Career At Kohl’s – Job Position, Salary, and FAQs

Career At Kohl's

Career At Kohl’s – Kohls Corporation will be the answer if you want to start a career or work as a part-timer to earn some money. This is the place you will want to work. If you can serve the customers and have great communication skills, you should surely drop an application. To start your journey at Kohls, you need to be sure what job will suit you and what you want to do. When you are done with this deciding factor, all you need to do is write down your application which will be submitted. No prior diplomas are required to grab a job at Kohls. For all the details, you can go through this article which will help you in understanding the requirements, job opportunities, salary/pay scale, application process, and some very frequently asked questions

Career at Kohl’s

An American departmental retail chain, Kohl’s Corporation, was founded on 12 of September 1962 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the U.S. by Maxwell Kohl, was nothing but a corner grocery store February 2013 was the largest departmental store chain in the United States. As of 2018, this group is spread in every state of the U.S. with 1,158 locations, except Hawaii. Headed by Michelle Gass as the CEO and Director, they deal with clothing, footwear, bedding, décor, housewares, furniture, jewelry, electronics, beauty products, toys, and a lot more. The number of employees as of 2017 is around 85,000, with the headquarters at Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, U.S. 

In May of 2012, it was the largest departmental store chain in the United States, overcoming the biggest competitor J.C. Penney. While in 2013, it slipped into being the second largest departmental store chain company in retail sales. Some of the brands sold are diffusion lines from designers like Dana Buchman, Vera Wang, Narciso Rodriguez, and Peter Som. Not only this, but even celebs sold their clothing brand exclusively at Kohls like Jennifer Lopez, Lauren Conrad, Avril Lavigne, Marc Anthony, Tony Hawk, and Paula DeAnda. Also, Candie’s and Mudd Jeans are brands whose retails Kohls exclusively purchases rights. With such a diversified exposure, the company offers many job opportunities to the most deserving and qualified individuals. 

Can I Be a Part of Kohls?

If you are equipped with the underlying requirements, you can surely be a part of the Kohls family. All you need is to drop an Application at the Kohls website, and you are ready to go.

For working in Kohl’s corporation, the minimum age requirement is 17, as there is a potential for hazardous work as per different departments. Though no prior work experience and high school diploma are required, having some understanding of sales, retails, and customer care can contribute to the pay scale. The application process is an easy task that we will discuss further in this article.

It is important to have the required diplomas and experience if you plan to apply for a certain position. That and you can visit for your research and updates. It is mandatory to have a proper insight into the requirements when applying for higher positions.

Some basic skills like good communication, politeness, understanding of people’s demands, genuine helping nature, welcoming and positive attitude will come in handy while you work. Though mostly the workers are part-timers but having open availability in working hours will be appreciated. 

Some basic tasks that the employees must undertake are assisting customers with their needs and want, walking through the shelves, stocking the products, and checking the prices and product size. Stocking and arranging will result in physical labor. Hence you should also be physically fit and willing to undertake such jobs.

What Job Options Do I Have?

Though the job opportunities may vary from time to time, the basic jobs you can apply for and their duties/responsibilities are mentioned below. These are the ones that will not require diplomas and work experience.

  • Cashier: Like any other cashier, the duties and responsibilities are billing the customer purchase, maintaining the cash registers, scanning items for their price, bagging the items if needed, working with cash, credit/debit cards, maintaining the day’s sales by counting the money in starting and by the end of the day. 

  • Customer Service Associate: Being a customer service associate, your priority is the interest of the customer. Solving their problems and fulfilling their queries to the best of your abilities, coordinating with the customer’s demands and wants, helping with the items, and overcoming technical issues are some of the very basic responsibilities of a customer service associate.

  • Sales Associate: Answering customer questions about merchandise and services, ensuring customer satisfaction, and sales floor management are some of the primary duties of a sales associate. Apart from this, stocking items on the shelves can also be a part of your job.

  • Store Associate: Ensuring store, greeting customers, passing on the complaints to higher authorities, providing information as per the customer’s demands, and correct price tag placement are a few basic responsibilities of a store associate.

  • Freight Associate: A freight associated is required to unload and stock the products in the stock room or shelves, work with the fixture receipts, merchandise transactions with the vendors, sorting of merchandise, and assisting in the incoming or outgoing of the merchandise.

Apart from these, there are higher positions too which require more skills, experience, and diplomas. For applying to these jobs, you need to be aware of the job openings and the criteria on which the selection is made. You can also get promoted to these positions.

What can I Expect as My Salary?

