Enneagram Type 7 – Best Career Options


It’s a known fact that every individual’s personality differs from one another. Our preferences, likes, dislikes, interests, and many other aspects are based on what kind of a person we really are. Similarly, when looking for a job, not everyone can fit into a similar job. In fact, one should always consider their job while keeping their personality in mind. For example, let’s assume that a person is infamous for their reckless behavior. However, is it really possible for them to work in the military? Well, of course not. It is something which us completely out of their nature so going for this profession surely will look like a bad idea for them. The same goes for people with Enneagram Type 7 personality types. So, who is an enneagram seven? Well, before we move any further, let us get to know who is Enneagram Type 7. What are Enneagram Type 7 best career options? And how are they different from other personality types?

EEnneagram Type 7: AN OVERVIEW

Known as “the Enthusiast,” type seven is one of the nine personalities on the Enneagram Type 7. As you can see by the title of their personality type, sevens are considered full of playfulness who look at the world with an optimistic and enthusiastic view. One can say that they believe in light and sunshine, which are always eager to learn more. Their curiosity is what keeps them going and help them in learning about the world. They seek knowledge in different areas, which makes them learners. The experiences they have throughout their life becomes a beautiful story for them, which they like to share with others.

Besides being learners who seek experience and knowledge, they have an amazing quality of quickly learning from the get-go. One cannot say that they lack observation skills because there is no way that they don’t observe anything properly. They live every day to the fullest and believe that they should not miss anything. They want to grasp as much as possible today, making their learning and observation skills so sharp. They can catch anything in a quick motion and are even able to use that knowledge accordingly.

When it comes to how much of the population shares this personality type, only eight percent are said to be a part of this group, making these individuals very rare to find. And why not? They are supposed to be quick learners who view the world in such an idealistic and optimistic manner. However, along with their learning abilities, they are also said to very creative with their ideas. Because of their knowledge, the enthusiasts come with some really great and unique ideas that make them stand out from the crowd. They want to explore these new ideas, which makes their minds so impressive and colorful.

Even though they are cheerful and care called the “eternal children” in the enneagram for their traits, they know how to use their knowledge practically. In fact, they have a good knowledge of the practical world and how it works. They like to apply their ideas where they believe they can implement them.

The enthusiasts or the optimists are also told to very flexible when it comes to their thinking. As I mentioned before, these people love to fill themselves with knowledge and experience; they also learn how to fit in during different situations and places. Their hunger for adventure makes them seekers who do not wish to stop themselves from learning. To them, becoming stagnant can mean that they no longer desire to learn, which hinders their growth and flexible nature.

Type sevens don’t like to be around a gloomy place. They are the life of the party, the cheerful friend in a friend group who always makes everyone laugh. They don’t go for small ideas but look at big dreams which they wish to fulfill someday. Their charisma and idealist views are one of their biggest strengths, which attract many people and help them become a good leader.

However, these people also tend to have their weak points too. Because sevens tend to learn more, they do not know where to stop or choose. They may be flexible, but that also makes them fickle minded. Nothing tends to interest them for a long time as they keep jumping from one place to another. They do not find peace at any place and continue to rush towards different opportunities instead of settling for one.

Because they like to overload themselves with opportunities, it is pretty easy for them to get bored. They often have a hard time following up, and when they see that things are getting more complicated and tough, they like to sidetrack themselves and look for something new. This fickleness in their nature makes them look like they can never settle for a single thing, which in itself is a bad thing if one looks at it from a different angle.

Their optimistic nature can also mask their fragile and sensitive heart, who just do not like to look at the darker side of the world. Unlike type six and eight who face their head on and remain realistic, type sevens tend to turn a blind eye on the negative aspects. They like to distract themselves pretty often when they see that things are not going well. They will jump from one work to another, keeping their mind busy which not batting a single eye at the current situation. They are not particularly ignorant, but they usually try to do not to let things hurt them.

Type sevens can also be very impulsive and hare-brained sometimes. As they make quick decisions, they can also be wrong in many situations, which can backfire. Their idealistic viewpoint can also affect them as they try to cover the negative side with their own optimism. They may feel like their decisions won’t harm them, but that is not true in many cases. In fact, if they keep on making such rash decisions without giving it a single thought, they may always end up failing, which can worsen their state. These people do not have an excellent tolerance for handling criticism.

As they are said to be fragile and sensitive, they don’t like to hear people out pretty often, which can be annoying for others. They may think that they know a lot, but listening to others can help them big time. They also believe in quantity over quality, which does not seem like a suitable plan one should follow for the rest of the life. If they start looking at the world from a grey point of view and try to understand these little flaws in themselves and work on them, they can actually learn a lot more from it.


