various emotions through sketches, colours, and patterns. In addition to this, drawing also improves cognitive skills by linking the right side of the brain with the left side of the body. So, if you or someone you know is inclined towards drawing, encourage them to polish their talent. A career in drawing can not only be financially stable but satisfying too. Individuals in the drawing field are not limited to one particular job, there are several other job options you can choose from.  

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is the job of a graphic designer stressful? 

Yes, the graphic designing job can be difficult. However, the way you handle a particular job depends on your mindset. As art is a field which can be influenced by the surrounding environment and deadlines. The factors that impact an artist negatively differ from person to person. 

  1. What are some majors related to drawing? 

Some popular drawing majors are as follows:

  • Conservation, art history, and criticism
  • Cinematography and film/video production
  • Production of Documentary.
  • Fine and Applied Arts
  1. What is a fine job for a creative person?

Creative abilities are in high demand in various industries such as fashion, advertising, music, architecture, etc. Several top-notch companies are looking for talented people who are dexter in designing, illustration, copywriting, photography, editing, etc. 

Career For People Who Like To Draw

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