The Best Careers for ENFP? What is ENFP?

The Best Careers for ENFP? What is ENFP?

ENFP, short form for Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Prospecting, is one of the 16 types, based on the four core personality traits identified by psychologist C.G Jung. People with this personality are energetic, like to live spontaneously without limitations and restrictions, and constantly seek happiness in life’s journey. We will discuss Best Careers for ENFP in this article here.

ENFPs like to explore their options and are therefore versatile in nature. They prefer to solve problems using their creativity and tend to find originality in their work. Thus, considering these traits, ENFPs are recommended to pursue a career in Art and Design, Music, Photography, Teaching, Psychology, etc.

What are the Key Personality Traits of ENFP?

Generally, in a certain group of people, ENFPs stand out because of their enthusiastic nature and are often expressive about their thoughts. They tend to understand other people’s problems and try to find innovative solutions. Above all, they consider friendships and cooperation as essentials in life.

To understand more about this personality type, let’s break it down to its different components.

  • Extraversion

Extraverts are people that are spontaneously expressive in nature and tend to engage with their environment constantly. They often step forward to take the initiative in changing the world around, rather than sit back and wait for someone else to do so. Extraverts love to push their boundaries and also possess good leadership skills.

  • Intuition

When it comes to decision-making, people with this personality trait tend to trust their instincts. They can bring quite vibrant and out-of-the-box solutions to simple problems of life.

  • Feeling

Some people make their decisions based on emotions rather than thinking logically. They may not always turn out to be right, but they constantly try to benefit the people they care about. These people are filled with compassion and can do their utmost to protect their close ones.

  • Prospecting

Prospecting individuals tend to take things in life as they come meaning they react to problems instinctively and work upon the best possibilities to overcome them. Impulsive decision-making is one of their key traits, and they can be creative with their solutions.

ENFPs are thus a combination of these four personality traits. As extraverts, they are bold and forward-minded with their approach to life. Their intuitive and prospecting attitude in decision-making helps them become good leaders. And as ideal leaders, ENFPs are kind-hearted and always think and act in the best interests of the people closest to them.

Strengths and Weaknesses of ENFP

Excellent CommunicatorsOversensitive
Natural LeadersDaydreamers
InnovativeHighly Emotional

Hobbies and Interests of ENFP

Creativity and imagination are their biggest strengths; ENFP individuals are highly inclined towards art and music. Their writing skills are commendable, too, and can attract like-minded people with their thought-provoking work. In addition, ENFPs tend to find good interest in photography and dance. Thanks to their strong communication and people skills supported by extravert nature, these individuals also make good anchors for TV shows and other events.

Recommended Careers for ENFP

As far as career options are concerned, ENFPs have a variety of fields to choose from. Regardless of the paths they take, they tend to grow on the people they meet. Their exceptional ability to network and interact with people helps them develop a unique perspective of looking at things and increasing efficiency in work. Thus, ENFPs have the relevant skills to make a good career in journalism, TV reporting, photography, and public relations. Networking and maintaining client relations are some of the key responsibilities in the media and communications field. Taking into consideration their natural behavior, ENFP is the ideal personality for such professions. Individuals that belong to this personality type prefer freedom and flexibility at the workplace. They generally like working independently and are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. ENFPs generally do not fit very well in hierarchical systems, and thus, entrepreneurship and startups are ideal for them. 

Many renowned authors, musicians, singers, dance choreographers, film directors, and even interior and graphic designers belong to ENFP. That is primarily because they tend to rely on imagination and innovativeness to create an exhilarating experience. Moreover, redundancy, predictability, and uniformity at work are unfavorable to them. ENFPs like to see each day as new and love to explore new things every day. Furthermore, in terms of business and commerce, ENFPs can consider several options, such as becoming a real estate broker, market research analyst, human resources specialist, or even a travel agent. Here again, their communication skills, intuitive decision-making, and risk-taking ability are considered valuable. These individuals are ever ready to take up new projects. Not only that, but they have the necessary leadership skills to inspire a team to work efficiently on different projects and ultimately lead them by example.

Related Questions

  • Which jobs should ENFPs avoid?

As individuals who prefer working independently and constantly try to explore things, ENFPs do not fit well in hierarchical backgrounds. Hence, they should avoid taking up jobs such as a police officer, farmer, dentist, or a judge. In addition, engineering jobs in civil, mechanical, chemical, and computer software are also unsuitable to these individuals.

  • What should an ENFP major in?

ENFPs usually find great interest in art, human science, design, and entrepreneurship. Therefore, the ideal majors for individuals belonging to this personality are business administration, anthropology, art and design, public relations, journalism, marketing, etc.

  • Which famous personalities belong to ENFP?

Many renowned authors, actors, and artists belong to ENFP owing to their distinguishing personality traits. English novelist and social critic Charles Dickens, American writer, entrepreneur, and lecturer Mark Twain, German-Dutch diarist Anne Frank all belonged to this personality type. 

American director and producer Walt Disney, actresses Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Drew Barrymore, and actors Russell Brand, Keanu Reeves, Daniel Radcliffe, too belong to ENFP. Lastly, the Beatles’ John Lennon, Justin Timberlake, Bob Dylan, and Gwen Stefani are the famous musicians and singers that possess the personality traits of ENFPs.

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The Best Careers for ENFP? What is ENFP?

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