Largest Bicycle Companies

For everyone, the art of learning driving skills begins with a bicycle. The bicycle holds the power to take people back to their past because everyone has some memories in connection to their bikes. Today we have switched from bicycles to cars but the craze and demand for bicycles have not reduced. Therefore, a large number of bicycles are manufactured all over the world. Do you know the names of the largest bicycle-producing companies on earth? so Let’s learn about ‘Largest Bicycle Companies’.

Largest Bicycle Companies

Largest Bicycle Companies

The largest 6 bicycle companies are as follows:-

1. Specialized

2. Cannondale

3. Kona

4. Scott

5. GT

6. Giant


Mike Sineyard founded Specialized Bicycle Brand in 1974 in Morgan Hill, California. Until 1976, the company manufactured bicycles by bringing in the parts essential to manufacture bicycles from Italy. The company started to bring out bicycle parts on its own in the year 1976.

The earliest bicycle of the company was made in the year 1981. They introduced 3 models of bicycles in the year 1981 namely the Allez, the Stumpjumper and the Sequoia. The Stumpjumper was specially made for mountain biking and it paved the way for the origin of mountain biking sport. The Stumpjumper paved the way for the origin of mountain biking sports.

The Specialized bicycle company is known for its durability and quality. Specialized bicycles make $500 million annually.


In 1971, John Montgomery established the Cannondale bicycle factory in Wilton, Connecticut. Cannondale did not operate as a bicycle manufacturing company in the beginning. Cannondale produced backpacks and trailers to shift bicycles for camping.

Cannondale’s earliest bicycle was released in the year 1983. The name of the first model was ST500. ST500 was a touring model. Cannondale released its mountain bike in 1984. Cannondale’s bicycle is known for its design.

The high-end model of Cannondale is Scalpel. Scalpel costs around $7000. The lower-end model of Cannondale CAAD Optimo 105 costs around $1200.Cannondale makes $70 million annually.


Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron established the Kona Bicycle Company in 1988 in Vancouver. The headquarters of the Kona is at Ferndale, Washington. Kona has its presence in Geneva, Switzerland. Kona is very popular for its mountain bike model. Kona does not stop there it produces all kinds of bicycles.

Magic link, Linear-cross country suspension, primary and secondary air-shock are some of the unique features of Kona. Kona bikes are most suitable for bumpy roads. Kona bicycles make it easy for a person to climb hills with less effort.

Kona bicycle’s price starts from $300 to $6000. Kona Bicycle Company makes a revenue of $50 million annually.


Ed Scott founded the Bicycle Company in 1958 in Sun Valley, Idaho. In the beginning, Scott Bicycle Company produced aluminium ski poles. Scott shifted its attention towards bicycles only in 1989. In 1989, Scott Bicycle Company invented the first aerodynamic handlebar for bicycles. The invention of the aerodynamic handlebar created a milestone in the history of bicycle evolution.

In 1991, Scott Bicycle Company invented unishock suspension for mountain bikes. In 1995, Scott Bicycle Company introduced its first carbon mountain bike called Endorphin. The prices of Scott’s bicycle start from $1000 to $17000. Scott Bicycle Company generates revenue of $17 Million annually.


Gay Turner and Richard Long founded the GT bicycle business in 1972 in California. GT pro was the first bike launched by GT bicycles in 1980. For the first time, the GT bicycle was featured in a magazine called Bicycle Motor Action.

GT bicycle is the most preferred bicycle for BMX games. GT bicycle brand has the most BMX wins. GT sponsored BMX racers, Denny Davidow and Lee Medlin. GT bicycles are notable for their framework. GT bicycle business generates revenue of $380 Million annually.


As the name says, Giant is the largest bicycle company in the world. King Liu founded giant in Taiwan in 1972. In the early days, Giant produced bicycle components for Schwinn, an American company. In 1981, Schwinn employees working in the Chicago plant began a strike. Due to the strike, Schwinn closed its Chicago plant and started producing bicycles with Giant in Taiwan.

The shift to Taiwan saved a lot of money for Schwinn. Usually, dealers have to put together the bicycle parts before selling them to customers, which was a time-consuming process. Giant overcame this problem with its preassembled bikes and dealers because it reduced their time in assembling the bicycle parts.

Giant introduced a lightweight bicycle called the CADEX line. Due to its lightweight feature, Giant was welcomed among racers. Giant generates revenue of $2 billion annually.   

The valuable lesson we learnt from these bicycle companies’ stories is “Do what others are not doing”. We should be unique. A unique thing has the power to attract. Many bicycle companies have the desire to come to the top position in their industry. They should remember that to get into that top position, they should do what others are not doing”.    

Frequently Asked Question

1. Giant bicycle subsidiaries

There are 17 Giant bicycle subsidiaries. A few of them are D.Mag, G-Shang, Giant co,ltd.

2. Largest bicycle company by revenue

Giant is the largest bicycle company by revenue. They generate $2 billion annually.

Largest Bicycle Companies

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