How Does Mark Zuckerberg make Money?

How Does Mark Zuckerberg make Money?

“We don’t build services to make money; we make money to build better services,” quoted Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of giant venture Facebook. Along with Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has a plethora of sources to make huge. But the question is we use social networking sites, like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, owned by Zuckerberg, for free of cost, so how does he make money out of it? I have listed down several ways Mark Zuckerberg and the team earn a considerable amount of money. Here, we’ll know How Does Mark Zuckerberg make Money?

Through Social Networking Sites


  • From Advertisements-
  • By and large, Facebook procured $32 from every one of its clients worldwide in 2020, acquiring $84bn in total advertising income and an extra $2bn from its non-advertising business.
  • Facebook brings in cash by unloading space for advertisements inside Facebook and Instagram clients’ channels and stories. Promoting addresses 98% of Facebook income. The excess 2% comes from different exercises, basically from selling Oculus and Portal equipment items.
  • Facebook clients are Facebook’s prime income-making resources, and the worth of Facebook’s plan of action is profoundly reliant upon it. Clients, nonetheless, are not Facebook’s essential clients; advertisers are.
  • Significant drivers of Facebook advertising income are the number of individuals who use Facebook, how long these clients spend on Facebook, the number of advertisements Facebook shows to its clients per specificIn addition, theextended withindition, the time, lastly, the amount Facebook charges for one advertisement placement. 
  • The more clients Facebook has, the more income it will acquire. In any case, this assertion is valid just if clients increment across all geographies, segments, and products. For example, Facebook knows our age, religion, identity, interests, political assessments, relationship status, and significantly more.
  • The last source of Facebook income is the cost per promotion that sponsors pay to Facebook. Facebook utilizes its sale framework to value advertisements, and the cost per promotion depends and changes depending on the stockpile of promotions and requests from publicists. Thus, the price may be shared extended specific within with specific shared extended within an extended the most unstable piece of the income recipe, handily influenced yet different drivers.


  • Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for $19bn but didn’t get a lot of cash flow from it yet.
  • Facebook gathers some income from expenses it charges business clients for utilizing its WhatsApp API interface for sending messages to their clients. Clients can use it to send messages free of charge within 24 hours from the time client reached them. Yet, after that period terminates, WhatsApp charges organizations somewhere between 0.5 and 1 penny for every message.
  • Current scenario-
  • In light of Facebook’s current plans, WhatsApp will not be bringing in cash from advertising. However, Facebook will bring in money by providing tools for businesses to speak with clients through WhatsApp. A similar will be substantial additionally for Facebook Messenger.


The platform successfully uses this interaction to make money through –

  • Advertisements
  • Shopping
  • Advertisements-
  • Advertisements get the most income for Instagram. It is anticipated that Instagram will get around 40% of promotion income to Facebook by 2021. As indicated by Business of Apps –
  • The Cost per mille (CPM) for Instagram feed promotions is $1.65 and for Stories around $0.90.
  • The cost per click (CPC) for Instagram feed promotions is around $0.60 and for Stories $0.50.
  • Different types of Advertisements through which Instagram makes money-
  • Photograph Ads-Photograph Ads are like sharedextended withinspecific photograph posts on the stage but with a supported tag and a source of inspiration button.
  • Story Ads-Stories on Instagram are ‘day snapshots’ of people and organizations introduced in a slideshow design that self-annihilates itself following 24 hours. Instagram stories promotions spring up in the middle of two-story slides and incorporate extra commitment highlights like visiting a site, noting a survey, giving feedback, and so on.
  • IGTV Ads-IGTV is a long video platform. It is practically similar to YouTube or Tik Tok. Nonetheless, Instagram uses this platform very much like YouTube – through promotions; and offering income to the makers.
  • Carousel Ads-Carousel Ads advertisements expand conventional promotions where the client can swipe to see extra photographs or recordings in a solitary promotion.
  • Advertisements in Explore-

Instagram’s explore page is a wellspring of continuous substance curation that presents various clients’ postsIn addition, the extended within from accounts they don’t follow yet regarding their preferences and interests. Additionally, advertisements in exploring are utilized by brands to target the crowd with revealing attitudes and produce mindfulness.

  • Shopping-

Since Instagram acts like a disclosure stage more like Pinterest, it has also replicated a portion of Pinterest’s income acquiring methodologies – the shopping highlight. Instagram Shopping is a bunch of elements across Instagram that let individuals shop your items straightforwardly from Instagram.

The organization brings in cash with shopping in the following ways

  • The Checkout Fees – Instagram lets clients purchase the item on the Instagram application itself. It, be that as it may, charges an expense from the vendors for the equivalent. Itexpandan extendedwithin is done by the following process –

STEP 1-Brand makes a shoppable post;

STEP 2-Client taps on its item tag;

STEP 3-This opens an item page inside the Instagram application;

STEP 4-The client can see pictures, read depictions, and peruse comparative items;

STEP 5– The client taps on “Shop Now,” “Add to Cart,” “Look at now” to purchase the item solidly in the application.

  • Instagram Shopping promotions – These expand the following process does the conventional advertisements with a labeled item that can be purchase have either on Instagram or different channels.
  • By acquiring start-ups or profitable business ventures-

Facebook receives promising and profitable ventures to tackle their competition and make mammoth amounts.

  • Octazen Solutions-

Facebook acquired Octazen Solutions for its programming ability. Octazen Solutions fostered a web administration that offered contact bringing in and viral content to empower clients to welcome contacts from different administrations (email suppliers or other informal communities).

  • Relation-

This little venture was obtained by Zuckerberg & the team after just nine months of activity. Rel8tion had been working in a hidden mode on a hyper-local mobile advertising service.


This Israeli organization permitted the integration of facial acknowledgment for Facebook’s photographs. Facebook bought it for around $ 60 million.

  • Onavo-

Facebook obtained Onavo, another Israeli tech organization, for its set-up of mobile analytics applications. It was subsequently found that utilized Onavo innovation to assemble information on how adolescents invested time in their cell phones.

  • CTRL-Labs-

CTRL-Labs is building interfaces that would permit clients to control a computer using their thoughts. The company joined hands with Mark & Team to develop augmented reality applications that use a brain-computer interface.

How Does Mark Zuckerberg make Money?

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