Based on their strengths, the enthusiasts can go for several career options, which will fit their personality type. They are known for their imaginative ideas and quick learning skills, giving them an advantage in various fields. In this section, I will be telling you what the best career options for type seven are. Some of them are as follows:


Type sevens can make amazing journalists for their quick learning skills and their desire for adventures. Because this job demands an individual’s enthusiasm, type sevens will work their hardest to learn about new cases. Because journalists are the medium that acts as a bridge to connect the big world with the public, the enthusiasts will love to be a part of this field.

They are very passionate, after all, who love to learn more. And this job is all about finding new things and presenting them in front of the world. Furthermore, Flexible working hours are also necessary, which makes it even more suitable. Sevens will exactly do the same- rush towards the area wherever and whenever to cover the news, take notes regarding it, spread it among the masses, and make them aware of such happenings.


The optimists love to speak. They have a talent for story-telling, which engages the audience to listen to them even more. Because of their optimistic nature and immense knowledge and experience, they will share it with others and help them boost their confidence. They can look at the negative aspects in a positive manner, which sure has its own advantages.

Type sevens are said to be idealistic who can always assist others from not losing their confidence. Their charming and bubbly nature makes the people hear them through which they can share their positive views with others and motivate them to do something new and interesting in life. They will try their best to tell people that they should live their life to the fullest and that every moment matters because time will not wait for them.


Have you ever been to a gym and see a fitness instructor who keeps on boosting you up for doing your best while you are going for push-ups? There is no mistaking the fact that a person with such traits is a sure type seven. And to be fair, the job of a fitness instructor suits type sevens a lot for their cheerful and boosting personality. Along with that, instructors are also said to be very interactive who have a very flexible schedule.

Type seven wants to experience other things and their career as well, and this job seems very fitting for them. Along with continuing their job and interacting with many people, they can also focus on their own hobbies and interests and learn further to lead a healthy and happy life.


The enthusiasts are said to wanderers who seek adventure. And what better job can be for them than being a flight attendant? This job is all about moving from one place to another, meeting new people, and serving them. They are in Paris, and the next moment, they end up attending passengers from Shanghai.

Being a flight attendant has its perks, and it sure can be very beneficial for type sevens. Their energetic personality makes them an excellent candidate for this job. Not only will they be able to enjoy different places but also meet new peoples who will only add up to their experience list. They can create a positive atmosphere for the passengers and assist in the time of need because, well, they also love to help others.


Another job that is all about adventure and travel and type sevens will make the perfect candidate. Just like flight attendants who get the opportunity to move from one place to another and live an adventurous life, travel guides are the same. Type sevens’ ability to hold long and impressive conversations with others while making good stories can help them become great travel guides.

Being a travel guide, type seven ms get to learn a lot from the new people they are supposed to assist. Their interactions with these strangers help them learn more about others’ cultures and viewpoints. After all, it is an interesting job, which makes a type seven’s time even more fun and interesting.


A blogger/vlogger’s work is all about traveling, exploring, meeting new people, and sharing knowledge with the world. And type sevens seem to be the perfect candidate for this job who can handle it without any problem. They will love to visit new places with their adventurous nature, learn new things, and talk to new people. Their cheerful and optimistic nature only adds up to their advantages, making it easier for them to interact with others and make the conversations more lively.

As a blogger/vlogger, type sevens can show or write their experiences in story form. With their ability to construct beautiful stories from their experiences, they can write or present very interesting and evoking videos and articles which can attract several people. Their desire to live and learn can influence others positively, which is always a great thing to do anyway.


The work of an event planner is supposed to be quick-paced and project-based. This means that the individual should keep changing their clients and work on different projects on different time periods. This job is full of challenges which demand a person’s creative and unique ideas and type sevens make the most out of this job if they decide to become an event planner.

With their charismatic leadership qualities, they can handle their team and be able to enjoy the thrilling nature of this job. They do their best to come up with new ideas that can satisfy their clients and not let them get bored with the same old running schedule. Because the job is not daily, type sevens can enjoy the flexibility of this job and can also focus on their little hobbies during the free time.


The job of an entrepreneur looks best suited for type sevens. Their idealistic approach helps them dream big and think of new and imaginative ideas. With this motivation in mind, they can work in a very fluid manner to reach their destination. The challenges they face along the way only make their journey more thrilling, encouraging them to move further in life.

Entrepreneurs are also supposed to have great leadership skills, which a type seven apparently has. They have a flexible personality, which makes them good leaders who can understand their subordinates and lead them. They are motivating and optimistic who continue to show concern towards their dreams and their team. They either want to make the best out of this challenge or would straight up drop it. This job has all that a type seven expects, and surely, they make great candidates for it.

Now that I have given you a list of career options for type seven, I hope that it will help you understand their personality and preferences in a much better manner. If you happen to be a type seven who has been confused regarding your career options, you can choose from these given options. However, remember what I mentioned before about how your weaknesses can affect your job too. After all, no one is born perfect, and there is often something on which we should keep working on. No personality type in this world is perfect, but every individual should try to become a better person.

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Enneagram Type 7 – Best Career Options

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