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Services of Amazon

What is Amazon? We do not think that there will be any person who has not heard about Amazon, and not the Amazon rainforests in Brazil (that would not even show up first in your search results if you do not add ‘Rainforest’, though the name is based on the river), but Amazon – the America-based retailer which is the largest retailer, providing almost everything one may need, for example, home appliances, furniture, gadgets and electronics, books, and they do not stop here. They even provide you with OTT (Over-the-Top) services (Amazon Prime Video), cloud services (AWS), and music too! How can one not mention Amazon Pay? Yes, they also provide you the medium to make payments. So everything you think of or is needed, Amazon is there to provide you with the same! Don’t believe me? By the end of the article, you might. Let us talk about the Services of Amazon in detail.

What is Amazon?

Originated in Seattle, Amazon is a multi-industry company, providing its products and services all over the world. Initiated by selling music and videos, Amazon then began expanding its business by selling books, video games, electronics, games, and many more products. This was the stage when they started spreading their business to an international level. Amazon was swift enough to then expand its services to anything possible and also started providing cloud services.

Amazon is much more focused on its customers than its competition. This is why they work to bring more ease to their customers and find ways to serve them, be it by providing a platform to shop for clothes, accessories, luxuries, electronics, etc, or to read innumerable books (kindle), Amazon has it all.

What is Amazon Shopping?

Amazon Shopping is a platform where you can purchase almost everything you desire. From your daily essentials to baby products, from phone covers to television sets, power banks, etc, it has everything to offer and provides you the best deals. You may also utilize the Amazon Pay eGift Card through which one can gift money to anyone, anywhere!

What is Amazon Fresh?

Amazon is also providing you with a grocery delivery service. You can get all your essentials such as fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, breakfast cereals, dairy products, and other daily essentials like skincare and haircare products, house cleaning products, and many more, along with some amazing deals and discounts, right to your doorstep. The delivery service works from 6 in the morning to midnight.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is an OTT (over-the-top) platform that lets you enjoy your free time watching your favorite TV shows, movies, Web series of the genres of your choice. There are some shows exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video. You need to get a subscription to enjoy its benefits. It also includes movies and series that are a production of Amazon Studios, yes they have their movie production as well.

What is Amazon Music?

Amazon provides you with Amazon Music, a platform that enables you to stream music. Amazon Music Prime gives limitless, advertisement-free admittance to on-request gushing of curated playlists and stations, in addition to a large number of songs and collections at no extra expense for qualified Amazon Prime individuals. You can have its separate subscription as well if you want to and listen to your favorite songs, albums, or even podcasts.

What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is web-based payments or transactions handling administration provided by Amazon. It centers around giving clients the choice to pay with their Amazon accounts on outer dealer sites. It does not put its limit here, you can donate, check your EMI options, pay electricity bills, recharge your subscriptions, and much more.

You can send or receive gift cards or get your insurance payments done with few clicks

What is AmazonBasics?

Amazon doesn’t make the items yet buys them from enormous producers and puts its private-mark brand and bundling on them as AmazonBasics. Selling products at a cheaper rate than the company you are buying from ultimately brings profit. 

Most people may think that if the product is from amazon Basics then it must be good! But it is not a production of amazons like Echo or Alexa is. The products under AmazonBasics only have the tag of Amazon and are sold at a different (typically lower) price, but they are the production of some different companies. So do not get yourself confused, especially while buying electronics.

What is Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle gadgets empower clients to peruse, purchase, download, and read digital books, papers, magazines, and other computerized media through remote systems administration to the Kindle Store. It is a progression of ebooks planned and showcased by Amazon. By now we have had 11 generations of Amazon Kindle which has been loved by the readers. 

Amazon also introduced an application Kindle, through which one may read all the books provided by Amazon on their devices and without any Kindle device.

What are Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services provide cloud computing resources that give clients a wide exhibit of cloud administrations. We can characterize AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a safe cloud administrations platform that offers figure power, database stockpiling, content conveyance, blockchain, analytics, game technology, machine learning, media services, and so many other different functionalities.

You can keep data in the archive, backup for restoration in the future, handle e-commerce with the help of front-end and database management services and do much more. AWS is architected to be the most adaptable and secure distributed computing climate accessible. The center foundation is upheld by a profound arrangement of cloud security instruments, with a few security, consistency, and administration administrations and components.

For a better understanding, it is recommended to go through their documentation to understand the functioning of its popular services like

  • Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) Services
  • Amazon Command Line Interface (CLI),
  • AWS Access and Identity Management,
  • Amazon RDS (Relational Database Services) etc. 

What Is Amazon Prime Gaming?

With astonishing illustrations and various games, Amazon Prime Gaming offers individuals staggering worth consistently across an expansive inventory of games and is presently effectively accessible in around 200 nations. Gain access to choose games and in-game plunder at no extra expense with the membership.

Amazon Echo and Alexa

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Amazon came up with a new device which has become a virtual assistant named, Alexa. Amazon created these wonderful speakers that are called Echo that have a virtual assistant inbuilt that helps in the functioning of the speaker. Precisely, Echo Dots are the speakers and an additional device called Echo Show has a screen as well. 

Amazon Fire TV stick 

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a media streaming gadget that allows you to watch videos, use applications, play music, and so on your television. 

This unique gadget, based on Android, changes your ordinary television over to a Smart television. You can introduce android applications on the gadget and appreciate music as well. 

All you need is an HDMI port on your TV as it is only an HDMI stick with a remote that additionally has Alexa, so you just need to plug it into your television and you’re all set.

Amazon Blink

Amazon also thinks of safety and therefore, provides you with a remote, battery-powered surveillance camera that you can put anyplace inside your home. Elements like two-way sound and night vision assist you with remaining associated with what’s going on at home regardless of where you are and at any time during the day and night. Works with select Alexa-empowered gadgets. It is a home surveillance camera that sends movement-initiated alarms and HD video to your cell phone.

Other Services

Amazon just did not stop here. Heard of Amazon Ignite, Amazon Education Publishing, and AWS Educate? They provide educational opportunities where you may create and upload your lessons with copyright and can also get informational and educational videos from Amazon Video Direct.

There is a special line of products for your pets that comes under Amazon Wag, I meant it when I said think of what you want and Amazon will have and deliver it to you. Is it not that amazing? Everything in one place!

Conclusion is a huge Internet-based endeavor that sells books( also, e-books), music, films, housewares, gadgets, toys, and numerous different products, either straightforwardly or as the broker between different retailers and clients. Amazon is known for its interruption of grounded ventures through mechanical development and mass scale. It is the world’s biggest internet-based commercial center, AI associate supplier, live-streaming stage, and distributed computing stage as estimated by income and market capitalization. In a nutshell, starting as a bookseller, it has now grown and expanded its business marvelously and provides almost everything you can think of. This was not an easy journey, it did have a lot of hurdles, but with strategies and consistency, Amazon did everything with time. 

Services of Amazon- All About Amazon

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