Jobs Like Uber- Descriptions with Benefits

Jobs Like Uber

The millennial culture includes many facilities and features that have provided ease of life. One such feature is that of ridesharing apps. Many such apps provide you transportation services. The prominent name that we all have heard of is Uber. Whether you’re a young college student or an old professor, or anyone in-between, you must have traveled in an Uber at least once. Over the years, the word Uber has become synonymous with cab and taxi. Here, let’s know about Jobs Like Uber.

Are you someone who currently drives for Uber? Want to check out the potential competitors that you can switch to? This article covers all you need to know about the best alternatives to Uber.

Jobs Like Uber

Uber has various neck-to-neck competitors as well as fresh startups which can potentially act as a replacement. As a driver, you need assurance for your work along with the proper minimum wage, added perks, and better rates per ride, which the following companies are offering. We have also mentioned an honorable mention at the end of the article.

  • Lyft
  • Via

Why Switch From Uber?

In this day and age of inflation and salary cuts, people simply can’t afford to purchase cars. Multiple surveys have revealed that the majority of the people choose public transport or ride-sharing facilities for easier transit, citing various reasons including it’s cost-effective or simply because they just don’t want to drive a car or ride a bike themselves. 

Uber has been a prominent name when it comes to commuting with ease. But recently, the sentiments towards it have changed completely. With the increase in the concerns regarding the environment and the ethical reasons concerning the employees such as poor working conditions. Uber has recently been under fire for underpaying their drivers while overworking them at the same time. Uber charges 25% of the total charge fared to the customer which is tremendously high compared to its rivals. Apart from the overcharging, they have been offering employees to work more in turn of increased incentives during surges and rush hours. 

One of the most used phrases by Uber during their marketing campaign was that they labeled themself as ‘efficient’ and ‘environment friendly’, both of which were later proved to be false. With most rides including single passengers, Uber was causing a great deal of damage than any good to the environment, contributing to a large carbon footprint. They have reportedly said that they do not consider the drivers as employees; rather contractors, as they would have to offer them extra perks and health insurance. 

The drivers lose all the benefits of being an employee. They don’t have any minimum wages or any overtime pay. Since there is no maximum limit for the number of Uber vehicles in a city, which can’t be said for the yellow taxis, most of whom have left the business or joined Uber themselves to survive. The decline of taxis is blamed solely on Uber. Which are also the main perpetrator in causing a decline in the use of public transit such as the bus or metro. 

Thus, people are moving away from Uber and relying more on other better and environmentally conscious alternatives that are ethical and stick true to their purpose, and don’t rely on the exploitation of their employees for monetary gains.

1. Lyft

What Is Lyft?

Lyft is a great alternative to Uber. It’s their direct competitor. Lyft is an online platform that acts as a middleman, connecting both the passenger and the driver. Lyft has a slightly higher pay, which becomes significantly higher compared in the long run. Along with driving passengers, you can also drop and deliver medical supplies and groceries. You’re also allowed to keep the tips that you may receive from the passengers. Lyft allows passengers to share the costs. Lyft is designed in such a way that it is guaranteed to save you your costs as a driver. Which can include car maintenance and fuel costs. The Lyft app for phones alerts the passengers when the driver arrives and gives them an estimated cost before the ride starts. Lyft also offers a multitude of benefits and perks to the drivers. Which are mentioned below.

Some of the employee benefits for Lyft include:

  • Vision Insurance

As a driver, the most important part of your job is your eyes. With healthy eyes, you can navigate and drive comfortably even at nights with low visibility. It’s the most vital part of you. Lyft offers all their drivers’ vision insurance. Which includes regular check-ups, covers the cost, and also some additional reimbursement. 

  • Life Insurance

Another perk of driving for Lyft is that you may avail yourself of Life Insurance in case of any emergency. This may come in handy in case of any unfortunate accidents. Driving through the city can be a little hectic, you may encounter rash drivers, which can endanger your life. Lyft has got you covered with multiple perks and benefits of Life Insurance. 

  • Accident & Dismemberment 

In case of unfortunate loss or Dismemberment, it not only affects the family and loved ones emotionally but financially as well. Lyft makes sure to offer AD&D to support the families financially to help relieve the burden.

How to apply for Lyft?

You may apply for Lyft online through their website or their app. Further, you have to fill in all the necessary details and required documents. Documents may differ from state to state, but the essential documents required are a driver’s license, which of course is essential for driving, along with that you also need to meet the age requirements for your state. 

You also need to upload your car registration and insurance if you own the car. What if you don’t own a car? You can simply rent it using Lyft’s own Express Drive program, which includes insurance and maintenance. Some states may also need a vehicle inspection. After uploading all the documents, you will be contacted in a week to consent for a criminal background check. This is an essential step to ensure safety for the passenger’s side. Note that this does not include a credit check. This process may also take up another week or a few days depending on the number of Lyft applications in your city. 

