What to do with a biology degree?

What to do with a biology degree?

Finding jobs in the current scenario could seem a little difficult regardless of the subject you have your degree in. The pandemic has literally slowed everything down but do not worry. There is always room for education. Biology includes various aspects of not just human beings, but animals, all species, and even our entire habitat, which opens up a spectrum of possible outputs, like Botany, Marine biology, Environmental biology, evolutionary biology, medical biology, Molecular biology, and zoology. We will discuss what we can do with a biology degree in this article here.

The most obvious careers after a biology degree are teaching, research and medicine. Just a bachelor’s degree in biology opens up various possibilities for the students across many economically beneficial sectors. Students decide their career basing it on the degree they are pursuing. If, on the one hand, you are only going for a bachelor’s degree, then you can choose fields like dentistry, medicine, or veterinary discipline. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a master’s degree, various other fields would open up for you, like plant biology and agronomy, entomology, conservation biology, genomics, etcetera. 

Do not be disappointed with the small list. That was just an example. There are many other options available in the medical field after a bachelor’s degree as well. You can look up biological technician, biochemist, health communication specialist, biology teacher, pharmaceutical sales, agricultural and food scientist, microbiologist, environmental scientist, wildlife biologist, science writer, conservation scientist, and/or medical equipment sales. 

With a genuine interest in the field of biology, you can study micro-organisms closely and develop biological knowledge for their diseases as well as a cure that would not go unnoticed. Many students with an undergraduate degree in biology do not go for a higher degree, choosing a career path early. In contrast, there are always students with a particular field of study who pursue a post-graduate degree to master the fields and take that up the profession. You could be looking up to a career as a research scientist that would require a lot of precision and knowledge. 

Different Sectors To Work In Biology Degree

Let us also dwell on the different careers present in different sectors of the work field with a biology degree in hand.


In research, which has the broadest career possibility due to its immense spectrum and can be conducted across the entire civilization, biology students can cover areas like health, disease, neurology, genomics, microbiology, pharmacology, etcetera. Research scientists are required in hospitals, medical facilities, research institutes, and within industries as well.


In healthcare, biologists can help create awareness about various unknown diseases and their healthcare like AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, and many more. Biologists are an obvious choice in the healthcare sector because of their prior knowledge of the subjects. Under healthcare, biologists can look up opportunities like veterinarians, nurses, dentists, etcetera.


In environment conservation, biologists can play a huge role in the present and the reservation of the resources for future life. This is a great cause, and a career that could be very rewarding as the conservation of wildlife and human beings would be on your shoulders. Students who choose marine biology, zoology, conservation biology, aquatic biology can be looking up jobs in this field. Other than devising plans for future sustainability, they also have roles to look after the endangered species, plan out a recovery program, and educate the general public about such species and the activities that harm them. 


For less fieldwork, biologists can also look for a career in the field of education as well. Being a school teacher with a graduate degree would be easy, but for a higher-up position, you would need a higher-up degree as well; like for a university lecturer, you must have a master’s degree or maybe a Ph.D. You could also develop your own research topic, write up an entire research piece, and join a panel with people in the same work field.


In biotechnology, you can focus on agriculture, food science and medicine, and develop nuanced techniques to increase product quality and quantity. 


In forensic, you can be working in the legal sector to help solve crimes and detect problematic evidence found in crime sites. There are also special areas to master if you want to go as a forensic scientist, like forensic odontology, forensic anthropology, crime scene examination, and medical examiner.


In the government sector, you can work alongside government officials to assist them in creating rules and regulations by the ongoing studies in biomedical research and environmental regulation. 


In the business sector, pharmaceutical companies are top-rated for their business outgrowth. These companies are always looking for biologists to develop and test products for the market. 

In the economic sector, there is a field known as biological economics that requires assessing the effect of biological patterns on society. You can work under the government or other officials to devise the effects of problems like extinction, deforestation, pollution, etc. This could also be seen as a rewarding job as you will be implementing plans to better society and the planet we inhabit.


In media, you can look up careers with a biology degree as well. If you are interested, you will be surprised to know how to mingle with the media with a biology degree. You can work as a science writer or work under some science publication of journals or magazines, websites, or TV shows. Here, you can use your knowledge to educate the public on an even grander scale.


  • HOW TO GET A BIOLOGY DEGREE? You can easily take up courses like botany, zoology, biotechnology, marine biology, etcetera after 12th to get a bachelor’s degree and go for a master’s degree as well after that if you want.

  • HOW LONG DOES THE COURSE LAST? You would need 4 years for a full-time course, but if you study part-time, you will finish the course in 5-6 years.

  • WHICH CAREER IN BIOLOGY PAYS THE MOST? A career in biotechnology is known to pay the most, followed by clinical research.

It might not have been easy to comprehend job opportunities after a degree in biology. Still, if you look closely, there are endless possibilities in each field, and biology is also one of those. You have to figure out your interest, and the options for a career would be laid out in front of you, matching your interest.

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What to do with a biology degree?

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