Amazon Chat Support Job Description

Amazon is one of the biggest business chains through out the world and it gives a lot of employments to people with different age groups and different qualifications. Chat support is one of those important jobs where hundreds of people work to solve the customers’ quarries about their order, shipment, refund or return. It is absolutely not an easy job as it deals with talking to a lot of people from several countries speaking in several language and with several temperament. Here, I will be discussing this only in the American context and how amazon hire, pay and distribute work amongst the chat support employees in America. Let us know about ‘Amazon Chat Support Job Description’.

Amazon Chat Support Job Description

Amazon Chat Support Job Description:

In this article, I will be discussing about the chat support job of Amazon in America. First, I will be discussing about the job in detail. Then I will tell about the requirements, responsibilities and the salary of the job. To know everything in details, it is important to know what is a chat support team in general.

What is a Chat Support Team of a Company?

Every company which has an online business chain must have a chat support team working 24×7 for the customers. Chat support team is basically them, whom we call to resolve our quarries about our online orders, its shipments, return procedure, refund statement etc. Every company has such a team working there to solve customers’ quarries over phone and chat.

Job Description of Amazon Customer Support:

As we all know, Amazon is mainly an online based company, it must have an efficient customer support team. This team has to work in different shifts to be available 24×7 to the customers. Therefore, working in nightshift, weekends and holidays is a big part of this job. People willing to join the team must keep this in mind before appearing for the interview. This job is totally based on customer satisfaction. So, people joining in should keep this in mind and try to act as polite as possible in the interview as well as after getting hired. This job is a full-time job, so, students may avoid this. Employees should be fluent in English as being communicative is the most important part of this job.


Amazon customer support jobs requires candidate having minimum of 2 years experiences in customer service, retail or service industry. Popular brands like Amazon believes in experience: the more experience you have, the more efficient you are. Another important criteria is your education qualification. Amazon requires a minimum of high school diploma or equivalent to joint their chat support team. A minimum level of education is needed to have primary understanding about customers’ quarries. Being well communicative is another important requirement as it helps in listening as well as talking to customers about their problem and helps in giving a solution as well. Basic knowledge in mathematics in needed to be efficient and perfect to calculate refunds and amounts after discount. Though these are done by calculators and computers, still this knowledge is important to keep a track of the calculations. Accuracy is a must have quality to be a chat support team member. Perfection about the solution of the customers’ problems will help you to gain a better position at this job. Apart from these, fluency in English, smartness and politeness in voice, clarity in voice tone can make you a perfect amazon chat support  employee. 

You must keep in mind that this is a full-time job so you have to dedicate a lot of time here and have to ready for night shift and holiday shift as well.


The main responsibility in this job is talking to customers and solving their issues, now these issues can be of several types. Issues with pre-orders mainly includes customers’ quarries about the order delivery date. The chat person should check the tentative date and inform them if there is any delay. They may explain the reason of the delay if there is any. Apart from that changing the delivery address or delivery time or slot may in in the pre-order enquiries which must be solved by the chat support them through phone calls, chats via apps or emails.

Post-order quarries are mainly about cancellation, refund policies or return of then product. There you have to check the refund and return policies of the product that customer has bought and make them aware of that. For refund, you need to collect their bank details and for returns you must ask them about the condition of the product and why they want to return. In case of replacement also the reason should be asked by the chat person.

Customers quarries often make the chat person go through variety of software. So, this skill should be practices as well by the chat person to reach customer satisfaction as soon as possible.

Apart from the customers, the chat support team have to maintain a good contact with several sellers and contractors of goods. Resolving their quarries also a part of their job. They should be ready to deal with international dealers and contractors as well as Amazon often sells international products. Chat service works like a connector between the customers, delivery persons and the sellers. So, they should be very efficient in communication and speaking.


Though it is a full-time job, Amazon prefers to pay their employees in a hourly basis. As per information, Amazon pays 19$ per hour to their employees at the beginning. This may increase with the good performances of the employees and can end up into a package of $70k per year. But to achieve this, employees should work hard and be patience.


Apart from all these, I would like to appreciate Amazon for opening doors without any kind of biasness towards race, gender and sexuality. Amazon is friendly with every race, gender and sexuality and here everyone get the same opportunities if they have most of the above mentioned skills. Being a chat support employee in Amazon will definitely help you to gather a great experience and with give you the opportunity to work in a really friendly atmosphere.

Amazon Chat Support Job Description

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