Lyft is also concerned about driver’s safety and security. With a customer support system, you can make sure that you get all the assistance you need. This may include but is not limited to customer complaints or emergency calls. You can also call 911 through the app. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) for Lyft

Q. How much can I earn through Lyft?

A. You get paid according to the time and distance per ride. Which may vary in each state. You may earn more during peak commute hours. Drivers get to keep 100% of the tips that they may get on top of more bonuses. 

Q. How many passengers are you allowed to pick up in a regular car?

A. You’re only allowed to pick two passengers, if there are more than two passengers then you may politely ask them to book a classic ride.

2. Via

What Is Via?

Via is a relatively new company, which was formed with a clear idea in mind, of creating a safe space and comfortable commuting. Via offers various pre-booked and on-demand rides. Making it very flexible for the drivers. Via is a direct counter to Express Pool by Uber. Where you pick and drop passengers as you go. Ensuring that you don’t have to make any special detours or strange turns in dark alleys to meet your passengers. You will have more than one passenger at once, which in turn can mean more fare and tips. Along with this, the fee taken by Via is very low compared to Uber. This helps you maximize your earnings. Via is more focused on public transport style pick-ups and drops. This makes sure that you aren’t waiting around for most of the time to find a fare. 

The documents required are similar to that of Lyft or any other TNC (Transport Network Company) so we won’t be covering them again. Vehicle inspection is mandatory. Most states will make you inspect the car annually.

Benefits of being a Via driver

  • Flexibility 

Via is comparatively more flexible than its direct competitors. This means more stability and freedom by providing you with multiple options. You will also have guaranteed hourly earnings. 

  • Car Rentals Available

You can be a driver for Via even if you don’t own a car! You can use their Vehicle Rental program which is offered by their Vehicle Partners. This can include both Weekly and Hourly rentals, starting from just under $7 per hour. In some states, you don’t even need a driver’s history to rent a vehicle. This rental includes maintenance, insurance, and even TLC ( Tender Love and Care). You can also have daily vehicle pickup and drop-off from the partner parking lot.

  • Low Fees And Earning Predictability

Compared to its competitors, Via charges relatively low fees. Via provides you with rates for the upcoming days so you can plan your routine. Making the pay consistent so that you know how much you are making on an hourly basis. 

You can also avail of offers that can give provide you with more bonuses. Recently for new drivers, Via is offering $750 for 30 rides completed in 30 days of account activation! This is a huge boost in income, especially if you plan on working part-time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) for Via

Q. What kinds of vehicles are accepted on Via?

A. Year 2005 or over for luxury vehicles and 2010 or over for non-luxury vehicles are generally accepted on Via.

Q. How long does the background check take?

A. The background check may be long and extensive but it is essential. Via will be in touch with you and keep you updated as your background check is in process. It can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to clear your background check.

Honorable Mention

  • Safr

It is often difficult for women to drive or ride solo, they, unfortunately, have to face many difficulties. Which includes sexual assault or abuse, and also general cat-calling. The TNC industry is largely unsupervised, safety features are often compromised. 

Safr wants to change just that! They are a rideshare app that matches women to safe women drivers. Though Safr isn’t just limited to women, men can use the app but both the driver and the passenger can choose the gender with which they are comfortable riding. Safr wants to revamp the stigma associated with female drivers, as they are a majority in the TNC. They are very female-friendly, empowering and encouraging more women to drive, thus attempting to create a balance in the industry regarding gender.

Safr comes with a multitude of safety features such as:

  • SOS:

This mode is only required if you feel uncomfortable or simply don’t want to ride then you can hit the SOS button that can connect you to the Safr team. It also sends a text to your emergency contact along with your location.

  •  Color Matching:

Passengers and drivers are both given colors that they should confirm during pick-up.

  • Background Check:

Drivers undergo tough background and criminal checks which examine driving and criminal history. 

On A Final Note

There are multitudes of alternatives of Uber that you can opt for, as a driver. Many Transport Network Companies (TNC) have started offering employee benefits to their drivers, which is a big change in this ecosystem. Implementation of this change must be uniformly governed and made mandatory to meet the minimum wage for all the drivers along with the additional perks of health insurance and safety. 

There has been a shift in opinion about Uber since the drivers are been made aware of their rights. Hundreds of people, both drivers, and common people have come together and organized protests against the poor and unethical work conditions and demand the right to organize and seek more pay, along with demanding fewer fare fees. 

Jobs Like Uber- Descriptions with Benefits

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