How long is Orientation at Pizza Hut?

How long is Orientation at Pizza Hut?

Any day can be a pizza day.  But if you work for Pizza Hut, every day can be your pizza day. Pizza is one the most preferred and liked dishes all over the world. The generations of pizza have changed but the love for pizza remains intact in the minds of old and young. Working for a franchise that makes you a part of the world of both young and old can give you happiness along with a paycheck. Let’s know How long is Orientation at Pizza Hut?

Firstly, congratulations that you have made your spot on the list of employees in Pizza Hut. It’s obvious to be nervous for the orientation day but relax. We are here to give you a pre-orientation tour so that you impress everyone on the first day. 

The orientation at Pizza Hut is only limited to 1 day. You would be given an orientation video and a manual that would be discussed alongside the manager. The manager will give you a tour of the place and you can start working from the very first day.

History of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut was born in June 1995, by the efforts of two young Americans Frank and Dan Carney of Wichita. These two young souls shouldered the responsibility to provide the American GIs with Pizzas that they had developed a taste for after World War 2. They started from a small hut they had borrowed from their aunt and started the business, marking the name of the store as ” Pizza Hut”. 

The small store performed wonders with the taste of the Pizza and soon expanded its business to 300 stores by 1968. They improved their sales by 80% in the following years and have been growing since that day. Further collaborations with different industrial brands and a perfect franchising system boosted their sales. Today they have over 9000 and more franchise holders all over the world. 

Orientation period

Pizza Hut believes to have a work culture that is friendly and extremely happy. The orientation is also not a very stringent process and allows the candidate to learn of his own will. The orientation is about 1 day long where the candidate is given the basic information of the store, introduced to the staff, and handed an orientation manual that the candidate can keep as long as they work in the store. 

The orientation manual is discussed alongside the manager and the job of the candidate is assigned to them from the very first day. An additional orientation video is also added to understand the company culture and their employment goals. As an employee, you are given the freedom to learn from observing others and handling jobs assigned to you by the team.


The company has a good system to maintain and follow the payroll of every employee. They maintain computerized records of every employee working and the time or shift they follow. This allows them to keep the record safe and ensure every candidate receives a dedicated paycheck at the end. 

The payscale at Pizza Hut ranges from $8 to $12 per hour depending on the job title you work for. 

The payrolls gave certain deductions to them that are made according to the law like,

  • Social security
  • Federal withholding tax
  • State and local tax

You could keep all your tips, they form a part of your income, you just need to record them in the system at the end of the day. The tips are not subject to any change in pay and are just present to record your tip collection.

Over time, that is any hours and shifts that are covered over 40 hours will be paid by half the rate. Paid vacations are also available in the franchise. A candidate must complete an average of at least 20 hours or more each week. According to the service period, the paid leaves are 1 week for 1 year of employment, 2 weeks for 4 to 9 years. The paychecks are issued automatically. 

Seasonal paid vacation is decided by the manager and the paid vacation for a part-time employee is considered based on hours completed in a week. 

Discount meals

Only active employees can enjoy the benefits of discount meals. You can access all the employee benefits from the day you start working at the store. The benefit that you will receive access to is 25% off on meals purchased from the store you work for.

There are certain restrictions on the benefits:

  • The discount should not exceed $10.
  • The employee must be present to access the discount.
  • No alcoholic drinks are included.
  • The orders need to be recorded in the system.


Working for a place that is friendly and filled with pizza can be fun. Pizza Hut serves as one such place that takes its employees as family and works together to give their best to the customers. So, enjoy your journey with the store and leave a lasting impression. 


  1. How long is the application process and when can we expect an interview?

The application process is very quick and only requires you to fill an online form. You can expect an interview within three weeks of the application process.

  1. Is it possible to be hired without any prior experience?

No, you can start as a normal worker and ask for promotions. Direct entry to the job can be tedious and might require prior training.

  1. Can we switch shifts?

Yes, the shifts are very flexible.

How long is Orientation at Pizza Hut?

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