Though the pay scale varies from one job to another, the average can be estimated to be $11.63 per hour. The average hourly pay can range from $9.07 to $9.60 at Kohl’s corporation. The Sales Associate makes the least $9.90 per hour, while a Senior Customer Service Representative may get $17.03 an hour.

The pay will also depend on the experience and skills possessed by the employee. The pay also increases with the increased position. The hourly price is fixed as most of the employees work part-time. Thereby, the more number hours you work, the more money you can make.

Apart from the salary, there are a few perks given to the employees. Their benefits may again depend on your job and position. Still, some perks are the same for all.

  • Bonus as per the performance
  • Discount on products and services
  • Help with tuition expenditure
  • Insurance for medical

How can I Apply?

If you plan to work here, you are suggested to make a profile with the company’s job network. You can give some basic information about you with contact details and can even submit a resume. Then you can search for the desired job and follow the instructions given.

For applying to Kohl’s Corporation there is a predefined procedure that you’ll have to follow. This process includes the following stages:

  1. Process for application.

The job application is the first step. The fastest method is to apply online. You can visit From there, you can select your preferred job position by simply clicking on the desired option.

Read the instructions and the requirements of the position and move to Apply Now option. You have to follow further instructions if arise.

  1. Test for assessment.

During this step in which the employers do a screening of the applicants before the interview. This is not officially a part of the process, and so you will be notified priorly if you are required to participate.

  1. Interview.

The interview depends on the type of job you applied for. The hiring manager is generally the one who is in charge of these interviews. The interviews are not very tricky rather simple. They are interested in your approach towards the customer as per your applied role. They might ask questions related to situations you might face during your job. This can be the deciding factor. Hence politeness and kindness can act as contributing factors.

These situations and be the ones that took place in the past or hypothetical but not unrealistic, your approach to solve such situations is what the employer will like to see. Patience and friendliness in nature will thus be tested. Some questions which are generally asked are,

  • The reason for joining Kohl’s corporation?
  • What will you do if two customers ask for your help at the same time?
  • Will you be willing to work extra on some occasions?
  • Are you recognized for your performance? If yes, then when was it?
  • How much do you know about Kohls?
  • What are your strengths which make you suitable for the job?
  • Some reasons that we should hire you?
  • What are your plans?
  • Where will you think you will be in 7 years?
  • Are you willing to go out of your way to help the customer?
  • Though the interview is generally straightforward yet you must prepare well on your part. 

While preparing for the interview the following can be helpful,

  • The company and its aims
  • The working of the store
  • A couple of acquaintance will help
  • Keep visiting the site regularly
  • Having background knowledge of your work
  • Having some points to be called as your strengths
  • Diplomatic answers will be a great help if struck is a situation
  • Taking proper time to think and answer
  1. Orientation/Training.

The orientation process is often tiresome as per the employees. During this step, you and the other applicants are made to watch informative videos and give some of the basic training you might require for the upcoming job.

Almost three days are consumed on giving instructions, analysis of the working environment, the store’s culture, the responsibilities placed on you, the expectations from the employee, and customer dealings. 

You are also given a tour of the store, which will help you understand the layout and arrangement of the products. With this, you will be ready to join your new job.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the qualifications I need to have?

ANSWER: There is no qualification or experience required to start your career with Kohl’s Corporation. Though they play a role in the pay, you get but are not the deciding factor for the job.

  1. Which application format is better?

ANSWER: Applying online is both an easier and quicker way.

  1. I am 16, can I apply?

ANSWER: The minimum age requirement for applying is 17. As there are some potentially hazardous works in some departments.

  1. Is the interview tough and tricky?

ANSWER: The interview is not generally tough or tricky but good preparation is recommended for you to have a smooth and clear interview.

  1. What can I do for a follow-up?

ANSWER: You should keep visiting the website for the details and further instructions.

  1. How do Kohl’s Pay?

ANSWER: They pay on an hourly basis, as generally, the employees work on a part-time basis. This also provides flexibility in working time.

  1. What should I carry for my orientation?

ANSWER: After you have scheduled for the first day, you will receive an email or call from the employer giving you details of what to carry, what to wear, and what is expected.

  1. How will I know that you have received my application?

ANSWER: You will receive an email with further information and instructions, which will let you know about the submission of the application within 48 hours.

  1. How much time will the whole process of appointment take?

ANSWER: It will take up to two weeks for the whole process of appointment. But you can always visit the site for further information.

  1. Can I work as a seasonal worker?

ANSWER: You can work as a seasonal worker and if proved to be efficient and reliable you can have an extended job.

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Career At Kohl’s – Job Position, Salary, and FAQs

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