Footaction Careers: Job Opportunities And Complete Guide

Footaction is a sportswear and footwear USA brand founded by F.W. Woolworth and Santiago Lopez. It is a brand of Footlocker. In 2004, it is accrued by Footlocker. New York City is the headquarter of this brand. Mary Dillon is the CEO and President of Footaction (Footlocker). There are almost 5100 employers and almost 321 stores in the company (2017). It is working in 28 different countries. Debenhams, Anthropologie, and Champs sports are competitors of the company. It is worldwide famous for its services and the newest brands. Let us know What are the ‘Footaction Careers’.

Footaction Careers: Job Opportunities And Complete Guide

Footaction Careers: Job Opportunities And Complete Guide

Footaction provides many jobs according to your qualifications. Firstly you should be a responsible person that can handle pressures and job responsibilities. It is necessary to follow the scheduled time that has been discussed yet. The customer must be satisfied with your working style in favorable and unfavorable conditions that make the company more valuable in the market for their services. Jobs are available for everyone who wants to work with Footaction.

The following jobs are: Footaction Careers

  • Warehouse Associate 
  • Sales Associate 
  • Management 
  • Customer Service Representatives 
  • Cashier 

Sales Associates:- 

In Footaction, sales associates are liable to make connections with shoppers and also perform an enthusiastic part in the company. 

They clarify the guidelines of the stores. Processing dealings, utilizing currency records, permitting and monitoring exposure to rehearsal rooms, and selling things all are the works that happen in the presence of sales associates. 

They do some little lifting duties in stores. They join Footaction with a minimum salary and then they get promotions and high revenue. 


Generally, the Store Managers, Assistant Managers, and Shift Leads are stimulated to intermediate-level workers. 

The job of Keyholders, directing neither employees, nor training staff is also similar to Shift Lead’s work at Footaction.

For dealing advertising, scheduling product formats, establishing deals goals, and employing new employees are the work of the Store Manager and Assistant Manager. 

At Footaction, a high school certificate is needed to be an Assistant Manager and Shift Lead worker 

At Footaction, an institute degree is also needed to be a Store Manager staffer Cashier job at Footaction:- 

Cashier work in a friendly and helpful way. They maintain good relations between the company and the customer. They provide good services to the consumer. They buy purses for Store Managers if demanded. Money and cheques are also maintained by the Cashier. 

Good Cashier Quality:- 

  • They are conscious all the time. 
  • They behave well with the shoppers. 
  • They have good communication and computer skills. 
  • They are good at money management etc. 

Warehouse Associate:- 

Many things are managed by Warehouse Associates at Footaction stores. They are liable for logistics and merchandise. They make the list of purchased and sold goods according to the store procedure. Exporting and importing of goods at the store are also managed by the Warehouse Associate. They ensure the delivery of products at the scheduled time. 

Salary at Footaction:- 

Full-time and part-time jobs are available at Footaction and the company paid to the employees according. to their work. Here is defined the salary of the different jobs at Footaction:- 

  • Software Engineer:- $93,236 per year 
  • Cashier:- $11.15 per hour 
  • Stocker:- $12.08 per hour 
  • Forklift operator:- $15.65 per hour 
  • Store manager:- $19.10 per hour 
  • Retail sale associate:- $16.55 per hour
  • Assistant manager:- $10.50 per hour 

Requirements to be a part of Footaction:- 

The minimum age to join Footaction is 16 

Good communication skills 

Higher school degree 

Responsible people for their work etc. 

The required age for Footaction:- 

Anybody, who wants to work at Footaction, their age must be 16 or more than 16. Apply online to join Footaction:- 

Footaction provides an earning platform to students and youth so that they can earn and make sure of their future in any field. You can fill out the application form online and may be a part of Footaction by following these steps:- 

Firstly, go to the official website of Footaction and start the application process. Click on the “Brand” page at the top of the website and then click on Footaction. Find new job opportunities at the website 

Click on the interesting job in which you want to work and tap on the “Apply” section 

You can make your profile if you have social media account like Facebook, LinkedIn, and google account. If you do have not an account then you can click on “Use the online form” and continue the process 

Verify your details in the application form like email id, contact number, etc., and submit the form. 

Accept the terms and conditions required by Footaction and complete the form. How to check the application status? 

Footaction hires the person based on their referral. A person who wants to work at Footaction sends their referral to Footaction and the referral is gained by the hiring team of the company. It is a fast process and takes less than 2 or 3 days. The hiring team set the interview and the hiring processes for them. Requirements may contrast based on different Footaction store locations. They can also visit the store location if required. They can meet directly with the hiring team.

What are the benefits to work at Footaction? 

Footaction provides a lot of benefits to its employees. They get a lot of perks and bonuses according to their workability. Some are the benefits are the following:- 

Footaction provides a good environment for its employees and support so that they can work easily and without any disturbance. 

Footaction provides its employees paid training program so that they can improve their skills better. 

Footaction provides a valuable salary to its employees. 

The company provides them with monthly and yearly bonuses, values, retirement agendas, health insurance, dental insurance, gym membership, food, etc. 

More information about Footaction:- 

Footaction is helpful for all the students and the young generation. It supplies many job opportunities for them that will discuss in this article. It gives scholarships to students to help. This company has full-time, part-time, and entry-level jobs. Time is fixed to work in the company and that is:- 

10 a.m. to 8 p.m.(Monday to Saturday) 

12 p.m. to 7 p.m.(Sunday) 


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Footaction Careers’, Footaction is famous for its services of clothes and shoes. Most of the products of “Nike” are also from Footaction. There are many posts in the company’s store location, therefore they have the requirement of many workers. So, they want to hire responsible workers who do their work professionally and clearly. Sales are increased in time of vacations and breaks.

Footaction Careers: Job Opportunities And Complete Guide

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