Does Every Job Drug Test? – Know More

Drug test for the workplace is common in companies with heavy or long work hours such as – Hospitals, Security, government, and so on. Workplace drug testing has been around since 1986 and in 1988 the HHS made mandatory guidelines for drug testing programs for the federal workplace.” Here we will see about Does Every Job Drug Test?

Various questions arise during a drug test such as – “how often do companies do a drug test?”, “what jobs require drug tests”, and “Does every job drug test?”.to get the answers to the above questions and know more about drug tests read the article below.

Does Every Job Drug Test?

Workplace or job drug test

Workplace drug test helps companies to make sure that the applicant or employee is drug-free to ensure safety. Most companies do not do drug tests on their employees and in a survey, it was discovered that only 1.47% of US job posting considers drug testing and only 0.86% regulate it. 

Drug tests are important because if an employee or applicant is a regular drug user then it can lead to some major issues and lead to uncomfortable co-workers and ruin the work environment quickly.

The substance abuse and Mental health Services Administration (SAMHSA) issued guidance on what should come under legal substance and for what drugs and drinks drug tests should be done.  

Also, with regular substance users as employee productivity reduces and mishaps are bound to happen. There are various drugs tests for different substances, such as: –

  1. Marijuana.
  2. Cocaine.
  3. Methadone.
  4. Opiates.
  5. Hallucinogens.
  6. Prescribed drugs.

Reasons to do Periodic Tests

However, some of the drugs are legal and can be taken if prescribed and drug test also differs for each state and company. As each company has different requirements and that is the reason some organizations or companies also do periodic drug tests.

Some such cases are as follows: – 


To ensure the safety of employers and the company’s privacy there are periodic drug tests in the pre-employment stage (before joining the company). And it is mandatory to clear the test before joining the company.

There are some more specific jobs despite hospitals, security, and construction, that are classified as testing positions. The required pre-employment checks for jobs are some of those are: – 

  • Law enforcement
  • Social workers
  • Firefighters
  • Agency heads
  • Political employees
  • Pharmacists & other employees or workers involved in rehabilitating or supplying prescribed drugs. 

Periodic Testing

Several companies do a workplace drug test annually and sometimes monthly, for jobs such as – construction, hospitals, security, and so on.

Random Testing

A company does not always check according to a timetable or annually, due to unethical behavior and various reasons a drug test can be conducted on a computer randomly so that each employee has a fair and equal chance to pass.   

Workplace Accident

Many times, the higher-ups suspect unpleasant occurring of events or accidents, and at that time such drug tests are done. For these times it is essential to determine if the test is conducted or not.

Recovered from injury

If an employee has taken some time off and tested positive previously or when the employee has been out or off work for a long time. Then these drugs are done, and this is to make sure that the employee has finished treatment and is not addicted or in the effect of any substance.   

If an employee fails the workplace drug test, they can be laid off or asked to take some time off. Mostly these decisions are based on the case and employers’ or higher-ups’ decisions are final. 

Distinct Drug Screen Methods

Various methods are used in workplace drug tests. Some of the most common are – 

Saliva drug and alcohol test

Unlike other methods, this is one the fastest and easiest way to check drugs as saliva is easy to collect and hard to adulterate. However, this drug test is only useful in detecting recent substance use, not after a long term.

Blood Test

A blood test determines the inexact amount of drug/alcohol in the body. The blood test method is used for drugs such as – phencyclidine (PCP), marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and several prescribed drugs.

Urine Drug Test

Usually used to detect the use of illegal drugs in an employee’s or candidate’s body. This drug test can be taken even after the effects have worn off and after some time, as it does take a considerable amount of time for drugs to completely leave the body.

This drug test is used to test substances like – nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, opiates, cocaine, and methamphetamines (central nervous system stimulant).   

Hair drug test

A hair drug test unlike other tests does not test for alcohol and cannot be used for recently used drugs but it provides information on 90-days drug use. It can detect distinct types of drugs such as – nicotine, opiates, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, PHP, and so on. 

Breath Alcohol Test

This is the most common drug test done all around the world by traffic police. In this test, the driver is asked to blow on a breath alcohol testing machine or commonly known as an alcohol tester. 

This test shows the present intoxication amount (amount of alcohol consumed by the suspect). This test can be taken for as long as 5- 6 hours after drinking as it may exit the body, but the smell stays longer. Can only be done for alcohol consumers.    

Does Every Job Drug Test? – Know More

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