Boeing Executives- Full Details

Boeing Executives

Boeing is an American Multinational Company that deals with Aircraft and their components. The company is well known for its productions of Airplanes, rockets, satellites, missiles, rotorcrafts, and so much more. The company also serves as a defense contractor and is named the second-largest producer in the entire world. Here, let’s know about Boeing Executives.

The company was founded back in 1916 by William Boeing and today it makes one of the top names on the Fortune 500 list. The company, though founded in 1916, is currently led by top-level executives from all across the world. The executives give it the right direction and molding that makes the company an ever-growing platform for change and retains its positions at the top of aviation manufacturers. 

Let us get to know all about the Boeing Executives and the roles and responsibilities associated with the position. 

Boeing Executives- Roles and Responsibilities

President and CEO

David L. Calhoun

David L. Calhoun is the acting president and CEO of Boeing. He looks after all the strategic planning of the company and ensures that the supplier chain management is leveraged to a benefactor level. He was appointed as the CEO and president in 2020, while he was an active board member from 2009. 

The roles and responsibilities associated with this position include making operational decisions and managing the operation effectively. It also shoulders the responsibility of pursuing the mission, vision, and strategy of the company and maintaining financial success. The position is the main point of contact among all the board members and the corporate world.

Salary: $469,231

Chief Strategy Officer

B.Marc Allen

B. Marc Allen was appointed as the Chief strategy officer in 2014, along with this position he also delivered the position of senior vice president of Strategy and Corporate Development. Apart from the mentioned position B. Marc Allen was also associated with several positions in Boeing, the position included vice president for Global Law Affairs and Boeing International general counsel, president of Boeing Capital Corporation. 

The roles and responsibilities carried out under this position include planning strategies for the company for long-term goals and business modules. It also includes global business and corporate development. The position is also responsible to deal with strategic investments and proper acquisition of finance and communicating the plans effectively among the corporation. 


Senior Vice President

Michael A. Arthur

Michael A. Arthur was appointed as the Senior Vice President in 2019. Apart from this position he is also responsible for looking after the company’s Executive Council. Before being appointed with the position of Senior Vice President he looked after the responsibilities of Boeing Europe and managing director of the Boeing United Kingdom and Ireland. 

The roles and responsibilities associated with this position include formulating strategy and operations for global partners. It includes developing plans that help with global reach, developing new partnerships, and looking after all the international affairs associated with the company. The position comes under direct communication with the president all the works carried out are directly reported to the president. 

Salary: $387,111

Chief Compliance Officer

Uma Amuluru

Uma Amuluru serves as the Chief compliance officer at Boeing. Apart from that, she has also delegated the positions of Vice President. Before being a part of the Chief Compliance Officer position, Uma Amuluru served as legal advice and counsel to the chief engineer, the chief information officer the Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Operations leaders.

The roles and responsibilities associated with the position involve serving plans to maintain the ethical conduct of the business and ensure that the workplace is following certain compliance. It also involves deriving plans for product safety and addressing legal and compliance obligations. Another huge responsibility of the position involves determining the risk quotient of the task and informing the company leaders about the same. 

Salary: $200,000

Vice president, Supply chain, Global Services

William A. Ampofo II

William A. AMpofo was assigned the position of Vice president in supply chain and management in October 2020. Before being a part of this position Ampofo also served in the position of vice president for the Business Aviation, General Aviation & OEM Services business unit. In this position, he was responsible to look after the marketing sector and maintain the quality of the chemical management.

The roles and responsibilities in this position include maintenance of the engine and looking after the repair and components associated with MRO. It also holds the responsibility to deliver high-quality products and derive effective plans and services to the end customers. Apart from the above, a supply and global service executive is also responsible to look after the supply chain facilities on a global level and effects processing tools for future products. 

Salary: $172,395

Executive Vice President Defense, Space, and Security.

Leanne G. Caret

Listed as Most Powerful Women in 2020 Leanne G. Caret serves as the acting Executive Vice President for Defense space and Security for Boeing. Before serving in the current position she also worked as President of the Global Services and Support organization. She has also been awarded Pioneer wall of Fame for Aviation International Power in 219 and is a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical society.

The roles and responsibilities associated with this position involve deriving solutions for defense, government, security, intelligence, ad space to customers on a worldwide level. It also involves looking after key communications among different international organizations for sales growth and the economic and financial stability of the company. 

Salary: $1,898,700

Chief Human Resource Officer

Michael D’Ambrose

Michael D’ Ambrose joined as the Chief Human Resource Officer In 2020. This is his first responsibility with the company, but he has had a great prior experience of about 14 years as Vice president and Chief Human Resource Officer for Archer Daniels Midland. Apart from the two excellent executive-level positions he has also worked with several top HR positions.

The key roles and responsibilities associated with this position include planning strategies to proliferate the company’s leadership and learning talent. It also involves managing enterprise services and looking after the internal supply chain of the organization. Apart from this, the position holds responsible for the environment, health, and transportation planning, and management. 

Salary: $1,599,994

Chief Communications Officer

Edward L. Dandridge

Edward L. Dandridge was appointed as the Chief Communications Officer for Boeing in September 2020. Before this company, he worked as Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for AIG General Insurance. His expertise lies in the spectrum of corporate reputation, issue management, digital advertising, and business transformation. The key here is he has more than 25 years of experience with the same which makes him one of the best executives in the current position. 

The key roles and responsibilities that lie with the position include corporate communications and generating positive media relations. It also widely deals with employee engagement policies, branding, and content marketing for the development of the digital market of the company. The position is extremely necessary to proliferate communication among the business unit. 

Salary: $186,700

Chief Aerospace Safety Officer

Michael Delaney

Michael Delaney is currently appointed as the Chief Aerospace Safety Officer for Boeing. He is also a part of the Executive Council and serves the role of strengthening the culture of safety in the company. Before working for the position of Chief Aerospace Safety Officer, Michael Delaney worked as Vice president of Commercial Airplanes and Digital Transformations. In this position, he added value to the company by deriving production programs and performing analytical insights. 

The roles and responsibilities associated with this position involve working with safety practices and developing plans to comprehensively improve the safety of aviation products. The positions also hold responsible to work with developing and implementing new technologies to partner with industry associations and proliferate the work to ensure passenger safety in the long run. It also is responsible to derive digital threads and production programs. 

Salary: $145,200

Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Data Analytics

Susan Doniz

Susan Doniz currently works as Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Data Analytics. She was appointed for the position in March 2020. Before working with Boeing, she worked as CIO for Qantas Airways, in this position her main focus was limited to expanding the digital ecosystem and improving the customer base. Susan Doniz is one such woman who has a diverse knowledge about the information technology field and this made her the National Diversity Champion in Canada in 2012.

The roles and responsibilities that are associated with this position include leading all the aspects of Information Technology for the company and performing Data Analysis to predict the problems, security changes, and revenue-generating programs. The position holds one responsible to manage all the systems of the company and effectively delegate the computer system to adapt to changes according to the changing trends of the world. 

Salary: $176,836


So, these are a few top executives of Boeing that work with several departments on the global level. The list mentioned above only includes a few names of top executives that shape the company. Boeing has a long list of executives that serve towards the betterment of the company and work as a team to proliferate the work culture. And trust us it is impossible to mention them within a few pages. 

Boeing Executives- Full Details

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