American College of Healthcare Executives

American College of Healthcare Executives

The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) is a global society of healthcare administrators who strives for healthcare leadership excellence. Their society is an abode to more than 48,000 healthcare executives.

The association was formed in 1933 and since then, it is committed to promoting excellence in the healthcare industry and management.

The ACHE leads hospitals, healthcare systems, and organizations.

Activities at ACHE

  1. In the American College of Healthcare Executives, there is ongoing research and academic meetings like the Annual assembly on healthcare leadership.
  1. More than 4,000 participants benefit each year from research actions and thought leadership, policy updates, and dynamic innovations. 
  1. Health Administration Press (HAP), the publishing unit of the foundation, is the largest publishing division of books and journals on healthcare management. It includes standard books for college and university programs. 
  1. ACHE also publishes a magazine- Healthcare Executive Magazine.

ACHE Members benefits

  • Members of the organization have the opportunity to gain the prestigious FACHE (Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives) accreditation. It is a signaling board authorization in healthcare administration. 
  • The members of the society, through its established network of 77 chapters, have opportunities for local networking, education, and career development skills. It aims to cultivate essential skills in its members as part of the organization.
  • Members can apply for advancement to Fellow Certification. It aims to make its members more marketable managers.  
  • Members have access to special programs to further their education either through the regular mode or distance media.

How to become a member of FACHE?

The eligibility requirement to be a FACHE member includes-

  1. Membership- the fellow candidate should be a current member with a one-year association as an ACHE member, international associate, or faculty associate.
  1.  Advanced degree- gain either a master’s degree or other post-graduate degrees.
  1. Experience in Healthcare administration– a minimum of five years’ experience is required. A copy of the job title, description, and resume is necessary.
  1. References- the fellow candidates should have two references. The first reference is an interview- either face-to-face or telephonic. It is between the applicable candidate and a present fellow member. The second reference is in the format of written language. It should either be from a present member or a senior professional within the management. 
  1. Continuing education- the candidate has to gain a minimum of 36 continuing education hours within three years before applying. 
  1. Volunteer activity- the candidate has to gain four volunteer activities within three years before submission of the application. Two volunteer activities are community-based and the other two are healthcare-related. 

After the application is received, reviewed, and approved, the candidate receives an invitation to take the test and pay the exam fee of $225. 

Qualifying the test is the final and concluding step to earn FACHE. A candidate is now a fellow of FACHE.  

Vision, Values, and Mission

Vision of ACHE

ACHE envisioned to be a distinguished professional society for leaders determined to advance in health and healthcare management.

Values of ACHE

  • Unification
  • Enduring learning
  • Leadership 
  • Diversification, and
  • Encompassment 

Mission of ACHE

  • ACHE aims at advancing its members and gaining excellence in healthcare leadership
  • Provides opportunities at local levels to give access to everyone for the ongoing programs

Strategic plan of American College of Healthcare Executives

ACHE’s strategic plan involves a four-step methodology-

  1. Gathering and analyzing data
  2. Establish plan attributes and initiatives
  3. Implementing the plan by disposing within the management as well as with co-partners. 
  4. Implement, oversee, and modify the plan as required

ACHE’s strategic framework works on the mission to advance leaders to excel in healthcare. It aims to develop leadership skills for healthcare executives. 

Its strategic framework involves-

  1. Developing new tools and opportunities to deliver professional skills and education to leaders to excel in the market and deliver excellent healthcare services.
  2. Investment in tools and resources to make its members excel in learning and development.

To achieve its strategy, ACHE serves as a Catalyst, Connector, and Trusted Partner.

  1. Catalyst

ACHE serves as a catalyst to-

  • Advance safety and providing resources to healthcare leaders
  • Build partnerships
  • Innovation and transformation
  1. Connector

ACHE serves as a connector across the leadership community to-

  • Strengthen chapters- to broaden member value and increase grassroots attendance.
  • Advance variance and involvement.
  • Increased reach to resources- increased access to resources and knowledge to allow leaders to tap into ACHE’s solution.
  1. Trusted Partners

ACHE serves trusted partners to its members to-

  • Advance engagement- encouraging a deeper level of connectivity and networking to build a strong member community
  • Support leaders- by expanding career resource programs, products, platforms, and services to support the needs of its diversified community
  • Personalizing the experience- delivering dynamic and organized messaging and resources that align with members’ preferences

The American College of Healthcare Executives aims at increasing leadership competencies through volunteer programs and extensive use of resources and programs. It brings transformational changes in healthcare organizations and communities across the world. 

American College of Healthcare Executives

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