How to Post a Job on Linkedin?

How to Post a Job in Linkedin?

Looking for jobs is hard, but looking for the right candidate for a job opening is harder? Whatever your requirements are, you always find a pool of people that spam the job opening. Be it best candidates, unqualified, or irrelevant candidates everybody is looking for a job. But what about your criteria for the requirement? Let’s know How to Post a Job on Linkedin?

You can avoid all the filtering and find the perfect candidate through one platform, LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to find the perfect candidate by floating job openings in various formats. LinkedIn has special job seeker groups that can spread your word, and another way is to update your account to LinkedIn’s Premium Recruiter accounts.

LinkedIn gives you a platform to select candidates according to your requirements be it freshers or executive level officers. The platform filters to piles of candidates and also bring to you candidates that can prove essential to your company. LinkedIn has over 250 million users and is in itself a wonderland filled with qualified candidates. 

Stay tuned to the article and know more about how to post job applications on LinkedIn and other benefits that are associated with LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can be simply explained as a social media platform for businesses, and professional people who are interested in connecting to like-minded career enthusiasts. Today this platform has taken a major turn and also acts as one of the best recruiting platforms out there on the internet. 

LinkedIn provides you with a platform that connects you with thousands of people from across the globe. They also match top candidates to your application, this allows you to spend more time looking through the profile of more relevant candidates rather than shortlisting people that are not suitable for the position. It is the best platform to improve your business relationship and find an extensive platform with incomparable social networks.

Benefits of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a comprehensive platform filled with the best candidates. This feature of the platform brings forward to you several unspoken benefits. Some of the sure-shot benefits that you will receive from the platform are mentioned below.

  • Firstly, it is a platform that brings you closer to hundreds of professionals in an efficient manner. You know about the new trends in the market, different competitors, all in a single platform.
  • It improves the SEO of the business and makes it more visible to candidates who are eagerly hunting for the job.
  • It gives hundreds of benefits in a cost-efficient manner and the networking path is interactive to a certain extent.
  • You can receive valuable information about the industry in a single place. It also provides data on industry demographics.
  • Allows the business to build credibility in the market and establish a brand.
  • Improves the visibility of small businesses.
  • It also has an integrated learning platform that allows people to learn and implement the knowledge in the same place.

The platform proves to be of significant importance to small businesses. According to various statistics, the platform has helped several small businesses to establish a steady network of professionalism in the wide market. 

How to join LinkedIn as a recruiter?

LinkedIn has several benefits for recruiters. It allows recruiters to seek jobs in multiple ways. Two famous and most effective ways that most recruiters use are to post openings on open job seeker groups or look for discussion threads started by job seekers.

  1. Find a group through the search bar. 

Finding different groups on search bars using dedicated keywords can help you seek groups for candidates who are looking for jobs. This also allows you to find dedicated groups that are specific to an industry or location. 

  1. Look for discussion threads.

Opening discussion threads or posting on open discussion threads can also help in seeking candidates that are interested to look for a job. As a recruit, you need to keep an open eye for candidates who are actively looking for jobs and reply to your threads in the discussion.

How to post a job application?

LinkedIn has very unique criteria to match the candidates with the job applications. Unlike any platform, LinkedIn filters unqualified candidates and matches the profile of only qualified candidates to your job search. The feature allows your application to be visible to targeted members, saving time for filtering.

The platform access is just like social media and thus provides real-time data of the applicants.

The following steps are involved to post the job openings.

  1. The LinkedIn homepage has a straightforward navigation system. To post for the opening click on the navigation menu in the top right sidebar. Click on the post job option.
  2. Fill out the form designed for the job posting. The form involves all the basic details regarding the company and their type of job opening. The company can channelize its target candidate by adding skills, educational qualifications, and other details that you would like in your candidate.
  3. Select the job location, and salary range that you have decided for the job.
  4. Click confirm on the posting and proceed with the billing information provided by the platform. The posting can be saved and can be posted anytime you desire with changes.

The plus point about LinkedIn is, it markets your job application to the right target audience with optimum efforts. As a recruiter you can sponsor your application, LinkedIn takes your applications and promotes them to the right audience on the platform. The promotion can be carried out through ads, emails, aide bars, and direct messages. 

The feature has proven to leverage a lot of job opportunities for small businesses by connecting them with the right candidate. 

Upgrade your account to premium.

Uploading a job post is not the end of the recruitment process. A company needs to effectively manage the received data from the platform and contact the candidates within a minimum time. LinkedIn makes this work easier for the job posters and also minimizes their efforts. 

LinkedIn features Premium Recruiter Account. This account allows the recruiters to access various tools that need to be managed to find and contact the right candidates on the platform. 

To upgrade your account you would need to follow the steps given below.

  1. From the homepage of LinkedIn click the upgrade button in the navigation bar.
  2. The upgrade button has different plans that are designed for different recruiters. Once you upgrade your profile you can choose the plan you desire and pay through different payment methods available on the platform.
  3. As the account changes its status to a premium version, recruiters will directly have access to tools like collaboration with the team, filters, upgrades, and updates, messaging features, direct contacts, and other features that leverage the access of the recruiters that brings the job seekers closer to your company.

How much does it cost to post a job opening?

Creating a LinkedIn account is available for free and does not require any excess cost. Though recruiters can find different plans that are open for them to carry out the procedure of hiring effectively. The recruiter’s account is available at $99.95 per month and the corporate account for the recruiters is available at $825 per month. 

Does the platform have any downfall?

It’s no mystery that a coin side has two sides, and a situation can be assessed from two different aspects. The same holds for LinkedIn as well. Though the platform holds a myriad of benefits it does come with its downfall. Knowing about them can prove beneficial as they will save you time and effort of recovering from the mistakes and going on the wrong track. 

Let us see some disadvantages of the platform.

  • The platform has millions of users and some are fake. Speakers are present on the platform and you can face a lot of soaking issues. 
  • You will need to commit a lot of time to get the required results. This is not a less known fact, but many people turn a blind eye to these. Committing time can be very essential for the growth of the company on this platform.
  • The interaction of the platform is limited to a certain level. There are several platforms present in the market that provide a more interactive approach than LinkedIn.
  • There are real-time delays. Being a multi-million user platform, delays are a part of the app. Being a fresher on the platform can take the rigorous competition to reach the top.
  • The prices associated with the account are unrealistic and too high for small businesses. The monthly pays are too unreasonable to start with.
  • It is easy to get negative personal data on the platform. 

Even though the disadvantages seem a little overwhelming, compared to the advantages they are quite insignificant. This also adds to the credibility of the platform.


LinkedIn is a comprehensive platform and often involves great professional connections to the outside world. It has excellent resources for hiring and job seekers that are extremely professional. The platform is beneficial for both recruiters and candidates equally and acts as an excellent bridge to connect both parties. 

So if you are looking to hire, LinkedIn can prove to be the best platform and one-stop-shop for all your recruitment concerns.

How to Post a Job on Linkedin?

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